This is a Christmas special of 2013’s Justin and the Knights of Valour. This takes place after the events of this film.

Freddie Highmore, James Cosmo, Charles Dance, Tamsin Egerton, Barry Humphries, Alfred Molina, David Walliams, Julie Walters, Olivia Williams and Saoirse Ronan reprise their roles from the original film.


After the defeat of Heraclio, and the return of the knights, Justin must encounter an enchanting Christmas.


  • Freddie Highmore as Justin
  • James Cosmo as Blucher
  • Charles Dance as Legantir
  • Tamsin Egerton as Lara
  • Barry Humphries as Braulio
  • Alfred Molina as Reginald
  • David Walliams as Melquaides
  • Julie Walters as Grandma Lily
  • Olivia Williams as Queen
  • Saoirse Ronan as Talia
  • Michael Culkin as Sebastian
  • as Santa Claus
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