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The Killer Donuts are the main antagonists of the 2017 American comedy-horror film Attack of the Killer Donuts.

When an experimental chemical is accidentally dumped into a donut fryer, the donuts produced from the fryer develop both sentience and an appetite for human flesh. Later, when the group of killers are being starved to death by another group of killer sweets, they join forces with the humans and from there on, help the humans.

The Killer Donuts are now heroes who work at Dandy Donuts. They are now the mascots of the business. They were renamed to Living Donuts as not to scare off customers. However, they still retain their pointed teeth.


The Killer Donuts resemble normal donuts of various kinds. However, they have numerous sharp teeth for eating their victims.

Powers and Abilities

The Killer Donuts possess the following powers and abilities:

  • Sentience
  • High jumping
  • Sharp teeth


Attack of the Killer Donuts 2: The Killer Cupcakes (2019)

In this sequel to the original, a group of deadlier Killer Donuts shows up in the same town and begins to attack the residents. However, the Killer Cupcakes shows up and begins to kill humans even faster, at the expense of both sides. The donuts begin to be pushed out and starved.

Later, when two police officers are looking for survivors in an abandoned building, they encounter one Killer Donut hiding out. They take out their guns and get ready to shoot. But they notice that this Killer Donut is crying over something. Confused, the two police officers try to ask her what is wrong. The Killer Donut abruptly tells them to put her out of her misery. The two officers are baffled that she can talk. She explains that they could always talk, they just hated to let others know. The two officers, realizing she’s not a threat, tell her to calm down and tell them the problem. She says that she wants to be dead since her kind is being deprived of their main food source. The two officers tell her that if they just switch sides, the town will save them from perishing. She agrees and goes to tell the remaining Killer Donuts the proposition.

The donuts, realizing they have no other choice, have to work with the humans in order to save both parties from perishing. After the new threat is wiped out, the donuts realize that humans should be friends, not food. From then on, the donuts made an agreement to never attack humans again and to use their teeth for good, not evil.

Attack of the Killer Donuts 3 (2024)

In the third movie of the series,

Attack of the Killer Donuts: The Series (TBA)

The Killer Donuts (renamed to Living Donuts) appears in the TV series as heroes. They now work at Dandy Donuts and have become the official mascots. Their new job is to

Other Appearances

In Splash and Bubbles

The Killer Donuts

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The Killer Donuts

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