King of Life x Frozen: Brawl is a 4-player brawler-type fighting game (in the vein of Super Smash Bros & Mortal Kombat) released for PS5, Xbox Two, and Wii 2. It is a crossover between the King of Life universe and the Frozen universe. However, it also features several characters from neither of those universes, but who were also Guest Characters Like Maria From The Book of Life, Jack Frost From Rise of the Guardians, Rayman & Crash Bandicoot.


Players control one of 22 characters, each with their own moves and abilities. The game can support 4 players on-screen at a time. Each player has two meters: a health meter, and a Brawl meter. By attacking opponents, you fill up their Brawl Meter. If a player's Brawl meter becomes full, they become vulnerable to a Brawl attack, which is initiated by attacking an opponent will a full meter. Brawl attacks are one-hit kills. When the meter is full, you are vulnerable for 5 seconds. After that, the meter will automatically empty.


Character Franchise
Scrinpo King of Life
Zeth The Underworld God King of Life
Zorockj The Pirate King & Grand master of The Seas King of Life
Wolf-Volk The Wolfman King of Life
Princess Oeleia IV King of Life
Hira The Goddess of Japanese Spring King of Life
Ferd King of Life
Abby King of Life
The King of Portugal King of Life
Elsa Frozen
Anna Frozen
Hans Frozen
Duke of Westleton Frozen
Kristoff Frozen
Jack Frost Rise of The Guardians
Maria The Princess Book of Life
Rayman Rayman
Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot


There are 20 Stages. Coming Soon


There are 30 items. Coming Soon

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