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Killer Ponies IV: The Last Stand is a 2010 supernatural horror thriller film, written by Mark Davis, Sam and Ivan Raimi and Larry Roosevelt and directed by Larry Roosevelt. It is also the last film in the Killer Pony franchise.


Set twelve years after the events of Pride and Gory.

Manning is seen walking around in a cemetery, late at night. He walks over to Moonstone, Cotton Candy, Buttons and Skydancer's tombstones. As he inches closer to Skydancer's grave, he notices a pentagram necklace on her grave. Just as he's about to pick it up, Skydancer's hand bursts through the ground, grabs Manning's hand and drags him to the ground into hell. Manning wakes up in cold sweat, revealing this sequence as a nightmare.

Meanwhile over at the ponies' lair, the Fiendish Four ponies form five other pony masks; White Bows, Blue Hearts, Yellow Birds, Pink Flowers and Green


Larry Roosevelt - Detective Manning

Mark Davis - Police lieutenant Edward

Pony Mascots:

Daniel Tautolo - Moonstone

Lance Gilder - Cotton Candy

Sam Raffelson - Buttons

Joanna Naya - Skydancer


Character Death
Moonstone, Cotton Candy, Buttons and Skydancer


The cameras used for filming was a Canon DM-XV1. Filming went from April to July 2009.


Instead of video game music like the predecessors, the whole soundtrack is songs taken from various film scores.

Track #1: The Asylum / The Nightmare - Pino Donaggio (the graveyard scene) (0:30 - 1:16)

Track #2: The Forgotten Ring / The Murder - Pino Donaggio (Larry notices the necklace and gets pulled through Sky's grave) (2:28 - 3:24)

Track #3: The Shower - Pino Donaggio (Larry gets ready and making himself at home) (0:00 - 2:09, 3:49 - 4:14)

Track #4: Main Title - Walter Werzowa (the ponies' lair)