Justice League is a 2017 American superhero film directed by J.J. Abrams and based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name. The film is the ninth part of the DC Movie Universe and the final part of it's "Year One" phase. It is a crossover between the previous films in the series, and features superhero characters established in each one. In the film, Batman is sought out by the Martian J'onn J'onzz, who requests his help in recruiting a team of superheroes to help combat the armies of Atlantis, which are preparing to take over the surface world. Armie Hammer, Eric Bana, Michelle Monaghan, Bradley Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Doug Jones and Alexander Skarsgard make up the main cast. The score to Justice League was composed by Hans Zimmer.


The film begins at the same place that World's Finest ended. Batman is summoned to a rooftop by the Batsignal and meets John Jones, who tells Batman that he needs his help. Batman is suspicious of Jones, who tells him that he has nothing to hide before morphing into an alien in front of Batman. Jones reveals that his real name is J'onn Jonzz and he is the last of the Martians. His race was destroyed by a civil war between the Green and White Martians, and J'onn was the only survivor. He fled to Earth and began living among the humans. Now, however, the planet is on the verge of destruction and he doesn't want humanity to suffer the same fate as his people did.

J'onn explains that he believes the King of Atlantis is gathering an army to take over the surface world, or worse, wipe the surface dwellers out. He knows that several incidents have been occurring across the planet's oceans and thinks that they are all conncted and carefully orchestrated attacks by the Atlanteans. Batman responds that he works alone and also doesn't believe in Atlantis, and leaves.

However, Batman is later shown in the Batcave, cross checking the various incidents J'onn mentioned and sees that he was right. J'onn comes home to his apartment one night and finds Batman waiting for him. Batman tells him that he has reconsidered and is willing to helpful. J'onn is grateful, but warns that the threat is too large for the two of them to take on alone. Batman decides to visit Metropolis and enlist the aid of Superman.

At the same time as Batman arrives in Metropolis, so does Barry Allen, the alter ego of the Flash. A race has been set up between Barry and Superman for charity to determine who truly is faster. While Barry shows off at the starting line, Batman watches Superman arrive from a rooftop. The race begins, but Superman spots Batman and flies up to speak with him. Batman tells Superman about the Atlantean threat and asks for his help. Neither of them notice Barry, who ran up the back of the building, listening in.

Out of nowhere, a tsunami hits England and washes London away. J'onn knows that this is the work of the Atlanteans and tells the others that they need to act quickly if they are to succeed in saving the world. Diana Prince, the alter ego of Wonder Woman, and her boyfriend Steve Trevor arrive in England to assist in the relief effort. Batman also arrives in the disguise of Bruce Wayne, pretending to also be aiding the relief effort, and Superman comes as Clark Kent, acting as a reporter. Suddenly, a group of relief workers are attacked by a half-man, half-shark. Superman and Batman team up to battle the sharkman, but the monster causes a building to start to collapse. Superman flies off to the rescue, leaving Batman to fight the beast. He is thrown into a car and held underwater. He is rescued by Wonder Woman, who chases the monster back into the water. Wonder Woman finds it suspicious that Superman and Batman are both in the same place at the same time and inquires as to what they are doing. Batman tries to lie, when J'onn suddenly appears and discloses what is happening to her. She announces that she will help them, and they don't have a choice.

Deep beneath the sea, we are introduced to Atlantis. Aquaman, the King of Atlantis, is seen arguing with his wife Mera, who disagrees with his plan to wreak havoc on the surface world. Aquaman's brother Orm enters and Aquaman orders Mera to leave as he and Orm have military matters to discuss. Heartbroken, she walks out as Aquaman and Orm walk into the castle's situation room, where they are met by General Brak, and the trio begin to discuss strategy. Aquaman orders Orm to prepare the armies for their invasion.

Shortly thereafter, some swimmers at the beach in Coast City think they spot a shark in the water. Suddenly, the water begins to pull together and form a tidal wave. Before Coast City can be wiped off the map, Hal Jordan appears, dressed in his Green Lantern uniform, and uses his Power Ring to punch the wave away. The shark monster then jumps out and tries to bite him, but Hal punches straight back into the depths.

Later, Hal is flying over Coast City when Superman appears next to him. Superman explains the situation and says that Hal is vital to the survival of the planet. Hal agrees to join the team and goes with Superman to meet them.

The team meet up in the Batcave, where J'onn begins to explain the magnitude of the threat they face. Superman ues his x-ray vision to spot someone hiding behind the wall and Wonder Woman attacks them. However, they dive out of the way and then dodge a blow from Hal, only to be downed by Batman. He is then revealed to be Barry, who tells them he wants to help them save the world. Batman is angry that he sneaked into the Batcave and orders him out, but Hal defends Barry and says that if J'onn says is true, they need all the help they can get. The others agree and Barry is allowed to join the team. Barry begins to come up with various nicknames for the group, one of which is the “Justice League” which Hal notes doesn't sound bad.

Back in Atlantis, the shark monster returns to his king and admits that he has failed. Aquaman briefly confers with Orm before having the monster chained down just outside of Atlantis, where Aquaman summons a school of piranha, which devour the unfortunate minion. Mera runs off in horror and tears and then accidentally overhears a conversation between Orm and Brak which reveals the source of Aquaman's hatred of man; Orm stole his royal trident and swapped it with another one, one which amplifies his disgust for surface dwellers to a dangerous degree. Orm knows that his brother is a great military leader and will use him to take over the surface world before killing him and assuming the throne.

A short time later, the armies of Atlantis rise from the depths and begin a concentrated on the nearest city; Keystone City. The team race their to create a final stand against Aquaman's forces. A massive city-wide battle ensues, and at several points, the team are nearly beaten, but they refuse to give up and eventually drive the army back into the ocean. J'onn observes that this won't be Aquaman's only attempt. The group are then met by Mera, who has come up from Atlantis seeking help. She explains the situation with Orm to them and offers to take them to Atlantis.

With their primary assault failed, Orm advises his brother to go ahead with plan b. Aquaman agrees and Orm, Brak and his most fierce men are dispatched to the Arctic Circle. Shortly afterwards, Mera and the others arrive in Atlantis, where she begs them to stop her husband from causing anymore harm while also not hurting him. The team agree and enter the throne room, where an enraged Aquaman calls the guards and attacks them. As the guards surround them, Mera steps forward and begs Aquaman to spare them for her and give up his quest. Aquaman tells Mera that she has betray him and is dead to him. He gives the order to have the team executed, and the guards close in.

The heroes aren't ready to go down without a fight however and launch a counter assault, knocking the guards out. Superman punches Aquaman to the floor and Batman breaks the scepter over his knee. Aquaman is finally forced to confront the error of his ways and sees that he has been betrayed and manipulated by Orm. Hal asks where Orm is headed and Aquaman is horrified to realise that Orm is going to use something called the Doomsday Thermal Reactor. He declares his intetion to go with them to the Arctic and get revenge on Orm.

As the team travel to the Arctic Circle, Aquaman explains that he built the Doomsday Thermal Reactor in case a war between Atlantis and the surface world ever erupted. It would cause the polar ice caps to melt, which would in turn flood the surface world. Now Orm is going to use it for own his nefarious agenda.

The team arrive in the Arctic and engage Brak's men in a battle. Aquaman finds Orm in a glacier cavern with the real royal trident. Aquaman begs him to stop, but Orm says that won't stop until the throne of Atlantis is his. The two then engage in a brutal fight. During the brawl, Orm uses the trident to destroy the control panel for the Doomsday Thermal Reactor, meaning that the team now have to shut it off manually.

Wonder Woman and Brax fall into the water and he tries to drag her to the bottom, but she fights back and stabs him with his own dagger. As they continue to sink, Barry is able to run to the bottom and rescue Diana, leaving Brax for dead. They join Superman in holding of the remaining Atlantean forces while Hal creates body shield with his ring around Batman, who climbs into the reactor to shut it down. He manages to disable it, saving the world, but an explosion from the battle plunges the reactor into the water. Hal, low on energy, is unable to pull him back up.

In the glacier cavern, Orm drops the trident but continues to wrestle with his brother. Suddenly, the ice beneath them crumbles and Orm is left dangling from a ledge, with Aquaman standing over him. Orm offers him his hand and begs for help, but Aquaman instead coldly picks up the trident. Orm falls to his death as Aquaman walks away.

With the battle over, the team mourn the seeming loss of Batman. Suddenly, Aquaman leaps out of the water carrying Batman and lays him down. J'onn resuscitates him and the team rejoice, although Batman himself isn't exactly overwhelmed with emotion. Aquaman thanks the team for all of their help and promises to work for peace between Atlantis and the surface world. Superman assures him that if he ever turns evil again, the Justice League will be there to stop him. Barry is just glad that the name caught on, and Aquaman dives back into the sea, where he reconciles with his wife.

With their mission over, the team decide it's time to go their separate ways once again. J'onn thanks all of them before leaving. Barry remembers that he left the gas on and runs off. Hal tells them that the universe is calling and flies off. Wonder Woman assures them that she'll see them around and departs. Superman prepares to fly away, but not before looking back and thanking Batman. He continues talking, but when he looks back a second time, Batman has vanished. Superman chuckles to himself and takes off.

In a mid-credits scene, Batman is shown to have recovered the fake trident and discovers some hidden recordings within. Many of them are encrypted, but he manages to get a get one word and leaves the Batcomputer on to be decrypted before walking away. When he returns in the post-credits scene, he finds that the word has been translated as “Apokolips.”


Armie hammer - Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman

Eric Bana - Bruce Wayne/The Batman

Michelle Monaghan - Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Bradley Cooper - Barry Allen/The Flash

Nathan Fillion - Hal Jordan/Green lantern

Alexander Skarsgard - Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Isla Fisher - Queen Mera/Aquawoman

Doug Jones - J'onn J'onzz/Martian manhunter


Justice League was followed by Justice League: The Brave and the Bold in which they do battle with Brainiac and Justice League: Apocalypse, which sees the Justice League battling Darkseid.


Batman: What are you?

J'onn J'onzz: Mankind's last hope.

Batman: [to John Jones] And one other thing, I'm not sure what you are or where you come from. But my instincts tell me you're to be trusted. Make no mistake, I have a $70,000 sliver of a radioactive meteor to stop the one from Metropolis. All I need for you is a penny for a book of matches.

this is all made up this is not the plot

Wonder Woman: What do you want?

J'onn Jonzz: Mankind may be facing it's final hour.

Aquaman: [to J'onn J'onzz] The era of the land-dweller is at an end, hero. Your Martian skull will decorate my great hall.

Aquaman: Orm, stop this! This is madness!

Orm: The distance between madness and brilliance is measured only by success.

Aquaman: It's over.

Orm: You're right. It is over. And you've lost.

Flash: Well, I guess this is it. We saved the world. What happens next?

Wonder Woman: I guess we...go our separate ways.

J'onn J'onzz: Wait. Before you go. I want to thank each and every one of you for your help. I watched my own people, my own planet, die because of it's own unwillingness to work together. I could not have prevented that from happening again if it had not been for your help. [Disappears]

Flash: Oh, crap!

Wonder Woman: What?

Flash: I think I left the gas in my apartment on. Iris is gonna kill me! Later guys, I gotta run! [Shoots away, leaving a trail of dust behind him]

Green Lantern: Me too. The universe is calling. [Flies away]

Wonder Woman: Well, boys, I'm sure I'll see you around. [Leaves]

Superman: And then there were two. I suppose this is goodbye...for now. But hey, you did well back there. Maybe you're starting to think in the team mentality a little bit...

[Superman looks behind him, but Batman is gone. Superman laughs, shakes his head, and takes off. He is seen flying into Earth's inner atmosphere before flying straight into the camera, ending the film]


When gods walk among men.

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