Here's the blocks for Kids' Omnitrans!

Blocks Edit

  • Omnitrans Junior - A preschool block.
    • Junior Theater
    • BabyTV on Omnitrans Junior
  • Anime Box- A anime block.
  • The Galactic Hour- A science fiction-themed block.
  • OmniMania- A Omnitrans-themed block.
  • The Disney Afternoon - A Disney-themed block.
  • Cartoon Cartoons - A Cartoon Network-themed block.
  • Nicktoons - A Nickelodeon-themed block.
  • Infinity Action Hour- A action/adventure block.
  • Nights of Laughs- A comedy block.
  • Girl Power- A female-aimed block.
  • The Lucky Weekends- A block aired on weekends.
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