Juwanna Mann 2 is a 2015 American sports rmoantic comedy flim and the sequel to Juwanna Mann. The movie stars Miguel A. Núñez, Jr., Vivica A. Fox, Kevin Pollak, Kim Wayans, and Jenifer Lewis reprising their roles from the first film, as well as new cast members Tylen Jacob Williams, Sayeed Shahidi, Quvenzhané Wallis, Aalyrah Caldwell, Jane Lynch, Mckenna Grace, Rainn Wilson, and Cole Jensen among others. The movie opened in theaters on June 30, 2015.


Thirteen years after the events of Juwanna Mann, Jamal Jeffries has prospered both professionally and personally with five UBA championships as well as marriage and four aspiring basketball prodigy children with Michelle Langford.

Unfortunately, Jamal's two oldest children, his sons Jamal Jr. (aka, "3J") and Jerry, who are superstars in their own travel ball league, have picked up some of their father's old arrogant, ball-hogging, sexist, and egotistical attitude, which has expanded into their behavior on and off the court. After the two boys start an on-the-court brawl that ends up spilling into the stands and getting the fans involved, and are suspended from the league indefinitely, they find their life turned upside down as their fans and so-called friends turn on and abandon them, save for a few loyal ones.

After later being suspended from school for beating up several of their taunters, Jamal and Michelle decide to intervene by giving the boys a taste of their father's old medicine: Jamal once again dons the wig and fake breasts as Juwanna Mann, and forces his sons to do the same and become Juwanna's nieces, Jamika and Jeneva Mann. Forced to play on their younger sister's girl's basketball team (which their mother happens to coach and happens to have the daughter of their old coach) in a tournament, will the two learn the same lessons their father did about teamwork, attitude, and girls?


Thirteen years after the events of Juwanna Mann, Jamal Jeffries (Núñez) leads his longtime NBA team, the Charlotte Beat to its fifth championship in 10 years. Having come a long way since his "bad boy" years, Jamal has evolved into a team player and a humble role model for many young aspiring players. He has also managed to finish college and get a degree in physical/sport conditioning. At the post-Finals conference, he is accompanied by his former WUBA teammate-turned-wife, Michelle Langford (Fox), and their four children: headstrong 12-year-old Jamal Jr., aka "3J" (Williams), fast-talking 11-year-old Jeremiah, aka "Jerry" (Shahidi), sassy 9.5-year-old Simone (Wallis), and intelligent 8-year-old Tosha (Caldwell). Michelle is revealed to have won four WUBA championships over the years (including the one she won thanks to Jamal/Juwanna) and has since retired to raise their children.

Eight months later, the Jeffries family is shown at a Sunday barbecue at Jamal's Aunt Ruby's (Lewis) house. Also attending are Jamal's agent Lorne Daniels (Pollak), his coach and teammates from the Beat, and Michelle's former coach and teammates from the Banshees, and all of their families. During the barbecue, the kids and teens decide to play a game of basketball. It's then revealed that all four of Jamal and Michelle's children have inherited their talent in basketball from their parents, as the four manage to make the game very competitive for both teams. However, while Simone and Tosha demonstrate great teamwork and sportsmanship, 3J and Jerry are shown to have picked up their father's old bad-boy behaviors: ball-hogging, arrogance, and bad sportsmanship, both for when they succeed and fail on and off the court. This peaks at the concern of both Jamal and Michelle, among others.

It's later revealed that all four children are in a youth travel ball league, with the boys on an all-boys team, the Lions, and the girls on an all-girls team, the Pink Tigers (the league allows for gender-diverse teams and abolished gender divisions six years prior). All four children are stars of their teams, though 3J and Jerry tend to carry a much lesser-than-stellar reputation in the league than their sisters due to their bad boy attitudes. Because of this, they are also disdained by much of their team, occasionally their coach, Bill Dawson (Wilson), and many others as well save for their close childhood friends, Tommy Hanson (Cleveland), Alonzo Parker (Scribner), and Wesley Wyatt (Jensen).

Later, during a game against their long time rivals, the Devils, 3J and Jerry are up to their usual bad-boy routine: refusing to pass (except to each other), showing off on their successes, and acting arrogant at their failures. Eventually, Jerry commits a foul on the Floyd Rigg, the son of the Devils' coach Buck Rigg. Floyd shoves him hard in return, leading to 3J taking a swing at him in response, which leads to a major brawl on the court that is soon broken up by the referees. Just as things begin cooling down and the brothers are about to be benched, a young Devils fan throws a drink at 3J and Jerry from the bleachers. Enraged, the brothers charge into the bleachers, and start roughing up the fan, causing an even bigger brawl to erupt in the stands involving the players, fans, coaches, officials, and family members alike (a remake of the infamous 2004 Malice at the Palace brawl). The fighting gets so bad, the game is called with three minutes left to play, and the story ends up making the headlines of the press, greatly embarrassing the Jeffries family.

As Lorne tries to do damage control with the press, Jamal and Michelle berate their sons for their actions, but the boys arrogantly refuse to see the error of their ways, believing that the fan who threw the drink started it and everything will soon blow over. They soon discover that this is far from the case, when the youth league officials publicily announce that 3J and Jerry are indefinitely suspended from the league. The family goes in to meet with the officials to try and get the suspension reduced at the very least, but 3J and Jerry's arrogant and disrespectful attitudes derail any chances of it.

Soon enough, the boys end up feeling the effects of their actions, as most of their fans and friends turn on and abandon them, and begin teasing and making fun of them and their downfall. Alonzo, Tommy, and Wesley, however, choose to stick by them and try to defend them, but to no avail.

Eventually, after two main rivals of theirs taunt and tease them once too many, 3J and Jerry lose their cool and get into a fight, savagely beating them up, and after showing no remorse, are suspended from school for two weeks. Jamal and Michelle, and even Aunt Ruby, once again berate them for their actions, only for the boys to curse them out and storm up to their rooms.

Now at the end of their rope with their sons, Jamal and Michelle try to think of a way to get them to change their attitudes before it's too late. Aunt Ruby then enters and tells them that it would take a miracle (like the one Jamal pulled off with Juwanna) to get them back on track. This inspires Jamal to bring back his old alter-ego, as well as force 3J and Jerry to dress up as Juwanna's nieces, Jamika and Jeneva Mann.

The next morning, Jamal takes the boys (now reluctantly dressed as their alter-egos) to meet their new team: the all-girls Pink Tigers, which their sisters play on and their mother co-coaches. 3J and Jerry are distressed over having to crossdress play on their sisters' team, and their poor attitude rubs Simone, Tosha, Coach Pamela Baines (Lynch) and the rest of the players the wrong way.

Even more, this just couples more stress with the Pink Tigers own problems:

  • Small forward Dawn Dawson, the second youngest player (and daughter of the boys' former coach) consistantly struggles to find her place on the team.
  • Power forward Monica McCrary has performance anxiety, and often chokes and commits turnovers whenever she gets the ball.
  • Point guard Gianna Williams has a reputation as a smart mouth and constantly gets herself ejected for trash-talking and arguing with the referees.
  • Swingman Trinity Jones has issues with Simone's leadership and the two are often engaged in a power struggle
  • Center Phoebe Delaney, has the habit of concentrating more on her looks than the game.

After several setbacks, including a last second loss, due to a three-way conflict between, 3J, Simone and Trinity, the boys soon find their groove amongst the girls (with help from Jamal and Michelle), and lead them on a winning streak, gradually learning about teamwork and respect, and improving their attitude towards peers, authority, girls, and life in general. In the process, they also are able to help the girls with their own problems:

  • 3J helps to settle the feud between Trinity and Simone by showing them how to compromise in the court, using a tactic he and Jerry picked up for themselves.
  • Jerry teaches tricks to Monica to quelling her anxiety, and encourages her to teach Gianna to control her mouth and temper.
  • Both boys help Dawn discover the skills within her and boost her confidence and help Phoebe pay more attention to her game and less on her looks; they also rally the girls to get back at her boyfriend Dean, after she catches him cheating on her.
  • Also, the boys relationships with their sisters, parents, and other family members and peers improves and they start to try and right many of their previous wrongs.

Of course, the boys' success doesn't come without its setbacks: while they let Alonzo, Tommy, and Wesley in on their secret, they are forced in a series of hilarious situations to ensure that no one else discovers it. In addition, they themselves continue to face much bullying and teasing from many others, including their old fans, and the other teams, especially the Devils, and cannot retaliate without ruining their chances of redemption.

Eventually, the Pink Tigers make the playoffs and cruise their way to the semi-finals. Then, 3J and Jerry are given a hearing to possibly return to the league and their old team the next season, but the hearing takes place at the same time as a critical game that can determine whether or not the Pink Tigers go to the finals to face the Devils. After much debate, 3J and Jerr decides to do the selfless thing and stick with the Pink Tigers and help them win. However, the boys' cover is blown at the end of the game when they decide to use a successful play to make the game-winning basket and both get knocked to the ground. In all the excitement, the boys lose their wigs, revealing their identities to the crowd and the televised audience.

Following this, the boys are humiliated by the press in a "Juwanna 2.0" scandal and the bullying against them increases, especially by the Devils. This time, however,  3J and Jerry are too demoralized to fight back, eventually becoming so withdrawn and depressed that they refuse to leave their rooms. They also quit the Pink Tigers, and the team, devastated at this, begin to suffer on the court in the finals. While the Pink Tigers are able to pull off last-second wins in the first two games due to Simone and Trinity's leadership, the Devils blow them out in the next two, and seem poised to take the championship.

Eventually, Jamal, Michelle, and Aunt Ruby talk to the boys and encorage them to not let their tormentors win and to return and help their team win.


  • Miguel A. Núñez, Jr. as Jamal Jeffries/Juwanna Mann
  • Tylen Jacob Williams as Jamal "3J" Jeffries, Jr./Jamika Mann
  • Sayeed Shahidi as Jeremiah "Jerry" Jeffries/Jeneva Mann
  • Quvenzhané Wallis as Simone Jeffries
  • Aalyrah Caldwell as Tosha Jeffries
  • Vivica A. Fox as Michelle Langford-Jeffries
  • Kevin Pollak as Lorne Daniels
  • Jenifer Lewis as Aunt Ruby
  • Jane Lynch as Pink Tigers Coach Pamela Baines
  • Mckenna Grace as Dawn Dawson
  • Rainn Wilson as Lions Coach Bill Dawson
  • Marcus Scribner as Alonzo Parker
  • Cole Jensen as Wesley Wyatt
  • Davis Cleveland as Tommy Hanson
  • Trinitee Stokes as Trinity Jones
  • Layla Crawford as Monica McCrary
  • Peyton List as Phoebe Delaney
  • Skai Jackson as Gianna Williams
  • Patrick Warburton as Devils Coach Buck Rigg
  • Jace Norman as Floyd Rigg

Supporting Characters

  • Kim Wayans as Latisha Jensen
  • Tammi Reiss as Vickie Sanchez
  • Heather Quella as Magda Rowonowitch
  • Itoro Coleman as Debbie Scruggs
  • Rasheed Wallace as James Whitley
  • Vlade Divac as Kaslev Morse
  • Dikembe Mutombo as Djimon Coyner
  • Ric Reitz as Beat Coach Keith Glenn
  • Annie Corley as Banshees Coach Dana Rivers


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