Keira and Cassy is a drama story written by Logofanful. Keira Bridgets, the 18-year old who had already left high school, is now caring girl to her household family. She met Cassy Morris when she was 12, although they didn't know each other very well.

On mid-January, Keira caught up with Cassy in the train by themselves, after Madison left the train at Hempshire. Keira decided to talk to Cassy about what they did. Before Cassy got out at Maldon Station, Keira started to think about getting along with her as best friends. When she went home, she had been thinking about Cassy.

Few days later, Keira became best friends with Cassy through the end of January. But there was something wrong on the next month to have separation of them. Bec's goal was to perish Cassy, as seen or heard from Keira's point of view.

Would Keira going to save Cassy from Bec?

Plot summary



1. Prologue

2. Keira Bridgets meets Madison Quinn

3. Keira's Surprise Moment about Cassy

4. Keira and Cassy

5. Keira's Untold Story for Her Family

6. Keira and Adam

7. Keira's Ancestry Story

8. Keira Meets Amelia

9. Keira Gets a New Best Friend

10. Keira Visits Her Grand Aunt

11. Keira and Cassy, Getting Along Very Well

12. Valentine's Day

13. Keira Feels Ill

14. Keira and Cassy's Separation

15. Keira Presents Her Story

16. Keira's Party Turns into Nightmare

17. Adam Deals to be Good for Keira

18. Bec Tries to Kill Cassy

19. Keira Deals with Cyberbullying

20. Keira Gets Ready For Bursleigh

21. Keira Seems Very Lonely

22. Keira's Awareness

23. Keira Encounters Bec

24. Adam Saves Keira

25. Keira and Adam vs. Bec and Ethan

26. Keira Saves Cassy

27. Keira's A Hero!

28. Best Friends Become Distant Cousins

29. Epilogue


  • Keira Bridgets, the 18-year old girl who cares for her family
  • Brooke Bridgets, Keira's older sister, who currently learns in Oleander University
  • Bethan Bridgets, Keira's younger sister, who learns in Maldon High School
  • Lorraine Bridgets, former surname Kipper, Keira's mum
  • Wilson Bridgets, Keira's dad
  • Adam Axelson, Keira's boyfriend, living on a farm with his grandparents, to avoid living with his mean sister
  • Madison Quinn, Keira's close friend
  • Cassy Morris, Madison's minor friend and Keira's new best friend
  • Amelia Forreine, Keira and Madison's friend
  • Lana Silvia, the ancestor expert responsible for the Bridgets' family
  • Bec Wizzard, Keira's high school bully, and a main antagonist of the story
  • Ethan Wonders, Bec's boyfriend
  • Jessica Morris, Cassy's younger sister
  • Deborah Luthey, Cassy's other best friend


  • Port Walsh, Staria
    • Maldon, Staria
    • Maldon West, Staria
    • St. Joseph's, Staria
    • Port Walsh North, Staria
    • Subiaco, Staria
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