Killer Cartoons (also known as Attack of the Killer Animation) is a live-action/animated horror film.


a animation show go to earth and killing people at the lose Lena (Bella Sana) and her father Hatt (Matthew Broderick) Lena is a 7-years-old child she like cartoon but animation killing peoples


the film begin Hanna watch a her favorite cartoon and the animated go to earth and she happy but Oggy stab Hanna in the neck and get her.

"One Day" Lena (Bella Sana) watching Johnny Test to genius but her father Hatt (Matthew Broderick) told Lena not to eat dirty but she not eat that Lena go to sleep and her Mom (Danielle Panabaker) but her Karla (Elizabeth Banks) died

"six day" someting Fall to earth it a characters of cartoons network and nickelodeon cartoon and Lena see it Johnny and her sister twin but Spongebob get her mom and eaten her by Mr. Krab.

Lena bash Johnny head and Jeremy (Danny Glover) head was in a washing machine Oggy and the Cockroaches put Jeremy in the washing machine and put some spike in the water put and almost Annie (Geena Davis) in the lose and Lena run away and Timmy (Character of The Fairy Odd Parents) pushes Annie and hit by a car

Barbera (Danielle Harris) bashes Johnny twin sister and bloody Lena attacked by Spongebob and Barbera helped Lena and killed Spongbob, Mr. Krab, Patrick and Squidward. Lena killed the cartoon character and Barbera get by Oggy. Lena not helped and Lena go away and explosion all the cartoons


  • Bella Sana as Lena
  • Danielle Harris as Barbera
  • Elizabeth Banks as Hanna
  • Shannon Elizabeth as Karla
  • Danielle Panabaker as Mom
  • Matthew Broderick as Hatt
  • Danny Glover as Jeremy
  • Geena Davis as Annie


  • Lena
  • Barbera


  • Hanna-stab by Oggy
  • Hatt- killed
  • Karla-died
  • Jeremy-in the washing machine and bashed by the spike
  • Mom- get by Spongebob
  • Annie - hit by a car


a horror film live-action Horror Movie Villians that as a monsters will killing peoples


  • Not Rated for Bloody Contest and Gore Violence with Sexually Brief
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