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Kekasih Halal is a Indonesia Television Series production by Verona Pictures and New Line Cinema


Nabil is a songong young man who likes challenges by living on his father's money. Meanwhile, Rayya is an independent woman who has two best friends and lives alone with her father. Nabil fell in love at first hearing with Rayya. One afternoon at the mini market, when Nabil sneezed, Rayya who was standing behind him spontaneously said "Yarhamukallah". This word reminds Nabil of his late mother. Only her mother had ever heard her say that word when she sneezed. Therefore, Nabil was desperate to chase Rayya and insisted on proposing to her. However, Rayya's father, Babeh Mansur, does not want Nabil to rely on his parents' wealth to support Rayya later.


  • Sonia Ben Ammar as Rayya (Adinda Thomas)
  • Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Nabil (Wafda Saifan)
  • Djimon Hounsou as Robbi (Dicky Wahyudi)
  • Joan Chen as Rina (Wanda Hamidah)
  • Tzi Ma as Mansyur (Johan Jehan)
  • David Wald as Pulung (Aden Bajaj)
  • Phi Vu as Eno (Robert Chaniago)
  • Rory Culkin as Andre (Elryan Carlen)
  • Fivel Stewart as Alisa (Maura Gabrielle)
  • Dawn M. Bennett as Fanny (Nadya Yasmien)
  • Callie Hernandez as Siska (Nanda Maouri)
  • Brooke Shields as Mrs RT (Yurike Prastika)
  • Angélica Aragón as Nia (Yully Fidya)
  • T. C. Carson as Markum (Deden Bagaskara)


  • This Television Series is 120 minutes.
  • it will be distributed by New Line Cinema (English Dub)