Kamen Rider is the first American remake of the Japanese Kamen Rider series. It is based on the original Kamen Rider. It is split into two seasons; one before Geldam appears and one with Kamen Rider 2.

It was followed by Kamen Rider V3, Kamen Rider X, Kamen Rider Amazon, Kamen Rider Stronger, Kamen Rider Super-1, Kamen Rider ZX and Kamen Rider Decade.


Ryan Steele is a young college prodigy who is kidnapped by the mysterious organization Shocker and transformed into their deadly insect-type soldier known as Hopper. After he is forced to kill his best friend and later attack his girlfriend, Ryan overrides his programming and turns against Shocker.

Nancy, the girlfriend of Ryan's friend whom he killed, initially wants to hunt Ryan down, but eventually realises that Shocker gave him no choice and that as Kamen Rider he is righting all wrongs he did while working for Shocker. They eventually become a couple.

After the death of Shocker's de facto leader Ambassador Hell and his generals, the true leader of Shocker joins forces with the Japanese group Geldam to form Gel-Shocker. The japanese vigilante Hopper then comes to America and becomes Kamen Rider 2 to help fight Gel-Shocker.


Ryan Steele: Kamen Rider 1. Transformed by Shocker, he now fights them to avenge his friend Jim, who he was forced to kill as their minion.

Nancy: Jim's girlfriend before he was killed. She is now dating Ryan.

Takeru: Japanese vigilante who fought Geldam as Hopper, modeled after America's Kamen Rider. Later comes to America to fight Gel-Shocker and becomes Kamen Rider 2. At the end of the series, he sacrifices himself to defeat the Great Leader of Shocker.

Jim: Ryans best friend. Ryan killed him as Hopper.

timmy howers: Kamen rider 3 he was Vietnam war soldier and turn into cyborg after his injury

Ned Johnson: Kamen rider Gaia Ned was 19 year old and the member of the judo club he lost his memories because he turn into cyborg

eddie Johnson: Kamen rider 0 Eddie was Korean War soldier and was kidnapped to became a cyborg but killed come the botched


Great Leader of Shocker: At first appears as the red-hooded commander of Ambassador Hell. After t

The Great Leader of Shocker

he death of Hell, he joins with Geldam from Japan to form Gel-Shocker. He was revealed to be a cyclops with a mask of snakes after joining with Geldam. He sets the Shocker base to self-destruct in the final episode in an attempt to kill the Riders. However, Takeru picked him up as he attempted to flee and held him until the base exploded and they both died. Voiced by John Noble.

Ambassador Hell: Acts as a leader but secretly answers to the Great Leader. He later becomes a monster and battles Ryan one-on-one. Ryan broke his horn with a Rider Kick, causing him to lose his powers. He then threw Hell off of the roof of Shocker Tower before it collapsed.

Lieutenant Colonel Wolf: A German man with one eye, the other covered by an eyepatch. He could transform into a werewolf. He died when the Shocker Tower fell on top of him and crushed him to death.

Dr. Merlin: A magician who could become a devil-type monster. He died because he remained on the Shocker Tower as it collapsed.

Shocker footsoldiers: Shocker's army of soldiers.


General Dark: African king who moved to Japan in hopes of conquering it. He merged Geldam with Shocker to form Gel-Shocker and became Ambassador Hell's replacement. Killed by Kamen Rider's 1 & 2's double-kick.

Geldam Soldiers: Dark's henchmen.

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