Kareena is about to turn 27 and don't get upset with her story about her shocking past with fear and so much.

She was born and grew up in a loving family in Jaipur, India, she lived out of trouble until she was about 15 years old, but at that point life took a turn for the worst.

Kareena had a school trip to the Moti Dungri Ganesh Ji temple. Kareena had a friend named Amitabh Nijasure. Kareena wondered if they would start a relationship, but, something happened... He did not say hi to Kareena, she went into a breakdown and her teachers punished her, but she tried to explain everything.

Kareena got suspended for 5 days and those days are HELL for her, she was heartbroken, she hated every minute of that trip! Kareena one Saturday night went on a club with her friends. The clup went well, but, when she was walking back home, A CAR HIT HER!

Kareena had serious injuries and had problems with her liver after the accident. The doctors had to remove a chunk of her liver.

The police tried to search the one who hit her, but, they found out that, IT WAS AMITABH!

WHAT? How? You might ask... The police had found the same car model that hit Kareena and he also had the same license plate as that car. The trial began, the judge told him why he had done such a thing and why he ignored her. He started crying and explaining that Kareena was ignoring hem, but Kareena explained to the judge that she didn't do that and Amitabh started this thing. The judge believed Kareena and Amitabh got sentenced to 4 years in prison and extra 6 years for attempting murder, so he will stay in prison for a whole decade!

Kareena then had a new boyfriend named Bhrigu Kamal, he never does the things Amitabh had done and she married when she was 19 and had a daughter when he was 24.

Now she lives a happy life with his new husband

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