[1] VOCALOID movie-spoof of "Kids' Favorite Songs". Miku is trying to make a Top Ten Countdown list for the radio station, but everyone keeps trying to share their favorite songs with her. Meanwhile, Teto can't decide on her favorite song -- is it "Voc@loid in love", "Dreaming Leaf - Dreaming Words" or "Miracle Painting"?

Segments Edit

Image Segment Description
[2] FRAME 1 In the Arbor, ryo, kz and OSTER Project fix up a bicycle while listening to the radio, Kagamine Rin sings along to the next song "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru," and is joined by ryo and kz. using their own lyrics such as "Rin, Rin ni Shite Ageru" Dj A.Q. teases "Miku's Top 10 Countdown" to come later on. kz explains to Rin what a "top 10 countdown" means, deducing that Miku will pick her ten favorite songs and count them down from 10 to 1.
Animation Ten masked dancers are counted.

Artist: Karen Aqua  (EKA: Episode 3079)

[3] FRAME 2 Miku practices counting backwards for her countdown, but is stopped by Camui Gackpo, who offers a special song that he hopes will be picked to play on the radio. He and Miku sing Haruka Nana's verion of "Ievan Polkka". Gackpo wants to sing some more, but Miku declines so that she can continue practicing.
[4] FRAME 2cont'd Miku passes by Kasane Teto, who's having trouble deciding which of her favorite songs she should choose for the radio countdown. She first sings "VOC@LOID IN LOVE," backed by COCO MACNE and Sukone Tei.
[5] FRAME 2cont'd As Miku continues to practice counting backwards, Utatane Piko comes by to present his favorite song "melody..." Miku sings along with Piko, and at one point, acts like she is gliding with the song.
Animation Ocean countdown 10-1 

(First: Episode 2848)

[6] FRAME 3 Teto, still indecisive about her favorite song, sings "dreaming leaf - dreaming words".
FRAME 3cont'd Miku wants to practice counting in peace, so she finds a quiet place behind some crates. However, his counting is soon interrupted by Kaai Yuki, leading a choir of kids in singing "Hajimete no oto." Miku joins in, as well as then singing the song again with different lyrics to help her count backwards.
[7] FRAME 3cont'd Teto sings "Miracle Paint" with UTA UTANE and Momo Momone, but is still unsure which song is her favorite, she then leaves to go get OSTER Project (the creator of those songs) for help.
[8][9] FRAME 3cont'd Miku is invited to see Megurine Luka to practice counting, not knowing that she also have a favorite song she wants her to play for the countdown. She proceeds to sing "World is Mine" for Miku.[10]Megurine Luka.. World Is Mine
[11][12] FRAME 3cont'd Miku is exhausted from singing ( even though she loves to sing) and decides to briefly take a nap. As she drifts off to dreamland, The "LOL lots of laugh" rabbit appear in Miku's dream, performing "LOL lots of laugh." with her acting out the events of the song.[13]【初音ミク】 LOL -lots of laugh- 【Project DIVA X】
FRAME 3cont'd ryo and kz wake Miku up for her countdown (accidentally startling her in the process), and ask which songs she'll be playing on the radio. Miku reveals that her countdown will only be her counting from 10 to 1, which is why she needed to practice. Miku leaves just before Teto arrives, announcing that she's finally chosen her favorite song.
Cartoon Number factory 1-10

(EKA: Episode 2755) Ending cuts off before zero.

[14] FRAME 4 Everyone is gathered in the Arbor, and Kasane Teto performs her favorite song in a medley; "Beginning Medley - Primary Colors" which combines all four of her favorites into a medley. The others enjoy OSTER Project's medley and sing a reprise. Then, they all tune in to "Miku's Top 10 Countdown" on the radio. Miku carefully counts down from 10 to 1, and receives thunderous applause from her friends and fans. Dj A.Q. calls Miku's counting "phenomenal", even "so cool."[15]【重音テト】 はじまりのメドレー ~プライマリーカラーズ~ 【Project DIVA X HD - UTAU カバー】

DVD chapters Edit

  1. Previews
  2. "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru
  3. "Ievan Polkka
  4. "VoC@LOID in LOVE
  5. "Melody...
  6. "Dreaming Leaf - Dreaming Words
  7. "Hajimete no oto
  8. "Miracle Painting
  9. "World is Mine"
  10. "LOL - lots of laugh
  11. " はじまりのメドレー ~プライマリーカラーズ~
  12. End Credits


  • Hatsune Miku
  • ryo
  • Kagamine Rin
  • Megurine Luka
  • Utatane Piko
  • Kasane Teto
  • Camui Gackpo
  • "LOL -lots of Laugh" Pink Rabbit
  • kz
  • Dj A.Q.
  • OSTER Project
  • Kaai Yuki
  • COCO MACNE and Sukone Tei
  • UTA UTANE and Momo Momone
  • Nagone Mako
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