Killer Ponies II: Dead End is a 1997 horror thriller film, written by Mark Davis and Larry Roosevelt and directed by Larry Roosevelt. This movie is a sequel to Killer Ponies From Hell, which then followed by a third movie


Set 2 years after the events of the first movie

Detective Manning (played by Larry Roosevelt) is on a train, traveling to Los Angeles on an investigation of the pony cabin murders that occurred two years before. One of the ponies from the first movie (Moonstone), is seen in a bandit mask walking past people, Manning tries to stop her but she shoots him in the stomach and flees from the scene. She then goes to the very front of the train, where the other ponies are at. There, they shoot down the train engineer, take control and crash the train in progress, killing everyone except for Manning.

The ponies manage to escape, but Manning wounds one of them (Buttons). Manning later arrives in Los Angeles and goes to Police lieutenant Edward's office to discuss the ponies killings, in order to try to uncover the identities of the maniacs. Meanwhile, the ponies manage to break into the building and kill most of the security, flipping out Edward and Manning and leaving them quarantined inside.

However, in the end, the two manage to kill the ponies by throwing them off the building.

After the medical team arrives at the scene, of the crime, Manning and Edward ponder over what had happened that day and are then informed about the missing pony bodies, indicating that the nightmare isn't over. Manning looks on toward distant Los Angeles and the credits roll.


Larry Roosevelt - Detective Manning

Mark Davis - Police lieutenant Edward

Pony Mascots:

Daniel Tautolo - Moonstone

Lance Gilder - Cotton Candy

Sam Raffelson - Buttons


Character Death
Train engineer Shot
259 train passengers Killed in a train wreck
23 police lieutenants All shot and stabbed (separately)
Moonstone, Cotton Candy and Buttons Thrown off a building to their demises (they escape, offscreen)


Track #1: Violenza inattesa - Ennio Morricone (opening)

Track #2: Yoshi's Island Music - Baby Bowser (Koopa) (during the train robbery scene)

Track #3: Apoteosi del Mistero 1 & 2 - Carlo Maria Cordio (used for the killings)

Track #4: Doom II - Map 01.15 - Running from Evil (Edward and Manning are trying to get away from the ponies)

Track #5: Verso Il Terrore 1 - Carlo Maria Cordio

Track #6: Suono Aperto - Carlo Maria Cordio (Edward and Manning get cornered by the ponies on the top floor of the building)

Track #7: Doom E1M5 - Suspense (Edward and Manning find out that the bodies are missing; used for only 47 seconds. After 47 sec, the music fades out and there is a four-second pause before the credits)

Track #8: Super Mario Land - Ending Theme (arranged) (used from 0:28 - 2:07)


Filming began in September 1997 and went for several weeks.

The director used the same camera (a Minolta Master Pro 8-918) he used to film the first movie and this movie. During filming, Larry needed permission to film at certain locations for the film. This lead to him fundraising around $15K for the film's budget.

Editing for this film didn't begin until later in 2011. This resulted taking a year and a half; editing all four movies.

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