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Kill Bill: Vol 3 is a 3D 2014 Genre Action Revenge Prequel film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Kill Bill: Volume 3
006ISK Brooke Nevin 061.jpgTheatrical poster
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
Produced by Lawrence Bender
Written by Quentin Tarantino

Uma Thurman

David Carradine

Daniel Day-Lewis

Benicio Del Toro

Bill Nighy

Cameron Diaz

Zooey Deschanel

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Michael Clarke-Duncan

Aimee Teegarden

Monica Staggs

Music by Robert Rodriguez


Cinematography Robert Richardson
Editing by Sally Menke
Studio Miramax Films

A Band Apart

Distributed by Miramax Films
Release date(s)

May 26th, 2014

Running time 136 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $55 million (shared with Volume 1 and Volume 2)
Box office $152,159,469

It is the third but not last of the Bill trilogy and stars Uma Thurman reprising her role as Beatrix Kiddo, Vivica A. Fox and Lucy Liu returning finally as Vernita Green and O-Ren Ishii respectively, Michael Madsen and Daryl Hannah as Budd and Elle Driver respectively and David Carradine as the eponymous Bill.

The film also features a new cast of characters including Cameron Diaz, Bill Nighy, Aimee Teegarden, Monica Staggs, Michael Clarke Duncan and Michelle Pfeiffer as Beth Kiddo Beatrix Kiddo's late mother.


11. A Mother's Love

12. The Assassination of Peter Harmon

13. An English Man, A Master, A Conquistador

14. New Purpose, New List

15. Fire Meets Ice

16. Broken Radio- Remembering Mother Kiddo

17. Fire Meets Water

18. The Professor and Little John

19. Fire Meets Earth

20. The Acuna Boys and the Run Of Acuna

21. The Mexican Connection

22. Fire Meets Electricity

23. The Snake Charmer's Song - Fire Meets Fire


The film begins with Beatrix Kiddo with B.B visiting a woman named Charlotte Dunkleman.

It has been almost eleven years since the events of Vol.2 and B.B is now fourteen going on 15.

Charlotte Dunkleman is revealed as a foster mother of Beatrix's as her mother died when she was only four years old.

B.B then comes round to persisting to ask about her life and what happened to her real mom.

She does this after fishing through Beatrix's old room while Beatrix is talking to Charlotte in the kitchen as she discovers in Beatrix's room a hidden wall give-way of weapons which contains a large Katana Sword enclosed along with a Black Mamba gun and a bevy of many other guns and weapons.

B.B demands she tell her and Beatrix eventually comes round to having B.B sit with her in the kitchen Charlotte telling the story of what she once was, the monster she changed from to be the mom B.B possesses now.

B.B asks her to start from the beginning and tell her everything.

Beatrix then starts with there "There was a little girl who was only about the age you were when i found you, she had a mother who loved her very much but just like mommy had a bad other life."

We then see Beatrix at four years old with her mother and then the night that an evil businessman along with his subbordinates break into their house and after a series of lengthy battles to which many of the foes are killed her mother is struck down and killed.

She is from there put in the care of Charlotte her lovely other mother.

For the remainder of her years growing up with a neglectful foster mother she plans an intricate plot of revenge on the man who savagley stripped her mother of her life.

However at the precise planned moment she was to exact her revenge the man is instead eliminated by an old man above and she is held back by an african american man and blonde caucasian woman.

Beatrix then consumed with rage of missing her only chance at closure constructs a death list as instructed by her British Martial Arts Trainer.

The Death List comprises of the five people responsibile for her missing the hit the fifth being that of the old man who dealed the deadly bullet.

She learns the identities of the five indivivuals and learns they are all part of an organization of the world's best assassins collectively known as the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

After informing her trainer of their collective title he shudders in fear and knowing she will not stop until she get's her revenge he trains her way in the efficient art of the Tiger Claw signature of martial arts which is told to be the second deadliest martial arts signature in the world of kung-fu as Beatrix's idea of revenge is no mere shoot down execution it's a bloody overpowering fight to the death which will break them down making them feel weak before they are stripped of their lives.

Beatrix then first goes for the first on her list: A Short Blonde Haired Woman of early 20's; a member of the deadly vipers and the woman who at the scene of mother's killers hit was the pin point dispatch.

Beatrix learns her location to be in a large villa like fortress in Santa Barbara, California where has a collective of Loving Male Bodyguards known as the Armada 41.

After making her way through of all the armada with her Flaming Fury Samurai Sword Beatrix finally engages the woman: Ness Codename Rock-Hopper in a swashbuckling sword fight which doesn't last overrall long before Ness cut's off Beatrix and begs for a re-schedule.

Beatrix agrees when does she want to die as it was what her mother would always ask her jokingly when she was mad with her for misbehaving.

She asks it to be tommorow night at Pacific Grand Delfino Motel.

In that time after Beatrix leaves Ness calls fellow vipers Nox Janette, Jeanine Epper and Chingo Martinez telling them that Bill has found himself someone the potential first of one four that will ultimatley replace them.

The others in a four way call demand she set an ambush for her at the motel outnumber and kill her.

Ness however not being injured from their brief fight on the roof becomes cocky and believes that only five men will suffice to accompany her and that she can eliminate Beatrix herself.

Beatrix then comes to the motel the following night and enters the room she instructed to meet at.

Ness sends her five bodyguard at Beatrix but one of which cowers out and is killed by Ness.

Beatrix then quickly wipes out the four attacking ones and comes towards Ness.

Ness engages her quickly after the sparing of a couple of words believing she can easily take Beatrix.

The two engage and at first are equally matched.

However Beatrix then begins to fight dirty and the two spar in a dirty catfight.

The fight ends when Beatrix is launched at by Ness who spirals them both out the smashed up hotel room window.

Beatrix is able to seize hold of Ness in free fall and cause her to land on the ground.

Beatrix then crosses Ness her first target from her death list.

She then takes aim at the second on her list: Jeanine Epper Codename Asp.

Jeanine Epper apart from being a deadly viper is an A-list Actress Celebrity.

Beatrix comes for her at the red carpet premiere of her latest film Bride and Gloom.

The two engage in a dirty catfight with knifes until Beatrix in the end overpowers her by pulling up the red carpet she is running away on and flinging her into the neon lit billboard of her overlooking the Magenta Theater which causes her (wrapped up in the carpet) to explode to pieces in flames which is then flung into the fountain of which they had been formely fighting in.

Beatrix then goes for the third on her list: Nox Janette a long blonde haired wife of crime boss Fat Tony who is secretly a lover of Bill's and a member of the deadly vipers her codename being Cobra and her role in the prevention of Beatrix killing her mother's murderer being she was the caucasian woman who pried her way along with the large bald African American Man.

Beatrix is forced to take out most of Fat Tony's Mafia Men in her search for Nox and in the end tells him of her unfaithfulness which leads Fat Tony to follow her to Nox's apartment to join Beatrix in battle.

He is however killed by Nox who first lands a bullet clean in his throat and then engages him on a couch with a Blak Mamba shotgun which she uses to blow his head off.

Beatrix who had been knocked to the floot severley injured froma shotgun blow to the side emerges and seizes hold of her bringing them both back to the kitchen area.

The fight ends as Beatrix drives the Black Mamba shotgun deep into her chest and keaves.

As Nox begins to bleed to death she aims herself directly at the gas bomb Fat Tony had to placed to eliminate the apartment and all it's evidence of her murder.

She fires the shotgun causing her die upon impact and the the whole ninth floor of the motel building to blow taking her body up in flames.

In the time it took to find Nox Beatrix's mentor trainer was also murdered by her. (Her reaction upon finding him was directly similiar to the one she possessed in Vol. 2 when Elle Driver confessed to killing her later and last master Pai Mei).

Beatrix then takes aim at the fourth and second last on her list: Chingo Martinez who alongside Nox Janette prevented her from leaving the building she was perched on so that Bill could kill her mother's murderer.

Beatrix then comes for Chingo who is out in Mexico raising an army of crime of his own.

It is revealed that the the other deadly vipers apart from Bill are planning a mutiny.

The mutiny idea was started by Nox Bill's lover who found that he had an attraction for Beatrix.

Bill however has caught wave of their mutiny and has a plan of his own involving Falconio Crime family connected hitman brother Budd.

Bill plans to replace the current Deadly Vipers and Beatrix is to be along with brother Budd the first two members.

Bill also however has an attraction towards Beatrix purposelly awaiting her to kill the current Deadly Vipers which was the point of his hit on her mother's murderer.

Beatrix arrives in Mexico and with the help of two Mexican Slaves (portrayed by Gordon Parks and Michael Parks respectively) finds the current location of Chingo Codename Anaconda.

Chingo is however prepared upon learning of the other vipers deaths and unaware of Bill's plan calls on Bill to assist.

Beatrix storms his Marvlo Village and is told to meet at the Main Street Marketplace at noon for their fight.

They meet and Bill arrives through the process of the fight.

Chingo however with his large muscular build overpowers and seriously injures Beatrix.

Bill however right beside Chingo stabs him in the back of his neck his one week vital point on his body.

From there Beatrix whom is too weak to go on fighting falls unconsious and is carried away to a helicopter in Bill's arms.

When she awakes she is in his home and then heads outside prepared to face him.

He however reveals his attraction and seduces her.

The film ends with Beatrix pulling out the death list she had made and throwing away the paper but keeping the red marker to cross of the names with.

The final moments show Bill pulling out files containing pictures of the new viper members: O-Ren Ishii, Vernita Green and Budd.

A woman then enters who reveals to be a new Deadly Viper and a rich Californian woman whom met Bill on a rock climbing expedition.

The woman reveals her name as Elle Driver.

The closing scene comes back to Beatrix in the Dunkleman home finishing the beginning story to B.B and foster mother Charlotte.

The young teenage guy from next door whom was mowing the lawn is shot down as in a direct instant is Charlotte.

The dramatic music which played in Vol.2 as Beatrix came across B.B at Bill's house for the first time is played as Beatrix pulls the same face she did upon coming across B.B for the first time.

The film then ends.

The Director's Concern- A Mother's Love

The film ties up alot of behavioural stuff executed by the character Beatrix Kiddo in the first two Kill Bill Instalments such as her use of the Death Lists (all three of which so funnily happen to comprise of five indivivuals.) The Death List comes as Bethany Kiddo is bleeding to death before her daughter Beatrix she has an emergency letter stashed in jacket which she would give to her should anything happen.

The letter tells of a secret hiding place in her room and that she is indeed a killer for money and a person who tried to change to make sure what was left of their family would get off with a clean slate.

A Quote used in Kill Bill Vol. 2 by David Carradine which goes "Some things can never be undone" is taken from Beatrix's mother as Beatrix upon being his woman for a longtime and an assassin of his told him of this quotation her mother used which was used in the letter she parted her with.

Following from as the police began to rush to the house she went upstairs and found her mother's secret weapon place containing upon which a list of five names with the title of the list being: Death List Five.

Her mother's parting letter also read that in the secret room is a list of names of people she was to get back at and finish.

Beatrix assumes the list and hides it within her clothing before leaving the room sealing it up and joining her dead mother downstairs to meet with the arriving police.

You and I Have Unfinished Business

The classical trademark death threat statement "You and I Have Unfinished Business" is given actual origin in the film explaining the original deadly viper members utter it to her as a statement which fuels them on before battle with a foe. Beatrix used the statement classically in Volumes 1 and 2 to certain Viper members.

Death List Five

  1. Ness Codename: Rock-Hopper
  2. Jeanine Epper Codename: Asp
  3. Nox Janette Codename: Cobra
  4. Chingo Martinez Codename: Anaconda
  5. Bill Codename: Snake-Charmer

"Pirate Swords.. Nice House"

The Deadly Viper Ness whom is the first on Beatrix's death list in Vol.3 possesses a large Las Vegas Mansion and a sordid collection of pirate swords as her father was a collector of them and her grandmother was part of a mordern pirate gang which she passed down to her father and then her father passed down to her.

Ness however is also skilled in hand to hand combat as her mother was a boxer.

"and Ninja Batons.. The Nastiest Nasty besides that of the @#$%head that dealt the bullet"

The Deadly Viper Nox whom is like the original Elle Driver portrayed by popular Hollywood A-List Actress Cameron Diaz whom is third on Beatrix Kiddo's original death list is the wife to a old Ninja Master and part of a low key Ninja Gang which once were a prominent organization and the rivals of the pirate gang the Demeanors (the pirate gang to which Ness, her father and grandmother were leaders which made them rivals).

Nox is skilled in the use of all Ninja weaponry and fights swift and somewhat dirty like a ninja.

"Imperfection is a Perfect Girl,You Know What They Say: Madness is Hollywood and I Am Nothing Less then Beyond Furious, Twenty-Two and Unsuspecting She's Gonna Get It, Taking Under Consideration Of Course.. That She Is.. The Vicious Kick"

The Deadly Viper Jeanine Epper Codename: Asp is the second on Beatrix's original death list.

She apart from being a girl of Bill's and member of the Deadly Viper's is a well established actress.

Her principal moves consist of basic boxing though with the exception Jeanine as a child was raised by two parents whom were overtly good overtly established gymnasts.

They were believed to have died when was eleven years old from a trapezium accident but actually were murdered as Jeanine botched the stunt and her parents were killed horribly.

Jeanine as a child was born with a set of skinny powerful and durable legs which could almost oversee her lift her legs to her shoulders.

She also with her helpful gymnastics training developed the talent of executing a powerful straight-forward kick which was found after training when wearing certain attire to even shatter that of a cinderblock.

She was praised as a girl wondered but's adored talents were distinguished in high school when she got the offer to be the lead performer in a travelling circus troupe. Even though she declined a group of not so nice fellow schoolgirls caught wift of this offer and brought on the many insults which has to do with someone of unnatural talents.

She eventually got into a fight with the headgirl of the group of girls making her life extremely hard and knocked her into acoma instantly with one powerful kick to the head.

The kick she delivered regained it's popularity in the not so freakish circus status but rather as a talented extraordinary fighter.

The move she delivered was made one of it's own and the move was called: "The Vicious Kick."

From there Jeanine was offered a film role playing a powerful female boxer.

She made her way to Hell Hollywood with playing strong female protagonists in a variety of films.

Bill Killed- David's Death

As of 2009 great actor David Carradine whom portrays the titular antagonist Bill in the Kill Bill films passed away.

His reprisal of his role in the third instalment was only because prior to his death his scenes were already filmed.

The Raid

The Master in the film portrayed by Benicio Del Toro named Sir Peterson possesses a Mansion in El, Passo Texas which is why Beatrix following the events of falling pregnant with B.B Kiddo fakes her death and takes off to El, Passo to start a normal life for her baby.

In the film the El Passo Mansion residence of Sir Peterson and his wife is raided by the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and Sir Peterson, his wife, liasion and two students other then Beatrix are killed by remaining Vipers Bill, Nox and Chingo (Ness and Jeanine having been already killed by Beatrix).

The killing of her master and the innocent people she has become acquainted with enrages her furthermore and then heads straight for the lesbian lover of third death list marked viper Nox and horribly attacks and beats her and then forces her to tell her where Nox is.

The sequence involving the beating of Nox's lesbian lover Elizabeth Hamilton is executed in a Brian De Palma style.




  • Kill Bill Vol.1
  • Kill Bill Vol.2

Succeded by

  • Kill Bill: Vol.4

Standard References

  • Red Beard (1965)
  • Throne Of Blood (1957)
  • Samurai Rebellion (1967)
  • Ikiru (1952)
  • Harakiri (1962)
  • Sansho the Bailiff (1954)
  • The Doll Squad (1973)
  • The Pirates of Dark Water (1991)
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  • Ostrov sokrovisch (1988)
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  • Xian Se Jue
  • Crush (1993)
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
  • The Breakfast Club (1985)
  • Dazed and Confused (1993)
  • Risky Business (1983)
  • Uncle Buck (1989)
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)


  1. I've Done Terrible Things- April Smith
  2. Tragedy at the Kiddo Residence- Kill Bill Siren Stare remix- Marco Beltrami
  3. Somewhat Silent Stare Defeat- Marco Beltrami
  4. The Waking- Marco Beltrami
  5. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood- Santa Esmeralda (Played as Beatrix comes to Chingo in Mexico)
  6. Shut Up and Let Me Go- The Ting Tings (Played after Ness applies the Rock Hopper venom to Vince, the song increases in large volume as Vince gets up after believed to be dead and advances Ness.)
  7. I'm Gonna Get You Baby- Bizarre Inc.
  8. You Don't Have To Say You Love- Dusty Springfield
  9. The Revenge Song- Bob and Tom (Start sentence)
  10. The Flower of Carnage- RZA (Played as O-Ren Ishii comes at the end)
  11. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj (Played as Vernita comes at the end)
  12. Wet- Nicole Scherzinger (Played as Elle Driver comes at the end)
  13. Shootout at lokhandwala- Unke Nashe Me
  14. Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop- Landon Pigg
  15. Akkadian Empire- AudioMachine
  16. Skulls & Crossbones- Immediate Music (Theatrical Trailer 2 Music and final end credits song)
  17. Moving Mountains- Two Steps from Hell (Song played as Jeanine Epper gets ready for the Los Angelas Premiere of her film Rufus Thomas: The Blood Splattered Angel, it is also played as Beatrix is seized by Nox Janette and Chingo Martinez and also as the Harmon gang burst into the Kiddo residence and then proceed to battle out and finally kill Bethany Blake Kiddo.)
  18. The Lonely Shepherd- RZA
  19. Kill Bill Theme- RZA
  20. Finale- Ennio Morricone
  21. Good Girls Don't- The Knack (Only on the Kill Bill Vol.3 T.V Spot for the New Viper Girls)
  22. Evil Girls The Days (Only on the Kill Bill Vol.3 T.V spot for the original viper girls)
  23. Time To Pretend- MGMT (Played as Beatrix loads her Black Mamba in the abandoned building which belonged to her mother. It is played as she loads the gun and then takes focus at her mother's killer fast approaching in the Damoe Festival Parade.)
  24. Pictures- Sneaky Sound System (Played as the first end credits sequence rolls and the character's images are displayed.)
  25. You Make Me Feel- Cobra Starship (Played as Jeanine steps out of her limousine to the premiere, and as Beatrix gets ready for the fight and killing.)
  26. Don't Call Me Baby- Madison Avenue (Played by Beatrix in Bill's house after he advances with a song claiming a song can be the words for quite an extraordinary killer advancing on quite an extraordinary woman.)
  27. Two Times- Ann Lee (Second End Credits Song)
  28. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B- Andrews Sisters (Played as Beatrix and B.B come to Beatrix's lovely foster mother's house, find the front door to be locked and instead of ringing the doorbell sneak to the back doors trying them before she pops out upon them)
  29. Little Darling- The Diamonds (Played by Bethany Kiddo in the Kiddo Residence kitchen to Beatrix shortly before Peter Harmon and the five break in and kill Bethany.)
  30. Put Your Head On My Shoulders- Paul Anka (Played by Bethany second on the kitchen radio.)
  31. Come and Go With Me- The Dell Vikings (Played by Peter Harmon as he fiddles with the kitchen radio upon entering the Kiddo Residence.)
  32. Shout- Isley Brothers (Played as the five descend on Bethany and she battles them off killing two in the process.)
  33. The Lion Sleeps Tonight- Tokens (Played by Peter as he goes to kill Bethany upon him shooting her in the side of her head he misfires a bullet which spirals back into the kitchen radio which breaks it into a repetive stutter.)

Plot Connections- "It all suddenly seems so clear"

  • The film serves as a prequel to the first and second volumes as it shows Beatrix before she subsequently becomes a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and from there is betrayed and spiraled on her mission of revenge.
  • The film at the end has Vernita Green, O-Ren Ishii, Elle Driver and Budd appear as they are about to become recruited as the assassin members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.
  • The film broadcasts Beatrix of how she came into killing by the fact that her mother who happened to be an assassin was murdered and she trained up with her mother's trainer in preparation to kill the man whom murdered her mother
  • Beatrix meets Bill in the film as he was an original member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and is the one who assassinates the murderer of Beth Kiddo before Beatrix can inspiring her to create a Death List Five comprising of him and the other four members whom were involved in preventing her from taking the revenge kill against her mother's assassin.
  • The character Buck of Huntsville, Texas from Vol.1 has a sister named Luck whom appear in Vol.3 portrayed by Rachel McAdams.


  • Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo AKA My Little BK
  • Daniel Day-Lewis as Peter Harmon/The Killer
  • Benicio Del Toro as Sir Peterson/ The Master
  • Bill Nighy as Lester Inovo/The Assistant
  • Leslie Bibb as Jennifer Heaton/The Wife
  • Lia Johnson as Miss Represent
  • Hayley Atwell as Miss Defence
  • Collins Pennie as Mister Haybert
  • Rachel McAdams as Luck Williams/ Of Huntsville, Texas
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Bethany Kiddo
  • Wynter Gordon as Chip
  • Elena Satine as Chain
  • Jason Bateman as the Bodyguard
  • Brian Cox as The Gatesman
  • Daryl Sabara as The Driver
  • Gordon Liu as the Badman/ Help
  • Michael Parks as Vince/ Voice of Esteban Vihaio
  • Zooey Deschanel as Lillian Imsey
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as AnnaBelle Conita
  • Connie Britton as Nina Haver
  • TBA as B.B. Kiddo

As The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad

  • David Carradine as Bill AKA Snake Charmer
  • Cameron Diaz as Nox Janette AKA Cobra
  • Aimee Teegarden as Jeanine Epper AKA Asp
  • Monica Staggs as Ness AKA Rock-Hopper
  • Michael Clarke Duncan as Chingo Martinez AKA Anaconda