Kendra Tamos

Portrayed by Kelis
Location Bridgeton
  • Stab: The Reality Series Actress - Accountant
  • Mr. Tamos (Father)
  • Mrs. Tamos (Mother)
Status Deceased

Kendra Tamos is a victim character appearing in Scream 5 portrayed by popular pop singer Kelis.

She was an actress to appear in Stab: The Reality Series and a series of the town of Bridgeton, California where the show was to be inevitably shot.

She is the ninth victim of the Ghostface Spin-Off Killings and was killed by Ghostface Marnie Hicks.

Scream 5

Kendra first appears in Scream 5 at the Stab: Reality Series Warehouse in Bridgeton where we are introduced to the cast of the show, several of it's crew members and the lead director Ron Milton as well as technical manager Big Al Caprone.

She then appears again as the cast and crew of the reality series gather outside the warehouse overlooking the town square to witness Sidney Prescott get into a fight with local Bridgeton reporter Kelli Finnlan.

Kendra is then seen at the Boardwalk National Park in Bridgeton where Stab: The Reality Series is to begin filming.

She appears alongside the other cast members and is introduced by director Ron Milton.

She then comes to the Dowat Residence gathering with Kimberley Catwell and Kathy Fernandez.

She, Kimberley and Kathy spend time upstairs partying, drinking and Kendra puts on the Stab films on Cassidy's bedroom television.

A drunken Kendra then Skypes her Woodsboro friend Dave who lived across the street from Jill Roberts and Olivia Morris of the Woodsboro Anniversary Massacre.

Kathy remains upstairs with Kendra but Kimberley leaves the Dowat residence.

Donwstairs Robert, Carl and Cassidy are murdered and the killer comes to Cassidy's bedroom door where he watches Kendra and Kathy who are discussing pop culture, the stab franchise and horror movies in general.

Dewey Riley then arrives at the front door and upon ringing the doorbell prompts the Marnie Hicks Ghostface watching them to depart from the bedroom door and out the back.

Before coming out the back however the Marnie Ghostface drags the body of Cassidy left upon the downstairs lounge room couch outside where Robert and Carl's bodies are.

Dewey enters the doorway and Kendra and Kathy come down to him.

He tells the girls they need to come with him and asks where the others are.

Kendra tells they have probably all left by now to go out to Ron Milton's for the private memorial gathering he had planned at his estate.

Kendra tumbling down drunk is helped into the backseat by Kathy and Dewey.

The three are unaware however that Ghostface Marnie had circled around and clipped some of Dewey's car's major circuit wires.

Kendra then dies following Kathy as the car loses control and smashes off the side of a cliff turn in Bridgeton which heads out towards the hill direction of Ron Milton's estate.

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