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Kimberley Mera's prized digimon: Redatoise

Kimberley Mera

Kimberley Mera(自閉症は話す, also known as Kim for short) is a full immortal Anodite alien that lived in the medieval times but since she loves traveling around different dimensions she's lived in many different places.

Her full name is Kimberley-Hanna Justina Eila Litvyak Rosalind Marseille Mera (自閉症話すなどキンバリーとして人々のための慈善団体です。).

Appearances & Forms

Due to Kimberley being a Anodite she has many different appearances and forms but her main human form consists of a young, 15 year-old girl wit shoulder-length light auburn hair with reddish-pink streaks in it. She also has dark brown eyes and has somewhat an average height. She also has black fingernails. Also, since Anodites lack DNA, they can shape-shift into almost any species they want and be that species 100% biologically.


Kimberley's daemon, Dermaria, is her dearest companion and the embodiment of her soul. In
common with all daemons of children, she can take any animal form she pleases. But since Kimberley's immortal and her Daemon whould have settled by now, Dermaria, for some reason, can't settle into a permanent form. Dermaria is a female daemon unlike other children's daemons cause normally they would be the opposite sex but it is possible that female children or male children have daemons of the same sex. Dermaria changes into many different forms ranging from a leopard to a dragon, but her favourite forms are a black and white rat, a wildcat and a mouse. Kimberley and Dermaria have the special ability to phyiscally go long distant ranges from each other that humans and thier daemons can't. Dermaria is regularly called 'Maria'.

Character Outline

Kimberley is immortal, healing from any wound (implied to include beheading) with enough time. She also has many other abilites that she was born with since she is an Anodite like Mana Manipulation, Flight, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Teleportation, Limited Reality Warping, Mana Absorption, Space Surivivability, Size Changing, Telekinesis, Dowsing, Portal Creation, Heat Vision, Object Creation, Object Dissipation, Magic, Invisiablity, Shape-shifting, Energy Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Repairing & Healing living things.

Kimberley has had many repeated "deaths" throughout her lifespan. One shows Kimberley attempting to escape from a World War I-esque battlefield, only to be shot in the forehead. Further memories show her being persecuted as a witch and suffering various forms of torture and/or execution throughout history and various time periods, including burning at the stake, guillotining, and the iron maiden. This would suggest a minimum lifespan of at least seven centuries.

Kimberley is willful almost to a fault(due to her Anodite heritage), usually doing whatever she wants regardless of whether or not it inconveniences others.

Other Self Form(Black Matagi)

In Black Rock Shooter 2012 anime series, Kimberley appears in the form of her other self, Black Matagi. Black Matagi has short black hair, and purple eyes. She has a purple flame that erupts from her left eye and has a black eyepatch over her right eye. She wears an outfit similar to a sailor uniform with a white collar, long sleeves, a short pleaded skirt and a black colour scheme. She appears to wear a blouse with thin shoulder straps. Black Matagi also wears a pair of knee-high boots. Her accessories are a pair of headphones and a white armband with a black pentagram design on it.

Her weapon is a gunblade, a large artilltary weapon with an even larger blade on it. It's overall length is twice of Black Matagi's height.




Abilities(Code Geass)

Kimberley is an immortal Anodite, neither suffering from age-related problems nor capable of being killed by conventional means. She has been shot fatally a number of times, been crushed by water pressure, burned at the stake, subjected to the guillotine, placed in an iron maiden, and stabbed by spears all of which she recovered from.

Kimberley has the ability to bestow people with the power of Geass, which manifests differently in each person but generally carries the ability to affect the minds of those it is used on in some way. The Geass sigil glows on her forehead whenever she manifests this power.


Back in the medieval times, Kimberley's Geass, as contracted with a nun, granted her the power "to be loved," which allowed her to make anyone around her love her(after escaping from dark-magic mages who wanted to rebuild the Tower of Heaven so that they could bring back the evil mage, Zeref). She originally started with a Geass symbol in her left eye, but as she matured, she eventually developed another in her right, and inferredly became unable to control it, causing everyone to love her. After Kimberley had become bored by the tranced society around her, the nun who had bound the Geass contract to her shifted her Geass power into Kimberley, as signified by the Geass sigil on her forehead. The nun died in the process and, as part of the exchange, Kimberley became immune to the effects of Geass while losing her original. Her Geass sigil/mark is located on her forehead, becoming red when activated.

Kimberley claims to have entered into contracts with hundreds of people over her lifetime.

Kimberley has the power of the "Code".

Kimberley Mera's Wand

The wand of Kimberley Mera is 10 inches, made from Holly tree wood, and has a core of Unicorn Hair.


She purchased it at Ollivander's Wand Shop. She has been able to perform powerful magic with her wand, such as casting an unmatchable Bat-Bogey Hex.


Kimberley`s personality consists of a 15 year old tomboy. She also is quite free-spirited due to her Anodite heritage and most Anodites are also quite free-spirited. Sometimes and only sometimes, she doesn`t take life as seriously as most human beings but that doesn`t stop her from protecting those close to her and trying her best to save them if near to death or need medical help. She also likes to prefer to statisfy her own personal pleasures but that also doesn`t stop her from helping others. Due to her Anodite heritage, she basically likes to do almost whatever she wants whether it inconveniences others or not particularly when she`s set on something that she`s determined to do. As stated by one of Kimberley`s best friends, Matthew, she has a rare personality.



Dermaria is Kimberley's best friend and her dearest companion. Even though they are polar opposites of each other, they're still friends and companions for life.


Jack is a male Anodite alien and is the younger cousin of Kimberley. He tends to boss people around when it comes to games or if someone doesn't agree on something that Jack wants them to do. He sometimes teams up with Kimberley when Kimberley's other younger cousin Trisha becomes annoying.


Trisha is a female Anodite alien who wants to become a Fairy. She is quite attention-seeking due to her young age which annoys Kimberley and makes her want to boss Trisha around. Kimberley is quite nosy in Trisha's private business when she's around and normally Trisha's attention-seeking gets her into trouble even though she is a good person. Trisha also wants to join Alfea, a school for Fairies, at the age of 16.


Julie is a full Anodite alien and both her and Kimberley like to talk about music. Kimberley and Julie sometimes battle each other just for fun.

Lolly Salvatore

Lolly is the younger sister of Stefan and Damon Slavatore and the young half-sister of Kimberley. They tend to solve supernatural cases along with Damon and Stefan. Lolly also is in love with Stefan.

Charlotte E. Yeager

Charlotte(called Shirley by friends) is a Liberion. Kimberley likes to hang out with Shirley and help her with her Striker Unit experiments since they are both fascinated by speed.

Francesa Lucchini

Kimberley and Francesa are both childish and tend to have fun around the base. Normally Francesa is the one who gets into trouble even though Kimberley tries to stop her.

Eila IImatar Juutilainen

Eila and Kimberley normally go out together on night missions with Sanya.

Sanya V. Litvyak

Kimberley and Sanya tend to go out on night missions togther along with Eila.

Miyafuji Yoshika

Kimberley and Miyafuji like cooking together and Kimberley always enjoys Miyafuji's cooking just as much as Francesa does. She can also deploy huge shields like Miyafuji can.


Kimberley and Ben spend alot of time together and are the best of friends. They have mostly the same interests and he's friends with in-FAMOUS, a legandary super hero. Ben is also a Shape-shifter that likes to transform into a raccoon(his fav animal). He also likes to beat up bad guys online.

Cial 'Myomi' Phantomhive

Kimberley first met Cial in the guise of a 18 year old Demon called Myomi. 'Myomi' taught Kimberley how to be a Demon. A few years later, Kimberley met 'Myomi' again but she found out who 'Myomi' really was, a pure Phantomhive family member. But since the rest of the family hated Kimberley for some unknown reasons, thier realtionship went abit hectic. After Kimberley acidently killed Cial, Cial grew to hate her.

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel and Kimberley hate each other due to the relationship they have.

Scarlet Okinawa

Kimberley and Scarlet have shown hatred towards each other like Kimberley does with Ciel. Scarlet deeply depises Kimberley for killing her younger sister, Cial.

Aleera Blackstone

Kimberley found Aleera fun to play with and battled her often durin the Victorian Era.

Willaim T. Spears

Kimberley showed great respect to Willaim except when she went out as a Demon hunting for souls.

Ronald Knox

Kimberley is very close to Ronald and they mostly do Shinigami missions together.

Landon Harrow

Kimberley made a Faustian Contract with Landon Harrow in order to consume his soul. In order to consume Landon's soul, she had to kill Nicolas Harrow who murdered Landon's mother and sister. Kimberley has shown to develop feelings for Landon.

Other Universes

Kimberley Lock has appeared in many different universes.

Black Butler(Kuroshitjuicy) Universe

During the Victorian Era, Kimberley was disguised as a Demon and had been known to mainly go around and steal the souls of people for herself. She then disguised herself as a Shinigami and loved going on missions with Ronald Knox. Kimberley also showed great respect for Willaim yet she hated him on the inside due to her having issues with Willaim whenever she went out as a Demon. She was also in a contract with a young boy called Landon Harrow. She has been shown to have developed feelings for him.

In the 21st century, Kimberley found an old friend of hers who she hasn't seen in years known by what she used to be called, Myomi. But Myomi's real name was Cial and she was an Okinwawa along with her elder sister Scarlet. They both got adopted by the Phantomhive and Evans family since Scarlet had the blood of a Michealis and Cial had the pure blood of a Phantomhive and yet the Okinwawas got killed anyways. Kimberley wanted to learn the legandary Phantomhive magic but Zaitzu said that in order to learn the magic, Cial needs magic in blood and said that Kimberley hadn't got enough even though she is an energy being made of the source of magic. Kimberley decided to fight Cial and Zaitzu to see what the Phantomhive magic was really like but both Phantomhives gained the upper hand and Kimberley lost.

Ciel Phantomhive(the Earl of the Phantomhive family) then came along and told Kimberley that he would not allow Cial to spend time with Kimberley. This drew Kimberley to intrude the Phantomhive manor becuase she hadn't seen Cial in years and she just couldn't leave Cial especially since they haven't seen each other in ages. This also drove the Phantomhives to hate Kimberley and they mostly battled each other because of the hatred they grew for one another.

One time, Kimberley stole the blood of Cial's ancestor in order to learn the Phantomhive magic even though she knew she would kill Cial. She then decided to give the blood back. Later on, Kimberley battled Ciel and Cial and Ciel forced Scarlet to erase every memory of Cial's past with her. Kimberley then grew angry and decided to make them biological family by using an old vampire tradition. This drove both Ciel and Cial to have an asthma attack and Kimberley gave back her own blood after learning that any other blood besides the Evans would cause them to react. They then battled again but Kimberley acidently gave too much force and acidently killed Cial.

Kimberley then tried to revive Cial but Millainne explained that once a Phantomhive dies, they would not return easily. This drove Kimberley to keep intruding the manor wishing to gain Cial back. She battled other members of the Phantomhives and some members of the Evans family to the point that Kimberley decided to send some members of her own family to help her fight. She then left and met Sari, another member of Phantomhive. A few days later, Scarlet said that Cial would return after Kimberley found out that the touch of an enemy would poison Sari. Kimberley again left and couldn't find the Phantomhive manor and heard the voice of a young women talking to her. The women said that if Kimberley continues to bother the Phantomhives then they would become extinct and that Sari and Mizaki had their heads chopped off. Kimberley then saids that she won't bother the Phantomhives and asked the women to promise to keep a mental link with her so that she knows if Sari and Mizaki are truly alive and that Cial will return but the women said no.

The women then said that in order to gain the Phantomhive family back(whom had already dissapeared) then Kimberley would have to murder her own family and herself even though they're immortal. Kimberley said that the Anodite members of the family can never die and that she would never kill the non-immortal members of her family. The women then said that the reason they dissapeared is becuase they made a contract with a powerful person that said if Kimberley would never leave them alone then they would dissapear. Kimberley then said that instead of murdering her own family then she would find the person who made the Phantomhives dissapear and bring them back and walked off despite the women saying "Then get ready to kill yourself and open your eyes to reality cause they'll never come back".

It is also revealed that Kimberley is somehow the older sister to Alois Trancy but it's unknown how she got the blood of Trancy in the first place.

Strike Bitches Universe

Kimberley's father, Tank, was a Brritanian who came to Karlsland after his home-town got destroyed by the Land Neuroi. Tank then met a young women called Tori who was a Karlslandian along with her son, Jay who was half-Karlslandian and half Romagian. They fell in love and started dating. A few months later, they both went back to Brittiania and they got married. Tori then gave birth to Kimberley.

Kimberley found an old machine gun that landed in her garden one day by a Air Witch nearby. Kimberley then modifted the machine gun and kept it as her own. She then started praticing using her gun and her parents found out that her daugther had a talent for guns.

They then enrolled her in a witch training program after finding out she was a Witch. She was a prodigy at her Witch magic and then she got into a Witch military school. She amazed her classmates and teachers and then she graduted.

One day, her hometown got destroyed and and she and her family were sent into an underground base for Land Witches. Kimberley then sneaked out one day and saw Land Witches fighting the Neuroi. She then found out that the Land Witches were losing more and more injured witches by the minute. Kimberley decided to help the witches who were protecting her homeland and family and hopped in a prototype Air Striker Unit. Her Magic Antenna then appeared and she signaled for Air Witches to come.

Kimberley protected her homeland and family until the Air Witches arrived, the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. She helped them in battle and afterwards they won. Sakamato Mio then realized the power in Kimberley and took her with the Strike Witches to the 501st Joint Fighter Wing base.


  • Kimberley is the first full Anodite alien to be marked by a Yautja and joined them in hunts since she finds the Yautja clans interesting besides other species.
  • Kimberley has a huge, huge, huge family.
  • Kimberley is in a long-time feud with the Phantomhive family.
  • The story of how both Tori and Tank met was false. It was a made-up story to tell Witches so that they wouldn't find out that they were actually Anodites.
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