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Kill la Kill is a 2016 action comedy fantasy film based on a anime show, starring Eliza Bennett and Elizabeth Olsen.


Kill la Kill is set at Honnouji Academy, a fictional high school in Tokyo Bay set in post-apocalyptic Japan that is dominated by its fearsome student council, led by Satsuki Kiryuin. The council members wear special uniforms called Goku Uniforms that grant them superhuman abilities, which they use to oppress the rest of the school's students and staff. Ryuko Matoi, a student wielding half a scissor-shaped longsword, transfers to Honnouji Academy in search of the owner of the other half of the scissor blade, the person who killed her father. Defeated by the council after interrogating Satsuki over the killer's identity and whereabouts, Ryuko comes across a sentient sailor uniform she names Senketsu, who puts himself on Ryuko. Using Senketsu's special abilities, Ryuko stands up against Satsuki and her henchmen, the Elite Four, to liberate Honnouji Academy from their iron grip and find out the truth behind her father's murder.


Ryuko Matoi (Eliza Bennett) transfers into Honnouji Academy, a high school dominated by its fearsome student council, who wear powerful Goku Uniforms that grant them superhuman abilities. Searching for clues to her father's murder, Ryuko confronts the student council president, Satsuki Kiryuin (Elizabeth Olsen), saying she is looking for the owner of the other half of a giant scissor blade she wields. She is beaten by the school's boxing club captain, Takaharu Fukuroda, using the power of his Two-Star Goku Uniform. Fleeing to her ruined home nearby and lamenting her defeat, Ryuko is dropped down a trapdoor by her homeroom teacher, Aikuro Mikisugi (Orlando Bloom). She lands in a basement and discovers a living sailor uniform that forcibly puts itself on her. The next day, Takaharu prepares to execute Ryuko's friend and classmate Mako Mankanshoku (Bailee Madison) for treason. Ryuko arrives to rescue her and confront Takaharu again, this time using her new uniform's powers to defeat him and destroy his Goku Uniform. Afterwards, Ryuko questions Satsuki again about the wielder of the other scissor blade, who is allegedly the one who killed her father.

Ryuko is fatigued after her battle and flees, passing out and ending up in the care of Mako's family (Seth Rogan, Jessica Chastain, and Kyle Red Silverstein). That night, Ryuko recalls how she was introduced to the uniform, which she decides to name Senketsu (Voiced by Hayden Christensen), who was created by her father, Isshin (Jensen Ackles). The next day, Ryuko comes across the tennis club captain, Omiko Hakodate, who knocks her away when Senketsu fails to activate. She is found by Aikuro, who explains Senketsu is a Kamui that requires her blood to operate, providing her with a glove to help her in that regard. He tells her to defeat Omiko in exchange for more information about Senketsu. Ryuko goes to face Omiko which, after some interference from Mako, results in a tennis match between the two. Ryuko gets off to a rough start, but eventually manages to fight back with her scissor blade and destroy Omiko's Goku Uniform, winning the match on technicality. Afterwards, Satsuki herself appears before Ryuko to challenge her to a fight, wielding a blade that can cut through Senketsu, prompting Ryuko to escape.

Aikuro tells Ryuko about the Life Fibers that give the Goku Uniforms their unique properties, with Kamui being uniforms made entirely of Life Fibers. He goes on to explain that Isshin entrusted him to give Senketsu to Ryuko following his death. Meanwhile, Satsuki, who is frustrated that Ryuko wore a Kamui before her, puts on a Kamui named Junketsu, which had been sealed away by her family. The next day, Satsuki confronts Ryuko in her Junketsu, overwhelming her with her new power and showing no shame in her appearance. After hearing Mako's advice that she should get completely naked, Ryuko comes to understand the true nature of a Kamui and unleashes its full power, allowing her to fight on equal ground with Satsuki. After Ryuko vows to crush Satsuki's ambitions in order to get the answers she seeks, Satsuki challenges her with facing every student she throws at her until they once again meet.

While Senketsu is laundered, Ryuko is faced with "No-Late Day", a school event where students must navigate a trap-filled obstacle course and reach school on time, or else they will be expelled. She and Mako make their way across the perilous course, along with an injured girl named Maiko Ogure, while Mako's family attempt to deliver Senketsu to Ryuko. After hijacking an armored bus, the girls manage to make it to the school grounds with 15 minutes left. However, Maiko reveals herself to be a member of the disciplinary committee, who steals Senketsu and puts it on herself in a bid to overthrow Satsuki. However, she is immobilized by the freshly washed Senketsu's starchiness, allowing Ryuko to retrieve him. With five minutes remaining, Maiko sets off one more trap to send Ryuko and Mako back to the start of the course. They two reach class on time using an express cable car, while Ira Gamagoori (Dolph Lundgren), the disciplinary committee chair and one of the Elite Four, expels Maiko for her treachery.

A sniper named Tsumugu Kinagase (Liam Hemsworth) attempts to assassinate Ryuko, but is interrupted by the gardening club, whom he manages to defeat. After dealing with the biology club, Ryuko is attacked by Tsumugu, who pins her down and attempts to force her to strip, but is forced to retreat when he is interrupted by Aikuro. As Aikuro and Tsumugu talk later that night, Tsumugu explains that the Kamui could prove a great threat if left alone. The next day, Ryuko confronts Tsumugu, who attacks her with needles that drain power from Goku Uniforms and Kamui, while they both come under attack by the gardening, rakugo and hyakunin-isshu clubs. With the clubs wiped out and Ryuko backed into a corner, Senketsu gives himself up to protect Ryuko, but Mako stands up to Tsumugu and returns Senketsu to Ryuko. As Tsumugu comes to understand the bond between Ryuko and Senketsu, they are confronted by one of the Elite Four, Nonon Jakuzure (Lily Collins), but Tsumugu helps the two escape.

After learning of his connection with Tsumugu, Ryuko tries to press Aikuro for more information, but does not get much outside of his organization's name, Nudist Beach. Meanwhile, another of the Elite Four, Uzu Sanageyama (Emile Hirsch), gets permission from Satsuki to fight against Ryuko himself. The next day, Uzu challenges Ryuko, facing against her in his Three-Star Goku Uniform, Blade Regalia. He has the advantage due to his fast eyesight reading all of Ryuko's moves, but Ryuko overcomes this by using a part of her uniform to block Uzu's vision, allowing her to defeat him and destroy his uniform. Not wanting to give up, Uzu undergoes a drastic operation to sew his eyes shut, and challenges Ryuko again, this time using his other senses to predict her moves and completely overwhelm her. However, before Uzu can deliver the final blow, his Goku Uniform overheats due to him being more powerful than it can handle, giving Ryuko the opportunity to escape.

Hearing about how many students have been starting their own clubs in order to become eligible to get better uniforms, and thus better living rights, Ryuko decides to start her own Fight Club, assigning Mako as the club president to handle all the paperwork and meetings. As Ryuko increases the club's reputation by defeating other club presidents, Mako manages to earn a One-Star Goku Uniform, upgrading the Mankanshoku family to a better apartment. Mako's determination to preserve her family's newfound happiness moves the family up to an even more luxurious lifestyle. However, as Mako becomes more serious about her duties as club president and the other family members indulge in their wealth, Ryuko starts to feel lonely as the family finds less time to spend together. Just as Ryuko decides to resign from the Fight Club, Satsuki gives Mako a Two-Star Goku Uniform, telling her to defeat Ryuko if she wants to keep her life of luxury. Ryuko decides to take the brunt of Mako's attacks, which leads to Mako eventually realizing the error of her ways, deciding to disband the Fight Club and return to her life in the slums. Meanwhile, Satsuki reveals that by using Ryuko to purge the weaker clubs, she will restructure the student council by holding a snap election.

Satsuki announces her new election system in which students must survive a seven-day battle against each other in order to stand out on top and earn Goku Uniforms, sending the entire school into a state of emergency. Meanwhile, Ryuko takes Mako to the ruins of her old house, where she tells her about the circumstances surrounding her father's death. Finding no further clues in the basement where she found Senketsu, Ryuko and Mako head home, only for their scooter to run out of gas. They end up encountering Ira who, having just attained his driving license and is taking the week off, offers to take them to a gas station. During their drive, they are attacked by the automotive and airsoft clubs, who are targeting Ira's Three-Star Goku Uniform, Shackle Regalia. Recalling how he first met Satsuki, Ira unleashes his uniform, which uses the power of masochism to evolve into Scourge Regalia and lay waste to his opponents. After a week passes, Honnouji's strongest assemble for the Sudden Death Runoff Election, with only Ryuko and the Elite Four making their way to the top. There, Satsuki challenges Ryuko to defeat each of the Elite Four in exchange for details concerning her father's death, her first opponent being Ira.

As Ryuko awaits the time for her battle against Ira, Aikuro asks her to drop out of the match, warning that she is not ready to face the Elite Four, to which she naturally declines. The battle soon begins, with Ira activating his Shackle Regalia, attacking himself in order to provide the power needed to transform into Scourge Regalia. Ryuko finds that the Shackle Regalia also serves as an armor protecting its Life Fibers, and is unable to damage the Shackle Regalia without powering up the Scourge Regalia form. Undeterred, Ryuko keeps on attacking, forcing Ira to bring out Scourge Regalia's full power, attempting to forcefully mold Ryuko into a model student. However, Senketsu sets a plan into motion by pulling Ryuko out of her synchronized mode, allowing her to use Senketsu's fangs to break into Ira's uniform and destroy it from the inside using a new form, Senketsu Senjin, winning the match. With Ira defeated, Ryuko prepares to face up against her next opponent, Houka Inumuta (David Henrie).

Houka uses his Three-Star Goku Uniform, Probe Regalia, to analyze Ryuko's fighting abilities and anticipate her movements. When Ryuko counteracts this by fighting haphazardly, Houka resorts to cloaking himself and fighting her while invisible. Ryuko counters again by expanding and draping Senketsu's eye across the battle arena, leaving him unable to evade. Unwilling to lose the data he has gathered on Senketsu during their fight, Houka forfeits the match before Ryuko can destroy his uniform. Nonon steps up to battle Ryuko next with her Three-Star Goku Uniform, Symphony Regalia, a large aircraft that attacks her with sound vibrations. Nonon attempts to eliminate Ryuko by destroying the battle arena, but Ryuko activates a new aerial form, Senketsu Shippu, to remain in the match. Troubled by how quickly Senketsu has been evolving, Aikuro contacts Tsumugu and tells him to assume a worst-case scenario.

Ryuko tries to take advantage of her flight and goes straight for Satsuki, but Nonon fiercely stands in her way until Ryuko destroys her airship with her own missile. However, Nonon puts on an encore performance unleashing her uniform's second form, Da Capo, using its music to disrupt Ryuko's communication with Senketsu. Ryuko counters this by manipulating Nonon's sound waves to match her own, before sending it back against Nonon and defeating her. Meanwhile, Tsumugu delivers a peculiar bullet to Aikuro, who is prepared to use it on Ryuko should the need arise. Just as Ryuko and Uzu are about to begin their match, a mysterious girl appears between them who Satsuki recognizes as Nui Harime (Carey Mulligan), Grand Couturier of the Revocs Corporation owned by her mother, Ragyo (Olivia Wilde). Nui instantly pulls apart Uzu's uniform by breaking its Banshi, the Life Fiber that gives it its form. Receiving permission to fight Ryuko from a disconcerted Satsuki, Nui pulls out a purple scissor blade and tells Ryuko she was the one who killed Isshin, sending Ryuko into a fury.

As Ryuko furiously attacks her, Nui recalls how she killed Isshin with the Rending Scissors he himself created and stole one of its blades, but not before having her left eye slashed in the process. The boiling blood of Ryuko's rage has an adverse effect on Senketsu, causing him to go berserk and consume her, resulting in a monstrous form. Mako and her family head towards the scene in order to save Ryuko from dying of blood loss, while Tsumugu tries to draw away Nui to give Aikuro the opportunity to use an adhesive bullet on Ryuko. Satsuki dons her Kamui in order to put a stop to Ryuko, but it is Mako who manages to slap Ryuko to her senses and bring her back to her normal self, saving her life. Angered by Nui's interference, Satsuki bans her from the school grounds. A few days later, as Ryuko recovers from her battle, Satsuki reveals that she was the one who ordered Nui to steal the sword scissors from Isshin, before announcing that Ryuko's battles with the Elite Four have helped her perfect the Goku Uniforms so that they can take over every school that opposes them.

Satsuki prepares a raid on Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, issuing students with new Goku Uniforms created based on the data from Ryuko's battles. Meanwhile, Ryuko continues to sulk over losing control of Senketsu and is unwilling to wear him. She is approached by the suspended student and former Newspaper Club member Shinjiro Nagita, who pleads her to join the fight against Satsuki's war efforts, but she refuses. The next day, Mako gets roped into the raid trip for distributing Shinjiro's underground newspaper. Encouraged by Senketsu, Ryuko puts him on to help Shinjiro, who reveals himself to be a disguised Nui, having done so to trick Ryuko into donning Senketsu again. Unable to fight at her full strength out of fear of losing control again, Ryuko is defeated by Nui and Senketsu is torn to pieces. After Satsuki forces Nui to retreat, she takes all but one of Senketsu's scraps so that they may be distributed to suitable hosts to provide combat data during the raid trip.

Awakening in Aikuro's hideout, Ryuko discovers Senketsu's consciousness still lives in the scarf that she managed to hold onto. After learning what had happened to his other pieces, Ryuko heads towards the Kansai region, where Satsuki has begun her raid operation. As the Elite Four attack the main schools in the tri-city area, Ryuko interrupts each of their raids and recovers the scraps that had been given to some of the students to increase their power before heading to her next destination, eventually reuniting with Mako in Osaka. With nearly all of Senketsu's pieces gathered, Ryuko prepares to face Satsuki, who possesses the glove that makes up the final piece.

Satsuki confronts the money hungry boss of Osaka, Kaneo Takarada, who fights against her using his Dotonbori Robo suit. However, he is thwarted by the arrival of the Elite Four and their new Three-Star Goku Uniforms, before being promptly defeated by Uzu. Ryuko soon arrives on the scene to face against Satsuki, soon supported by the arrival of Aikuro, Tsumugu, and the Nudist Beach organization. While Nudist Beach fight against the Elite Four, Ryuko decides to use her own skin as a replacement for the glove so she can transform with Senketsu, allowing her to recover the glove from Satsuki. As Ryuko is disarmed of her scissor, Ryuko uses Senketsu to snatch Satsuki's sword from her, bringing the match to a stalemate. Ryuko coerces Satsuki into withdrawing her troops as opposed to simply killing each other, though Satsuki fulfills her objective of destroying Nudist Beach's base. As Satsuki and her troops depart, Aikuro agrees to tell Ryuko everything she needs to know.

Satsuki returns to her mansion to recover from her battle with Ryuko. Impressed by her daughter's prowess with Junketsu, Ragyo shows Satsuki a chamber in their mansion containing the original Life Fiber, a parasitic extraterrestrial that produces other fibers to feed on mankind. She then instructs Satsuki to organize a school festival as the final step in her plan to distribute COVERS, an army of Life Fiber clothing, across the world. Meanwhile, Aikuro and Tsumugu guide Ryuko and Mako to an undamaged section of their underground base. Aikuro reveals that Life Fibers are what induced humanity's evolution into Homo sapiens and the instinct to wear clothes. He further explains that Isshin, who founded Nudist Beach, created Senketsu for Ryuko to wear and fight the Kiryuins when she came of age, as she displays a high resistance to Life Fibers. Ryuko becomes outraged that Nudist Beach sees Senketsu as little more than a weapon and takes him off, refusing to let him kill his own kind. Deeming them of no more worth, Tsumugu prepares to kill Ryuko and Senketsu.

After the fight between Ryuko and Tsumugu is dissolved thanks to Mako and Senketsu, Aikuro explains to her how Tsumugu's sister, Kinue, died in a Life Fiber experiment, going on to explain that Senketsu was made with Ryuko's DNA, hence why only she can wear and communicate with him. Meanwhile, Honnouji Academy makes preparations for a Cultural and Sports Grand Festival to celebrate Ragyo visiting the school. Learning that this a cover up for a final experiment in which all of Honnouji City will be sacrificed to the Life Fibers, Ryuko and the others head for Honnouji, where the ceremony has begun. As Ragyo begins having the Life Fibers devouring everyone in the stadium, Ryuko and company arrive on the scene. Just then, Satsuki stabs Ragyo and announces her rebellion against her and the Life Fibers, revealing this to be the purpose she has built Honnouji Academy for.

After freeing all the trapped students and citizens from the Life Fibers, the Elite Four fight against Nui while Mako helps with the evacuation. Meanwhile, Satsuki reveals how Ragyo had used her in Life Fiber experiments, along with her newborn sister, who was discarded by Ragyo when the experiment allegedly failed. However, Ragyo, who is able to heal her injuries, breaks free and takes control of the students, turning them into her personal army. As Aikuro and Tsumugu fight against them, Ragyo takes control of Ryuko, pitting her against Satsuki, but Ryuko manages to break out of it with her own will. Ryuko fights against Nui while Satsuki goes to fight Ragyo, slicing off her head. However, Ragyo survives due to her Life Fiber being unsevered, completely overpowering Satsuki and stealing her Junketsu for herself. As sentient Life Fiber suits known as Covers appear in the sky, Ragyo pulls out Ryuko's heart, which is covered in Life Fibers, revealing her to be Ragyo's presumed deceased daughter.

As the Covers start to kidnap citizens, including Mako, using their life force to power themselves, Satsuki triggers an explosion to allow Ryuko to escape. One month later, the Elite Four have joined up with Nudist Beach to fight against the Covers as they take over Japan, while Ryuko has remained in a coma since the battle. Meanwhile, Satsuki has been held captive by Ragyo, who explains that her father, Soichiro, had faked his own death and disguised himself as Isshin in order to raise Ryuko and prepare his revenge against her. The Elite Four soon take a stand against the Covers, using a new device to rescue Mako from her imprisonment. When the Covers start to use disruptive noises in defense, Ryuko awakens from her slumber, destroying the Covers and rescuing the prisoners in one shot. She then shows hostility towards Senketsu, feeling she herself is an inhuman monster, and states she will never put him on again.

Paper clones of Ragyo and Nui appear before Ryuko, coaxing her into travelling to Honnouji Academy to confront them. Rejecting any help from the others, Ryuko heads off on her own. After hacking into Honnouji's security cameras and finding Satsuki's location, the Elite Four notice from Satsuki's actions that she is planning something. Their resolve renewed, they, along with the Mankanshokus and the rest of Nudist Beach, set forth on Aikuro's Naked Taiyoumaru warship and head towards Honnouji Academy to join the fight. As Ryuko arrives and takes on Nui, who is also revealed to have a Life Fiber body, Ragyo ensnares Ryuko and forces her to wear Junketsu, which starts to rewrite her memories to make her believe she was lovingly raised by Ragyo all her life. Meanwhile, Satsuki escapes from her imprisonment and rejoins Nudist Beach on the Taiyoumaru. As Ryuko, now clad in Junketsu, arrives on the ship to attack, Satsuki dons Senketsu and confronts Ryuko.

Satsuki and Senketsu begin their fight against Ryuko to try and bring her back to her senses, but they soon find themselves overwhelmed. The Elite Four soon join the battle, distracting Ryuko so that Ira can use his device to try and remove Junketsu. However, they are interrupted by Nui, who reveals that she has stitched Junketsu to Ryuko's Life Fibers, and forcibly removing it will kill her. Meanwhile, Ragyo uses the power of the Covers to give the Life Fiber Meteorite the power of flight. As Mako tries to reason with Ryuko, Senketsu puts himself onto her to protect her. Satsuki manages to make an opening for Mako and Senketsu to dive inside Ryuko's body, where their words bring Ryuko back to her senses, allowing her to break free from Junketsu.

Ryuko reunites with Senketsu and fights against Nui, recovering both Scissor Blades and using them to destroy Nui's arms. Nui is rescued by Ragyo's secretary, Rei Hououmaru, while the Elite Four and Nudist Beach take advantage of the Covers used for her escape to recover their allies and Life Fibers. Afterwards, Satsuki offers to let Ryuko punch her in penance for manipulating her, but the Elite Four stand in the way of her blows. Recognizing that Satsuki has friends supporting her like her own, Ryuko accepts Satsuki's apology and agrees to fight alongside her. After a reconciliatory celebration, Satsuki explains Ragyo's plan to take over the world by linking the original Life Fiber to a satelite above Honnouji Academy, turning every human being into a Life Fiber being. Ryuko and Satsuki head off together to face Ragyo, while Mako, equipped with a new Goku Uniform, stays behind with the others to defend the Naked Sol from giant-sized Covers.

Ryuko and Satsuki arrive at the original Life Fiber to confront Ragyo, who now wields her own set of blades which prove resilient to their weapons. As the original Life Fiber turns it attack towards the ship, the Elite Four don new Goku Uniforms to assist Mako. During the battle, Ragyo cuts Ryuko's body in two, but this is revealed to be a plan laid out by Ryuko, who had Satsuki distract Ragyo whilst she heals in the ocean and targets the Life Fiber. Spurred on by the arrival of Mako, who uses her sheer willpower along with the support of the other Honnouji students to launch the Naked Sol like a giant dagger, Ryuko manages to cut through the core of the Life Fiber and send it crashing down. As Nui finishes preparations for Ragyo's ultimate Kamui, Shinra-Koketsu, Ryuko and the others prepare for the final battle.

Ragyo uses the power of her Shinra-Kotetsu to negate the effects of everyone's Kamuis and Goku Uniforms before reviving the original Life Fiber. Ragyo attempts to fuse everyone into the original Life Fiber, but Senketsu, acting on his own, manages to deal damage to Ragyo, restoring everyone's power and allowing the Elite Four and Nudist Beach to destroy the satellite uplink whilst Ryuko and Satsuki deal a critical blow to Ragyo. However, Nui and Ragyo combine together with the original Life Fiber, transforming into a giant rocket which launches into space so she can activate the satellite directly. Ryuko absorbs the combined power of Senketsu, Junkesu, and the Goku Uniforms to form Senketsu Saiyajin, launching into space and fight Ragyo, willing taking her attacks to provide Senketsu with the power needed to eliminate all Life Fibers. After Ragyo destroys her own heart, Senketsu uses the last of his strength to return Ryuko safely to Earth, where she reunites with her friends and family. With the world freed from the threat of Life Fibers, Ryuko goes on a date with Mako and Satsuki, keeping the memory of Senketsu in her heart.



Eliza Bennett dyes her hair black with red highlights for her role.

Elizabeth Olsen dyes her hair black for her role.



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