King Marix (2)

Bristow, Arrithtrae


Epsilon 245 B.C.



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King Marix is the king and also hero of Bristow, his fair city.


it tells the actual myth of King Marix. There is infact two tales about him, there is the castraecian myth(the one below) and the Bristonian tale(the one up top of the castraecian myth).


“King Marix”. That is his name. The hero of Bristow and the fair city’s ruler. That is the man I feel. A king, a hero. As hero he was as twice a mans strength and twice a mans speed, his blade and his fist was that all he could and would use. As a young boy of Bristow, like all kings, life began at the age of children. In tradition, a prince was to be trained in all classes; most of them were unfitting for a young lad such as Marix. In relation to what I said before, life was more an excitement to Princes of Bristow, the only thing that was worried about was the guards who often mistake a Prince for a thief or criminal. Marix was sent to the wilds for more of the Bristonian tradition; Princes of Bristow were to not wait to be old enough to be king, they had to prove there worth to there home, they had to go away from Bristow to gain what they need. So as I was saying about Marix going to the wilds; only his destiny will lead him to what he must accomplish. Before he went to the wilds, he was supplied with only a sword, a rope, and a feather. While his Adventure through the wild was boring and yet grim looking, Marix stumbled upon a cave that was as huge as a building, in that cave was a Dragon, asleep it was and quite deep. Marix used his feather to tickle it to open his mouth without seeing; Marix then used his hand to grab the Dragons heart by surprise and ripped it out. He then brought it to Bristow; it was not approved by the council who was the ones in charge of having who as king. They said that “that dragon heart could be a fake” Marix then replied “it is not a false heart; I took it from the dragon when it was asleep. If you do not approve of this then fine”. Marix then ran back into the forest with his blade and fist, he sought a quest that will earn him his birthright as king; he went back to the dragon to fight it head on. When the dragon awoke, he was not happy. Marix fought bluntly with his bare hands, attacking head on without his sword, it did not matter to him, he wanted his right as king, nothing more. The dragon was tired of the battle and laid to rest, this was Marix’s time to prove he is worthy as king. Then when he was about to kill the dragon, he stopped and knew that this was not the way, killing a helpless creature with nothing to help him, the dragon spoke “finish me, is that not what you came for? Now do it Marix dropped his sword and went back to Bristow, knowing that he had failed. Suddenly, back at Bristow, Marix surprised the council for not bringing what he was suppose to gain, Marix told the council “I faced the dragon a second time, only to know the truth”, Elraphor (one of the council members) replied “what truth do you bring, the council does not tolerate failure”, Marix replied “my battle with the dragon has not given me a reason to be king. Seeing the dragon down made me realize the truth of this plague, it is you who sent me to the wilds Elraphor, you knew of the dragon that I fought, and for that knowledge of what truth I spared it, I spared it and returned home. Returned home to get rid of you”, Elraphor shouted “how dare you accuse me of lies, guards! Guards!!” Marix ran out side of the chapel to find a weapon of use, there a sword with a gold tilt and a sharp edge, Marix sheathed the sword from its scabbard and pointed at one of the guards who chased him, more came and Marix swung his blade with great strength, many soldiers were slaughtered and cutted. A soldier on horseback road towards Marix and knocked his blade out of his hand, Marix was then defenseless, then suddenly the dragon from earlier showed up and saved Marix from a grim death that is not worthy for a prince. The dragon the told Marix to get on it but Marix had another idea. Marix got back in the chapel of which the council was still in the whole time, “you live?! Why is this?” Elraphor spoke “I should have killed you when you were a boy; you were nothing but trouble even in the start. Die you wretched filth!!” pulled out a sword and was about to kill Marix when the Dragon came and gobbled Elraphor up. Everyone saw and heard what Elraphor said and done, he was indeed a traitor and tried to give Marix to the dragon, Elraphor failed in his plan and died. Marix later was crowned king of Bristow; people were now to call him by King Marix, the dragon went back to his cave and went back to sleep, King Marix went to visit the dragon, only to know that the dragon was dying and the dragon told Marix to kill the dragon, so Marix would not see a friend die in front of him, but Marix denied to kill his friend and hero. Marix then fell asleep, tricked by Dragon that it was joking and it too fell asleep. When Marix woke up, the dragon did not, Marix cried for the dragon and wished to see dragon again in the next life, and a tear fell from Marix’s eyes, showing that he will miss his friend and he might not become a good king as of this but he will be his very best. In tradition, a king is to lead his people into victory and as well as to be there protector and savior and that is what Marix became, he became there protector, he became there ruler, and in truth, he was there hero.


as said before he was a king but before he was just a simple sand hunter, assassins who protect the king and help Castrae, but the city not long falled and we fled. he brought an army of citizens and soldiers to a town of Bristow and there we called home, but the king we had was disapointed at Marix for not helping the king instead help the people, and so he left the king and wondered on his own to exile, the king sent a pekker to his where abouts for Marix to die and when the pekker got to him Marix was hiding and got on the pekker and reached for his blade and cuted the pekkers head off where it was randomly hitting the floor because it had no head, it couldn't see but then Marix cutted off the tale where it can't hit the floor so Marix ran and the pekker had died. later when he returned to Bristow he told the others that he was attacked by a pekker some of the soldier's knew that was the kings idea. Marix went to sleep, Marix had a vision Elizabeth came to him with her syvix and she had the ease him and told him that he must raise an army into Castrae and he will become a king, hearing from that he arised and went to the counsel that control the city and told them that he must lead an army of soldiers and with that army he will kill the blind king and claim his title for the glory of bristow he asked for 300 sand hunters, 300 dynasty bards, and 300 soldiers and had the sand hunters along with him set on the east side where the dynasty bards at the north seduce and distract the guards and the king and so it worked so well and when one of the dynasty bards lead the king to his room Marix slowly followed him, there he saw the king try to rape her so he stepped in but the king saw him coming and drew his sword and so did Marix, they swung there blades right at the same time so hard they were that close to breaking, then the king drew another sword and tried to cut his throat, but Marix cut in half the blade that the king drew and back to being a even fight and while they were fighting the sand hunters arrised and there swords and attacked the king's guards it was bloody why one of the guards grabbed one of the sand hunters head off and threw it at another sand hunter but it lead to the guard's stomach and head cut off by the same hunter that he threw the head at. when Marix was fighting the king, the king told him that his idea of being king will not succeed but Marix was to angered with bloodlust he slit the kings head and stuck the body onto a stick and burned it calling a punishment worthy for a blind king such as him and he picked up the head of the king and showed it to his brothers of Bristow and there was the spark of leadership, that was the spark of a king and later in bristow they gave the empty palace in herculean district being crowned and getting ready for battle for after that the true war began.


In King Marix 2: the revenge of Elraphor lord Forghoth of the northern provinces begins a revolutions with the other Imperial after they summoned their lost emporer from the dead, and then at the Battle of gualth Marix and his followers were ambushed and annihilated, finaly Marix himself after a valiant last stand was stabed 138907 times in the cheast then with his final moment of life he watches the dragon falll from the skies and was then was used 1839045 times by the enemy troops.......




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