Kain Begins is a 2018 American horror slasher film directed by Marcus Nispel. It is the prequel to Kain (2014) and Kain Returns (2016); it is the third entry in the Kain series. Eric Heisserer returned to write the screenplay; Damian Shannon was hired to do the rewrite. Michael Bay and Samuel Bayer serve as the producers.

The story tells the tragic fall of David Stevens and the birth of the serial killer Kain.

Dreamworks and Platnum Dunes still own the rights to the series.

Michael Fassbender reprises his role as the titular serial killer; Laura Ramsey and Melissa George both reprise their roles from the first film. Jon Hamm, Patrick Warburton, Hayden Christensen, and Danny Huston round out the cast.

Unlike the first two films, It was a box office disaster but had critical acclaim.

It is rated R for Strong bloody violence and torture, sexuality, drug use and pervasive language.

The film will be released on September 2018.


Set in 1999 (fifteen years before the original film), before he became the psychotic burned half-face serial killer Kain, David Stevens was a hard working man trying to support his family: his lovely wife, Heather, and their three year old daughter, Lori. However, when David stumbles into gambling and loses all of the saved money he and Heather built, he falls into a deep depression while leaning toward help from a shady mobster named Frankel. Working with Frankel, David will make dangerous decisions some that will cost his life and his family. When he discovers Frankel and his wife betrayed him, David’s depression will drive him deep into a perilous road that will make him want to kill everyone he considers a threat including his own loved ones.


After David kills Heather, young Lori run out of the house and into the hands of Lorelai. Lorelai and Lori soon see David chasing after them; Dr. Ruberg arrives to distract David. Ruberg then helps Lorelai and Lori escape. Before they can fully escape, David abducted Lori and brought her to a old abandoned house. Lorelai and Ruberg stops David from killing Lori; Lorelai escapes with Lori and Ruberg tells her just go. Lorelai realizes Lori is her concern, so she escapes. David and Ruberg battle it out even causing the house to be on fire. David stabs Ruberg, but Ruberg has enough muscle to cripple David and leave him in the burning house. Lorelai returns to save Ruberg and escape before the house exploded with David still inside. Lorelai thanks Ruberg for saving her life, her unborn child's life, and Lori's. Ruberg tells her to make sure Lori never know her father was the one who killed her mother. Lorelai promises. Before long, Ruberg dies. Lorelai heads back to her car with Lori and heads off. Lorelai looks back to see the house burning and seeing what was David Stevens died in that fire. A few weeks later, Frankel is finally arrested and is brought into the Mireville Police Station's interrogation room. As he waits for a detective, a strange figure arrives. Frankel not knowing what is going on until the figure shows himself with his face severely disfigured and half of his face burned. Frankel sees his eyes and wonders is that David...the figure that does look like David approaches Frankel and tells him, his name is not David Stevens. For now on, he is Kain. Kain soon takes out his dagger, then stabs and cuts through Frankel's neck.


  • Michael Fassbender as David Stevens, a fund executive who gets laid off from his job. Trying to gain money, he risks his and his family's life savings in gambling and lost. Stumped in a major depression, he seeks the help of Frankel; however, his mind becomes fractured and starts thinking the people in his life is betraying him. He soon adopts an aggressive and murderous personality. He ends up killing his wife and tries to kill his daughter but is stopped by Lorelai and Dr. Ruberg.
  • Laura Ramsey as Heather Evans-Stevens, David's wife and Lori's mother; she is a neurosurgeon who had to leave her private practice to take care of Lori. She wants to understand David's pain, but has no idea he is becoming a killer. She gets tragically killed by her husband who strangle her to death leading up to the events to the first film.
  • Melissa George as Lorelai Evans, Heather's sister, David's sister-in-law, and Lori's aunt/godmother. She is first seen being congratulated by her sister from the news Lorelai is two months pregnant. However, Lorelai has her doubts about David and when he starts threatening her, Heather, and Lori, Lorelai tries to do her best to convince Heather David could really harm them. But she is too later after learning her sister was brutally murdered by David, Lorelai soon tries to protect Lori and with the help of Dr. Ruberg try to stop David.
  • Jon Hamm as Dr. Sam Ruberg, A FBI psychologist and profiler who gets called by his old friend Detective Vance to help him solve strange murders that eventually all lead to David Stevens. Dr. Ruberg tries to do his best to understand David's mindset and wonder the major reason he is doing the killings and hope he can stop him. He dies trying to help Lorelai and Lori escape.
  • Patrick Warburton as Det. Vance, Before he became the Mireville sheriff, he was a seasoned detective who was the lead investigator of several strange murders that has ties to mob boss Frankel. Vance soon suspects Frankel is using someone to do his deeds and suspect David Stevens of being the killer. He gets shot in the end but survives.
  • Hayden Christensen as Leo Drake, a charming and attractive neighbor. He falls for Heather and tries to seduce her to leave David. David ends up seeing this betrayal mostly from Heather. Leo gets savagely attacked and killed by David who stuffs the naked Leo in the oven where Kain burns him alive.
  • Danny Huston as Frankel Chavez, a shady mobster who dealt in illegal gambling. David wanted Frankel to help him in his debt, but with a cost. Frankel wants David to be his handler/assassin for specific targets. Frankel eventually betrays David and tries to have him kill. In the film's end, Frankel get his throat cut through by a half-burned faced David who has a rambo knife.
  • David Dylan Fisher as Wilks Forest, Frankel's number two; he is reluctant to see a man like David being used as a killer, but Frankel orders him to kill David once his tasks are completed. He shoots David, but only wounds him. David later tracks down Wilks and had him raped orally promising him that Frankel will be next.
  • Toby Jones as Alvin Foxx, a fellow gambler who needed to be executed. David kills him by Frankel's orders to impales him through the neck with a rapier.
  • Idris Elba as Neil Barrons , a fellow gambler who needs to be executed. David kills him by Frankel's orders by melting his face in the fireplace.
  • Young Lori Stevens, she will be three years old in this film.


The film like the first film will entirely be in Mireville.



On November 2016, Bay and Dreamworks wanted to make another sequel to the successful Kain series due to the critical acclaim of Returns, but Bayer thought that the series should have end after Returns. However, huge interest of another sequel peaked in March 2017, when Dreamworks confirmed that there will be another. However, Bayer, who directed the first two films, declined to direct the new film, but will remain as a producer-type role. Marcus Nispel was soon named Bayer's replacement as director.

Fassbender, who played Kain in the previous two films, confirmed that he will return to reprise the role. But the direction of the film’s story changed when actress Dianna Agron, who played the young adult Lori in the first two, confirmed she will not return due to scheduling conflicts. The story’s direction swiftly changed from a sequel featuring Lori’s new life towards a prequel telling the story of how David fully became Kain. Patrick Warburton reprises his role as Vance even though his character died in the second film. Laura Ramsey and Melissa George both reprise their roles from the first film. Lori will be in this film, but she will be three years old.


Linkin Park's song, "Powerless" and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Lose Yourself" are part of the Kain Begins soundtrack.


Kain Begins is the third entry of the Kain series. A fourth film/third sequel, Kain Rises, will be out in 2020. A fifth film/final sequel, Forever Kain will be out in 2022.

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