Kamen Rider Amazon is the fourth series of the American Kamen Rider remake.


A plane mysteriously crashes in the Amazon, leaving only a single survivor, James Gleam, who is raised by an Amazonian tribe. Many years later, his tribe is brutally massacred by the Geddon Army, a demon army led by the ten-faced Gorgos. James discovers the GiGi Amulet, which transforms him into Kamen Rider Amazon. He then carries on the battle against Geddon and later goes to America to stop the deadly Garanda Empire.


James Gleam: Kamen Rider Amazon. He possesses the GiGi Amulet and wants to avenge his fallen people.

spencer Howard: kamen rider space he come from the future

Geddon Army

Ten-faced Demon Gorgos: The leader of Geddon. He possesses the GaGa Amulet and needs the GiGi Amulet to take over the world. He uses the GaGa Amulet for invicibility. After the Garanda Empire steals the GaGa Amulet, Gorgos dies in a battle with Amazon. Voiced by Michael-Leon Wooley.


Geddon used monsters called beastmen that had the power of a beast and the intellegence of man. Geddon created its beastmen either by kiddnapping people and taking them to the Beastmen Modification Room where they are transformed into beastmen through cybernetic surgery using incan science and magic. The other way is when Gorgos used the power of the GaGa amulet to create beastmen without the need of people.

Garanda Empire

Great Emperor Zero: Wears a white robe to conceal his identity. He uses a decoy to protect himself. He reveals himself to Amazon in the final episode and dies inside of the exploding base.

The Garanda empire also used Beastmen as monsters, and while their way of creating beastmen is unknown, they probably created them like Geddon did.

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