Kharis is a character featured in The Mummy.


Kharis was one of Ahmanet's followers. He loved Ahmanet and when she attempted to resurrect her lover Imhotep, Kharis betrayed her to Djoser to prevent the resurrection. He was mummified along with Ahmanet and her other followers.

In 1921, Joseph Morton led an expedition to Ahmanet's tomb. Morton's assistant Chris Vail found the Book of the Dead and accidentally awakened Kharis as a Mummy. Kharis took control over Vail and took the book from him. He attempted to have Vail open Ahmanet's sarcophagus while it was being moved but Morton ended up killing Vail. Kharis spent the next ten years feeding on people in Cairo.

In 1931, Kharis tracked Ahmanet to London, masquering as modern Egyptian Ardath Bey. In the London Museum, he used the Book of the Dead to awaken Ahmanet and the rest of her followers.


Kharis is extremely strong and can resist bullets and fire. He also had synoptic abilities, able to control Chris Vail when he awakened him.

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