Kasai Rex

A female Kasai Rex defending her offspring against an attacking leopard.

Kasai Rex is a large bipedal warm-blooded reptile native to the jungles of Africa. It was once thought to be a hoax, until in 1973, a group of Maverick Hunters discovered the large bipedal reptilian animal, and it was also once thought to be a living non-avian African theropod dinosaur, but as some characteristics (such as crocodilian armor, etc) and its DNA confirmed, it is actually an advanced species of crocodilian descended from a group of Kaprosuchus, which survived the extinction at the end of the Cretaceous and continue to evolve until it became bipedal killers. Kasai stands and walk on its back legs because of special ankles and hip bones simi!ar to that of non-avian dinosaurs, which allows the animal to walk very similar to large non-avian theropod dinosaurs such as moderh elephant stalkers and long-extinct ones such as large Tyrannosaurs, Carnosaurs, etc. They are carnivorous, preying mainly on its native food source such as giraffes, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, wild pig species, and antelopes, but can also prey on gorillas and crocodilians to supplement their diet, and they can also feed on carrion. They are listed as Vulnerable due to habitat loss, despite people's fear of Kasais being aggressive killers towards sapient species/beings, they are actually completely docile and tame towards them, an advantage when humans and other sapient species/beings aren't tolerated by aggressive species, and conservationists are helping Kasais by restoring their habitats.
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