Killed to South: Addition (film) Action sequel of Killed to South (video 2019).


  • Daniel Ebanks as Agent Marcus Reno; Ex-con agent; Frank's oldest half son and Jared's half cousin.
  • Diego Arcia Sabariego as Sergeant Carson Phillips; an FBI Agent and Jeff's older son.
  • Rudy Swaby as Jeff Martin (uncredited; voice)
  • Tyson Tatum as Mick; joins game of Addition.
  • Arvely Swaby as Rudy Matthews (main villain); creates game of addition.
  • Jose Ebanks as Jeff Francis Martin; Marcus's grandfather.
  • Pepé Mendoza Ortiz as Steve McFinn
  • Juilus Smith as Jared Tyson Reno; Marcus's half cousin.
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