Kain Rises is a 2020 American horror slasher film which it is the sequel to Kain (2014) and Kain Returns (2016); it is the fourth entry in the Kain series. Marcus Nispel reprises his role as director. Eric Heisserer and Damian Shannon written the screenplay. Michael Bay and Sam Bayer return as producers.

The story follows seventeen years after the events of Returns, Lori is trying to live her new life in a new town, but everything begins to fall apart when her killer father is back and he's not alone.

Michael Fassbender reprises his role as the titular serial killer; Dianna Agron reprises her role as adult Lori Stevens. Sam Claflin reprises his role. New cast members include Jacob Hopkins, Stephen R. Queen, and Abigail Breslin.

The film was a box office hit and had favorable reviews. It is rated R for Strong pervasive bloody violence and gore, drug use, partial nudity, sexual content and language.

The film will be released on August 20, 2020.


Lori is living her life normally...she has a family: a great husband and a wonderful teenage son; she is living in Rivertown. She tries to hide her tortured past behind finally. However, her new life is now in mortal danger when her killer father Kain has return to continue his onslaught on her loved ones. Lori fears for her family's safety, so she will do what she has to do to protect them from her murderous father. However, when another person is helping Kain in his killing spree, Lori might need help and that help is someone from her past...her ex, Henry Peters. Now that her past and present collides, Lori wonders what her future is going to be. One way or another, it won't have Kain in it.


  • Dianna Agron as Lori Stevens-Garner, the main protagonist; finally graduated, she wants to live her best friend's dream and is now an attorney working in her own law firm. She is married to Matt Garner and they both have a son, Nathan. Lori feels all these years her life has been perfect and in serenity, but it starts come crashing down when Kain resurfaces.
  • Michael Fassbender as Kain/David Stevens, the psychotic half burned-face serial killer and Lori's father. He was last seen in Returns being cut in pieces, but with the help of Selene, Kain is resurrected through dark arts. Filled with renewed passion, Kain wants to kill his daughter and destroy her happiness she created in Riverport.
  • Stephen R. Queen as Matt Garner, Lori's loyal husband for the past decade; he is currently acting sheriff in the town of Riverport. He knows his wife had a secret past, but tries to ignore every time he mentions Mireville. Matt fears for his son's safety knowing the monster Kain is Lori's father.
  • Jacob Hopkins as Nathan Garner, Lori and Matt's sixteen year old son. He is a popular lacrosse player. He never knew his grandfather was a serial killer and when his own friends start getting killed by a creep known as Kain. Nathan wants to know what his mother is hiding, but risks himself in the process.
  • Sam Claflin as Henry Peters, Lori's ex-boyfriend; he and Lori were the only survivors in the Mireville massacres. He thought Lori and him would be together forever, but is saddened to see her new life with her new family. However, he still has feelings for her. Near the end, to love Lori and to let her and her family have the peace they deserve, he shoots Selene, but gets killed by Kain who crushes his skull with his hand which his eyes pop out in the process.
  • Victoria Justice as Selene Gibbs, a practitioner in the dark arts. She uses a spell to resurrect after she sewn Kain's cut limbs back to together with its body. She feels Kain is her puppet, but he is using her and in the end she gets killed by Henry who suffocates her with a plastic wrap and impales her through the neck with the trademark rambo knife.
  • Abigail Breslin as Ivy Moore, Nathan's best friend and future love interest. Nate tries to save her, but it was too late when she falls victim to Kain who skins her alive with the rambo knife.
  • Blake Cooper as Franklin Woods, Nathan's best friend and a fellow lacrosse teammate. He tries to lure Nate to other girls, but doesn't see Nathan and Ivy as an item. Franklin gets killed by Kain who cuts his hand off and stabs him through the mouth with the rambo knife.
  • Viola Davis as Mrs. Danders, a teacher at Riverport High who is usually strict when it comes. She knows about Lori and her past; the reasons she left Mireville. She gets injured, but survive in the end.
  • There are four other new characters:
  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Desiree Rose, Lori's colleague at her law firm. She dies during a savage attack against Kain who pours lye into her eyes and stabs through eye temples.
  • Luke Benward as Quinn Chase, a fellow jock friend of Nathan who gets killed by Kain who graphically slits his throat with the rambo knife. 
  • Baliee Madision as Trista Niles, Ivy's friend who becomes the first victim of Kain's terror in Rivertown in which Kain stabs her to death with the rambo knife before throwing her onto a glass table. 
  • Bradley Cooper as Xavier Richards, a eccentric writer who wants to know Lori's story, but she fears he is going to expose the secrets that could harm the community. He dies when Kain strikes him in the head with an axe.




Kain Rises is the fourth film. The final film in the series, Forever Kain will be out in 2022.

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