Kamen Rider Decade is the final installment of the Kamen Rider series American remake. It brings the story full circle by having all previous Kamen Riders team-up to stop the Badan Empire and their greatest enemy, the Great Leader.


At the end of Kamen Rider ZX, ZX learned that Ambassador of Neo-Shocker had formed the Badan Empire. In this series, ZX's close friend Chase becomes Kamen Rider Decade and they team up with previous Kamen Riders to take on Badan.


Chase Wilson: He becomes Kamen Rider Decade to help in the fight against the evil Badan Empire.

Carter Gray: Kamen Rider ZX. Returns from the previous series to fight Badan.

Ryan Steele: The original Kamen Rider, returns to take down his greatest enemy.

Alex Walker: Kamen Rider 2's replacement, appears to fight Badan. He is fatally stabbed later in the series.

kevin Ethan: kamen rider 2 replacement after Alex death

Sean Adams: Returns as Kamen Rider X.

Casey: Returns alongside X as Riderman.

James Gleam: Briefly ressurected to fight Badan as Kamen Rider Amazon.

jason Lee: Jason was amazon replacement

Brandon: Returns as Kamen Rider Stronger.

Summer: Human Tackle. She is killed by Badan.

Nancy: Ryan Steele's fiance. She becomes the Human Tackle when Summer dies.

Matt: Brandon's friend who becomes Kamen Rider V3 because Sean is X.

Jayden Evans: Kamen Rider Super-1.

Master Genkai: Appears to assist the Riders.

Badan Empire

An evil empire made up of several different evil organizations.

One of the many appearances of the Great Badan Emperor

Great Leader of Badan: The true villain who may have influenced all previous villains. He is a reincarnation of the original Shocker leader and at first, only his voice is heard through tape recorders of other mediums like radios and headphones. Then, he appears as a shadowy figure on a screen in the Badan base. He then reveals himself to the ten riders as a huge skull in the sky after Ambassador Darkness' defeat. He confronts them in his final form; a huge dragon. He battles the ten riders, but they unleash the Kamen Rider Spirit with the help of fallen riders and finally vaporize the Great Leader. Voiced by Powers Booth.

Ambassador Darkness: Clone of Ambassador Hell from the original Shocker. He was actually from Neo-Shocker but left to form Badan before it was destroyed. He was killed by a ten rider kick.

Crisis Army

An invasion army that wants to exterminate humanity and take over the earth because their own world was sucked into a black hole.

Count Dregon: Unlike his master, he actually cares about his suboordinates. He is the first Badan general who comes from space. When Darkness attempts to execute Nefaria, Dregon interfers and then dies at the Great Leader's hands.

Nefaria: Dregon's second-in-command. Dregon dies when she is sentenced to death for failure. She then released, with Dregon's death serving as warning. She is later shot dead by Two-Face as part of his plot to take control of Badan.

Two-Face: Like his name suggests, he is a treacherous and leecherous villain who plans to overthrow Ambassador Darkness. He shot and killed Nefaria and was later killed by Riders 1, V3 and X's triple kick.


Every millennium, the Fog Mother gives birth to a new brood to feed on the occupants of the world she landed on.

Fog Mothership: Huge mechanical spaceship which acts as the base of Fog. Later revealed to contain the true leader of Fog, Fog Mother, who then died as the ship exploded.

Cobra Man: First son of Fog. He died when Stronger kicked him onto a huge spike inside of the Fog Mothership.

Bee Woman: She had a deep need for vengance after her brother Lizard Man's death. She was struck by X's ridol whip and she then sank into the mist.

Lizard Man: Youngest Fog child. Killed by Amazon and Super-1's double kick.

Grongi Tribe

An evil demonic force that was imprisoned by the Cosmos but freed thousands of years later by the pollution created by Fog.

Ankh: Appears as a human at first, but later revealed to be the mystery leader of the Grongi. His goal is to become the most powerful Grongi. Ultimately, he becames a horrific monster and battles the Riders before unleashed a huge energy blast at them, which they deflect back at Ankh himself. In order to prevent himself from dying, Ankh gives up his power and becomes fully human, but is then killed by Ambassador Darkness.

Rose: She also appears as a human, but is revealed to be a Grongi before Ankh is. She guided the Dopant monsters into battle and later killed herself so that Ankh could consume her to become the most powerful Grongi.

Elias: The first person that the Riders suspected to be Grongi. Transformed into a Dopant and fought them before he was defeated and killed.

Uva: Strongest Dopant and first villain that the Riders faced from Grongi. He had a deep affection for Rose. When he learned that she had died, he unleashed a brilliant flash if white light and disintergrated himself.

Dopants: Monsters that serve the Grongi Tribe.

Smart Brain Corporation

A shadowy commercial organization that secretly sent monsters known as Worms to terrorize the world, hoping to expand its grasp through these means.

Neo-Organism: A Smart Brain project that got out of control. Later revealed to be the true orchestr

The Neo-Organism

ator of Smart Brain's activities. It was finally destroyed when the Smart Brain headquarters exploded. Voiced by Mark Hamill.

Antoine: The shadowy head of Smart Brain. He secretly served the Neo-Organism. He later became a squid monster and faced the Riders. Decade then kicked him into the pool of fluid that the Neo-Organism resided in.

Koji: The Japanese president of Smart Brain, he is actually a figurehead for Antoine to speak through. He did not have an alternate form, and commited suicide when Smart Brain collapsed.

Smart Lady: Smart Brain's mascot. She later had a disagreement over a Smart Brain product and was kidnapped and replaced by an android. Human Tackle fought the android and defeated her. The real Smart Lady was then left unemployed at the end of the series after the fall of Smart Brain.

Worms: Monsters secretly created by Smart Brain.

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