King Roland is one of a minor supporting protagonist later tritagonist in 2012 film The Animevengers. He is voiced by Liam Neeson who voiced Aslan.


Gold shiny helmet, black beak, spotted feathers, white body, yellow, green and blue eyes, metal shiny talons, black on his wing tips of feathers.

Role in the film

King Roland is seen watching his son The Prince fighting a member in the palace. Standing guard with his wife Rose, The king tosses his swords at him and fight with his fathers sword. The fighting is short lived when a brute Volkashia returned to the palace and starts intimidates everyone and bullies the palace. The king, furiously warn Volkashia, protect his Palace from him.

Volkashia was rightfully his, the palace and the kingdom and city. The King shamelessly, guardly told Volkashia that his city and Kingdom is under the lawship and stewardship of his son's Council and his kingdom and they will protect it, even from him. Volkashia warned the king that the box can kill any king in the land. The Prince jumped at him, but Volkashia attacked him. He ordered four nearby palace guards and two nearby male white owls who were servants and lieutenants of the king to attack him. When Volkashia tries the upper hand on the guards, The King violently swung the staff, hitting him, scarring his eyesight, bloodying his vision becomes red and coldly warned him that he was no match for his kingdom and his sons land. Volkashia become victorious and tries to kill the king with his cannon that he stole. The Prince tried to save him, but he wasn't so lucky, he killed him in front of all the palace and his queen in horror.

Without the prince, the King and Queen were defenceless and without their son, they all die. The king meet the Soothsayer that the truth that Volkashia had killed his son. He ordered the Religo Force Ship to hunt down the Volkashia.

Later, when The King was resting. Tyra flies to the top of the palace and warns him of Volkashia's escape and revenge. The king says that The Animevengers can stop him. The King tells Tyra that all the world around her will save the world. Before the blossoms disappear with him with his last words "You will always Remeber"

The King's staff is used by Tyra when she becomes the leader of her palace and memories her king leaving his wife proud and amazed at her for taking The King's place in the Palace and during the fight with Volkashia.


  • The King's death is similar to Master Oogway, although Oogway survives in this film.
  • The colour of The King's staff changes colour from yellow to gold in this scenes.
  • The King is similar to Master Thundering Rhino. They both have weapons with their staff.
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