Karyorrhexis is Florida-based death metal band Encephalitic Punishment's twelfth album, released on September 27, 2013. It is the band's first record since 2010's Ischemia, and follows the trend of the band naming their albums after medical conditions, dating back to 1999's Thymos Carcinoma.

The band released a music video for the song "Soul Is Decaying" on August 13th 2013, and embarked on a North American tour following the album's release through September until January 2014, before embarking on the Karyorrhexis World Tour on Februaary 1 2014.


Karyorrhexis received mostly positive reviews from critics, many of whom described it as one of the band's best albums. Ray Van Horn Jr. of Blabbermouth gave the album 8.5 out of 10 stars saying that "(....) the band have been consistently one of the most interesting technical death metal bands for the last two decades, and bar their brief hiccup in the mid-90s, rarely disappoint. Karyorrhexis is one of their best albums".

Track listing

  1. "Reign of Filth" - 3:55
  2. "Soul Is Decaying" - 5:11
  3. "Destruction Through Carnage" - 4:30
  4. "Karyolysis" - 2:30
  5. "Hand of Fear" - 6:32
  6. "Silent Hunter" - 3:40
  7. "Invocation" - 5:31
  8. "Nocturnal Monstrosity" - 4:03


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