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Kazar is a wildebeest who has his minions Prince Charming (Shrek) and Nigel The Cockatoo set out to find Lightning McQueen and ruin his life.

He is voiced by William Shatner. He is the main villain in The Wild.

Role in the film

Kazar is first seen telling McQueen to get up and calls him a Racecar and Violently punches the cup with his hooves. He calls his minions to take McQueen in his wreck shop working to be Wrecked. But he is very angry that Lightning McQueen escapes with Doc Hudson.

He is later seen in the film telling all his minions to attack his hour in midnight. Prince Charming tells him that the Racecar escape with a lion named Samson Kazar tells Nigel the Cockatoo to go find him.

He is also Seen watching the forest burn and tell Nigel to capture Chicken Little. He saw Samson coming after the cockatoo who captured CL.

He is last seen Jumping out the edge to see Samson battling the Cockatoo side by side. Kazar violently tackles Samson and started clawing and beating him. Samson violently blow the edge of the large rock. Kazar overcharge him and attacked Samson clawing his eye causing him to roar in pain. He lets out a one final tackle hitting Samson in the body throwing him off. Sparks fly everywhere as Samson jumps on Kazar bruising Samson's face.

Samson roars and tackles Kazar off the edge and into the higher and higher cliff. Kazar lets out a kick on Samson's hind legs. Samson lunges at Kazar and He lets out a one final kick his hind legs into Samson's jaw and...A loud bang that Kazar made and Samson was slammed into the floor. A large blade of huge one teeth fell to the floor. Blood spilled the floor and Kazar lets out a one final scream to uses his hind legs and ready to pounce like a horse.

Samson in his dying words looks at Kazar who is ready to finish him off saying "be done with it then". Before Kazar could kill him by using his hooves to blow him apart. Lightning McQueen overcharge Kazar by using a large fire in his fuel. Samson slowly dies. McQueen uses his wheels to Hit Kazar's face and teeth were flying everywhere. McQueen screams in fury hitting Kazar's horns but only one was left and Kazar and McQueen stand in one-to-one battle.

McQueen who is angered and fury about Samson's death. Kazar tells him that Evil will won and happiness is gone. McQueen angered tells Kazar that Dot is Samson's sister. Kazar calls Samson a sad old animal and tells McQueen that he could teach one last words of his best friend by letting his sister die. McQueen wasn't having and Struck Kazar in the eye blinding him. Making Nigel let go of Dot. But she overcharge Nigel and hit him in his feathers falling down the edge.

McQueen lets out a final blow to Kazar by struck him the second eye scaring him as well. Kazar lets out a one final scream in slow motion McQueen in anger uses his wheels to finish him off. Before Kazar could finish him off like he did to Samson. McQueen hits Kazar by using his wheels hitting his eye. Kazar falls to his death in the pit.

McQueen says to Dot that it's over.


Lightning McQueen

When Kazar first met the Racecar calling him a "loser" Kazar ordered his guard to take McQueen to the Wrecking shop but McQueen is rescued by Doc Hudson. McQueen's anger got the best of him hits Kazar with fire in fuel after Kazar murdered Samson McQueen defeated him by using his wheels to knock him off the edge and into the pit.


Nigel The Cockatoo

Kazar tells Nigel that he wants to go find Lightning McQueen. But he is kidnapped Chicken Little by grabbing him in the throat. Nigel is tackled by Samson. Nigel watched Kazar murdered Samson. Lightning McQueen attacks Kazar and When Dot arrives He grabs Her by the throat saying "Dont Move!". Dot punches Nigel and the cockatoo falls down screaming as the car battle the wildebeest.




Larry says that Nigel the Cockatoo is taking Chicken Little to Kazar's liar. With a little help of his friend Donkey Aladar Dot Samson McQueen Benny and Nigel the Pelican to save him.


Prince Charming (Shrek)


  • "Hey Racecar wake up I said come on buddy wake up WAKE UP!!!!!".
  • "Play dumb Lightning McQueen!!!".
  • "Oh so you're never heard of racing.....or winning......or you a LIAR!!!!!
  • "Oh yes but we're not done yet."
  • "WE HAD IT take em to the car wrecker!".
  • "Stop your flapping and TALK TO ME!!!!!".
  • "so Tell me where is that Racecar".
  • "Listen Crophopper tell me where that Racecar is."
  • "Any more questions"
  • "Ned Zed did you two......LIIAARRR!!!".
  • "We must kill him".
  • "Of course Charming Nigel go find him".
  • "Nigel you go and capture that birds".
  • "That's Better".
  • "Nice work Nigel you got that pretty bird".
  • "GET AWAY FROM HIM!!!!!".
  • "Well a Lion hmm now your friends will finished after I will kill you. Love will come to an end. And now I will take my vengeance for this".
  • "Any last words".
  • "Oh you're not letting me Racecar what a such of pity you waste your time such a tearful useless and a selfish Lion".
  • "Oh you know this sad old animal".
  • "We'll your sister can teach one last word of an animal who die!!!".
  • "(last words)By letting you watch....her....DIE!!!!!.