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King Albion
Alician Yggdmillennia.jpg
 Established by Albion
 Date Established
 Date Suspended
 Date Reestabilished
 Date Abolished
 Notable Individuals Alician Yggdmillennia
Organizational Information
 Organization Albion's Government
 Position Type Pokémon Trainer
Political/Military Leader
 Term Length No precise timespan
 Powers Country Authority
 Duties Maintaince, Caretaking & Overseer of a Country in the Continent
 Universe Earth-1996
First Appearance


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A King (referred as Pokémon Kings, Kings of *insert country name* or the Chosen Ones) are special individuals who are chosen by the legendary Pokémon of Albion. The title was established by Albion, the High King who made the Kings to act as leaders of the kingdoms on the continent. These individuals were then chosen by the Millennia Trio after Albion's passing.

For one individual to be chosen as King, they must be selected by a Magi, a special mythical Pokémon known as the King's Selector that comes to him, and follows, acting as the eyes and eyes of the Millenia Trio. If the Mellenia deemed the individual worthy after the completion of the Albion League (either be won or defeated), they may be teleported to the Infinity Well where they will be both knighted and crowned as a King of a specific kingdom.