Killed With God's 3 (Development) British Action Development film.


  • Rudy Swaby as Nathan Cruz (rumored)
  • Ervin Swaby as Sherlock Hope\Ned Cruz; an CIA agent.
  • Junior Swaby as Jason Brill (rumored)
  • Maria Rivers as Priest Marío (rumored)
  • Sean Broderick as Frank Brock
  • Lisaida Swaby as Madelyn Crúz-Hope\Evelyn Cruz (rumored)
  • Oliverio Swaby as Oliver El Hombre (rumored)
  • Jesus Pino as James Brock\ Agent Double Martin Davis (villain)
  • Tyson Tatum as Jack Williams\James Brock; an church priest and Ned's and Frank's father and main protagonists.

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