'Kim Wilcox talks about '90s fashion in Summer of '94' is a page on Yahoo! which is an interview with Stranger Things costume designer Kim Wilcox about Fred Savage's comedy-drama coming-of-age film, Summer of '94.


Ah, the year 1994 where Nancy Kerrigan got attacked, Kurt Cobain shot himself, Bill Clinton is now president and Snoop Dogg kept smoking lindo while sipping on gin and juice. The Emmy-nominated costume designer of Stranger Things fame Kim Wilcox has went from catalogs to yearbooks to magazines from the '90s decade and wanted to know about flannel, floral sundresses and combat boots. "Well, ever since the '90s is all about fashion." said Wilcox. "Girls wear flroal dresses, flower hats and velvet prints while boys wear flannels, striped shirts and ripped jeans." We are going to do an interview with Wilcox '90s fashion and what was it inspired by.

Yahoo! TV: So let's start with the fashion. About the school scenes, there are teenagers wearing striped tops such as striped t-shirts, sweaters and polo shirts, ripped jeans, chokers, Vans and Converse sneakers, denim vests, flannel and floral printed dresses. Where did you get the inspiration for the clothing in the movie from?

Kim Wilcox: Well, the only inspiration I got was not only catalogs from the '90s like Sears and JCPenney, but magazines from the '90s such as Seventeen, Tiger Beat and Cosmopolitan and of course, mid-'90s middle and high school yearbooks. There was My So-Called Life, Sister, Sister and Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Same thing happened to Stranger Things, except with the whole '80s fashion-type thing.

Speaking of the '90s, there has been a whole lot of flannel, floral dresses and flower hats from that decade. Where did you get all of the '90s clothing come from?

I brought those from Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply, Etsy, and of course, eBay. There are so many flea markets, prop rentals, and estate sales here, but all I brought those '90s clothes were just Etsy and eBay.

Where did you get Gretchen's floral print dress from?

To be fair, seeing how Gretchen wore the same dress Beverly wore in the It movies, I brought the floral printed sundress from Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply. It has buttons, a nice floral print, short sleeves, and a short skirt. It reminds everyone of the '90s.

So, about Prudence's Blockbuster employee shirt, when did it take you to design it?

It took me 3 hours to sew a navy and yellow collared shirt and add a Blockbuster patch in it. Blockbuster was invented in 1985 and now taken down in 2013.

Well, can there be Beavis and Butt-head and Power Rangers shirts, band shirts like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains and Aladdin shirts, and sports shirts like basketball shirts and football jerseys, too?

Definitely. I designed a red-and-black "34" football jersey for Dante Cook, brought the Insect Court t-shirt on Ebay and let Michael Campion from Fuller House wore it and sewn the flower hat for Trinitee.

Where did you design the Madonna 1990 Blonde Ambition tour outfit Skai Jackson wore? Like the golden corset with the straps?

Oh yeah, that outfit Madonna wore. Skai's character, Lillian loves Madonna. She was all dressed up in the movie and lip-synced to "Vogue". She danced and sang, but it doesn't matter.

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