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Katherine Brewster-Connor
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June 15, 1997

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5ft, 5in.

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Future War (c. 2080's)


Human Resistance (Tech-Comm)

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Stealth Force Mode

Katherine Brewster-Connor is the wife of General John Connor and mother of Michael Connor, Sara Connor and Lanie Connor and is also his 2nd in command of Tech-Comm's Anti-Terminator Cybernetic military forces.

Early Life

Katherine Brewster was born June 15, 1997. Katherine grew up before the war, living in ignorance until she met John Connor. The only daughter of Lieutenant General Robert Brewster, the military director of CRS Autonomous Weapons Division, Kate's mother divorced her husband and left them when she was still in Elementary school. After finishing school, Kate went on to Emery Junior High School attending with fellow classmate John Connor, while at Emery Junior High, Kate started dating Scott Mason the schools ace basketball star. In 2010 her normal life was to change. Upon reacting to an animal emergency at the Emery Animal Hospital, a local veteranary hospital where Kate was a intern she was met by John Connor whom she had previously been to school with, and with whom she had experienced her very first kiss. With John Connor, his mother, and a 815 Series Anti-Terminator named Cameron, Kate managed to escape a T-X (Serena Series 00-02)which was now reprogrammed to eliminate her. Practically kidnapped by these 3, Kate learned the truth of things to come, of Skynet, and of Judgment Day. Setting off with the others to CRS to try to stop her father from activating Skynet, Kate was unsuccessful, and her father was killed by the T-X.

During Judgement Day 2

Getting to the Crystal Peak Control and Command Center, a hardened fallout shelter facility in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for VIPs, Kate and John were able to survive Judgment Day as the nuclear missiles fell. Using the communications equipment within the facility, Kate helped John to get in touch with survivors and co-ordinate a Resistance force. Eventually marrying John and giving birth to their children, Kate became second in command of the Resistance, and a very much loved and respected leader in the continuing battle against the machines. However, by 2032, her husband was killed by a T-850. She managed to reprogram it to travel back in time to save John in 2004.

Behind the scenes

Kate Brewster was originally portrayed by Claire Danes in the third film, and will be played by Bryce Dallas Howard in the fourth and currently Actress Nikki Cox is portraying her in Terminator 2: John Connor Chronicles.


  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
  • Terminator 3: The Redemption
  • Terminator Salvation

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