Killjoy 2: Deliverance is a 2013 horror film and a sequel to the 2012 remake film Killjoy.


One year after the deaths of her friends at the hands of a clown ghost named Killjoy, Danielle is still plagued with nightmares of the horrific clown. A college student named Sandy is watching over her professor's beach house and invites Danielle and her boyfriend Marcus over for a party with her friends, Roger, Erica and 'Zilla.' 

After they arrive at the house, Danielle has a vision of Killjoy outside the house. She is distracted from her fear by the others during the party. However, she is soon shocked back to reality when she discovers a clown doll in the house, which is identical to the one from which Killjoy was created. She tries to tell Marcus, who tells her that she is paranoid and tries to calm her down.

Zilla finds himself wandering down an empty hallway upstairs when he stops to inspect his appearance in the mirror. Suddenly, Killjoy appears in the mirror and pulls him through it via some kind of portal. Killjoy then places a magical barrier around the house, trapping everyone inside.

Roger and Erica go upstairs to have sex and afterwards, Erica goes to the closet as Killjoy enters. Erica manages to hide in the closet as the clown murders Roger and then searches the room before leaving. However, when she turns around he is suddenly behind her in the closet.

Marcus and Danielle find Zilla's corpse before Marcus is knocked out. Killjoy chases Danielle through the house before the professor arrives home. He arms himself with a knife and explains that he knows of Killjoy and his power. s Marcus gets back up, he realises that the professor is about to attack Danielle and attacks him instead. Suddenly the professor turns into Killjoy and throws Marcus through a window, causing the barrier to disintergrate. However, Danielle finally retrieves the clown doll and stabs it, causing Killjoy to also fall through the window.

The barrier comes down and Danielle leaves the houses. Killjoy suddenly reappears in his ice-cream truck, attempting to mow her down, but she runs back inside and tries to shove the clown doll down the garbage disposal as Roger's reanimated corpse attacks her, leaving Killjoy mangled. She manages to stab Roger and then throws the doll into the professor's fireplace, causing the ice-cream truck to burst into flames as Killjoy screams. The film ends with Danielle now in an insane asylum, laughing maniacally. In the final frames, the laughter begins to echo that of Killjoy's.


The film was followed by one sequel, Killjoy 3: The Clownhouse.

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