King Ratlion is the main antagonist of the Disney's animated television series, Gary Penguinwood.



Ratlion is a greedy, vile, arrogant, ruthless, mean, deceiving, and manipulative king who plans to steal the kingdom of Penguinwood and steal all kinds of pies to start his own conglomerate company.

While being a cruel, unkind, selfish, arrogant, and vindictive villain, he is also shown to be calm, happy, polite, friendly, optimistic, and intelligent, losing his temper only once in the film.


King Ratlion is a slender tan lion with a red mane and a dark tan nose while wearing a royal golden crown and a red robe. He also wears a yellow tank top and shorts with yellow golden stripes during the game. When disguised as the bandit, Ratlion also wears a red robe, with a black cape.




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