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Kasey Shepherd is a main character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in October 1994, Kasey Shepherd grew up in a low class, but also tight-knit Native American/Caucasian-Filipino family. The youngest and only girl of five children, Kasey somewhat felt she always had a chip on her shoulder, of being the baby and "most vunerable" member of her family. She at first tried to quell this by joining a gang, which she served in for two years. However, after seeing her boyfriend be gunned down in a drug deal gone awry, she left the gang, and eventually joined the police academy out of high school. She was put on uniformed patrol duty for five years before finally getting a promotion to detective.

She is currently has a boyfriend who is a firefighter, and no children.

Kasey is tomboyish and tough as nails, never afraid to step up against a suspect or those who give her attitude.

Kasey first appears in the ninth season finale as a newly promoted detective on her first case. She not only proves herself worthy of her promotion by helping crack the case, but she also proves to be quite the marksman too when she kills one of the hitmen, who try to kill Roscoe and Eva Rivera, key witnesses in the case against their parents' murderer.

By the start of the tenth season premiere, Kasey has since joined the MCCIS full-time, replacing the departed Brianna Adams and is partnered primarily with Lieutenant Reyes.



  • Service weapon: Beretta 9000S
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