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Kill 'em All is the third episode of season 1 of Crowfield. It premiered on August 27, 2012.


Alice (Gina Holden) and Marissa (Arielle Kebbel) are sitting in Alice's living room. Someone pounds on the door and Alice goes to check. She sees a person at the door with a mask and she hides in the closet with Marissa. The person comes in and opens the closet door and grabs Marissa. Alice hits the person and her and Marissa run upstairs with the person chasing them. Alice calls 911 and the person grabs Marissa and throws her down the stairs. Alice runs downstairs and the person throws Alice on the floor and almost kills her but Tom (Eionon Bailey) shoots the person in the shoulder and the person runs away.

Alice and Tom take Marissa to the hospital who is now in a coma. Tom tells Alice that they will find the person who attacked them and hugs her.

Tom arrives at the house and sees Maggie (Shanley Caswell) and Amber (Kay Panabaker) walking. Tom asks them why their arriving home so late and Maggie tells him that she couldn't sleep so she decided to walk with Amber. He tells her she shouldn't be walking around so late and she apologizes.

The next day, Maggie, Amber and Tyler (Devon Werkheiser) are eating lunch. Tyler says to them that they're lucky that Tom didn't find out what they were doing and Maggie says that she would've been in trouble for being a detective and they all laugh. Maggie gets up and bumps Gwen (Kirsten Prout) she apologizes to Gwen. Gwen says to watch where she's going and Maggie says it was an accident then Gwen leaves angrily.

Someone screams and the students get up to see what's going on. They see a student who was shot in the head with a message saying "KILL 'EM ALL".

Tom, Eric (Travis Van Winkle), Andy (Meghan Markle) and Wayne (Jesse Moss) arrive at the school. The students are let out early and Tom tells Maggie that he wants her home early and lock the doors and windows. Tyler, Maggie and Amber walk home and Tyler asks that they have to find the killer. Maggie says that they will but she'll sneak out of the house. Mary (Elisha Cuthbert) comes up to them and asks them if they know who the suspect is and Amber tells Mary to leave them alone.

Alice sees Eric and pulls him aside. Alice asks Eric if he can teach her how to use a gun without Tom knowing. Eric disagrees but then changes his mind. Alice thanks him and leaves. Tom asks Alice what she is doing and she says she was just seeing what is going on. Tom asks Alice if she would like to have dinner with him and she smiles and says yes.

At night, Lilly (Sara Paxton) hears someone at the door and an axe goes through the door. Tyler and Lilly hide upstairs and the person grabs Tyler and fights with him. Maggie walks to Tyler's house and sees him fighting with the killer and she runs inside. She screams his name and the person grabs her and takes her away. He tells Lilly and Tyler not to try to find her and leaves with Maggie.

Alice is being trained how to use a gun by Eric and she takes her several times but manages to hit one and she thanks him. Alice is shown to holding Marissa's hand and starts crying. Alice tells Marissa that she will find who did this to her. Alice then gets in her car, loads her gun and drives away.

Tom gets to Tyler and Lilly's house and they tell him what happened. They then tell him that the person took Maggie and he gets in his car. Alice asks what is going on and he tells her that someone took Maggie. Alice asks if she could go and they both drive away.

Tom sees a person on the docks with Maggie and he gets out the car. He tells the man to let go of Maggie and he says no. Tom asks the guy if he is the one that killed all those people but he says their is a group of them. Alice comes out and he recognizes her. He asks how Marissa is and Tom starts to fight with her. The man starts to choke Tom but is shot in the back by Alice. Alice then says that was for breaking into my house and then says that this is for Marissa and shoots him in the head.

Police and paramedics come and they take the man's body away. Tom thanks Alice for saving him and she smiles. Alice then says to Tom and Maggie that she is happy they're both okay.

Main Cast

Eion Bailey as Tom Roberts

Gina Holden as Dr. Alice Campbell

Shanley Caswell as Maggie Roberts

Travis Van Winkle as Deputy Eric Wilson

Devon Werkheiser as Tyler Reese

Arielle Kebbel as Marissa Campbell

Sara Paxton as Lilly Reese

Recurring Cast

Kay Panabaker as Amber Johnson

Kirsten Prout as Gwen Reynolds

Meghan Markle as Deputy Andrea "Andy" Martinez

Jesse Moss as Deputy Wayne Wilson

Elisha Cuthbert as Mary Watson