Jl 2
Justice League: Part II is a 2019 DC comics based live action adventure, comedic, drama superhero flick which is a sequel to 2017’s Justice League and is only the EIGHTH official film to be included into the DC Extended Universe. Earlier in 2018, the new head of DC has admitted in interviews that the DCEU can’t catch up with Marvel with their own cinematic universe considering the track records their other films have received, despite the fact that only ONE of them has received overwhelming acceptance and praise. With that statement being made, it was made clear that while more DC movies would eventually be made, they would not be made in response to their more successful rival. They also stated that the Studios would try their best not to enforce their own visions and decisions past the directors vision and to not buffer the film experience involved in other said projects.

With that being made loud and clear and with no attempt to go against said promises, Warner Bros.   went forward with the Aquaman standalone movie as well as the second Justice League film. Zack Snyder returned on set ONLY to produce said movie because one Christopher Nolan, who was one of the executive producers to the previous Justice League movie, had already took hold of the directors chair while the cast members from the previous film returned here as well.

The film is directed by Christopher Nolan, produced by Zack Snyder and distributed by D.C and Warner Bros and released in late November of 2019, similar to that of its 2017 predecessor.

As far as the Cast, it consists of Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, Cara Delevingne, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Steven R. McQueen, Jeremy Irons, Victoria Justice, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, Amy Adams, J.K. Simmons, Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Lane and Cailee Spaeny.


Ever since the return of Superman and the defeat of Steffenwolf, both Gotham and Metropolis have been in gratitude to the combined might of the Justice League. But of course when it comes to a lifetime of fighting crime, the battle never really ends. And this battle is no exception.

About a year previous, Amanda Wallers Suicide Squad went toe-to-toe with and DEFEATED the Enchantress, an ancient being who possesed the body of June Moone in an attempt to conquer the planet. But like most mythical powerful beings, they don’t stay to rot in their grave forever. After seeking help on how to further manage and and block any memory of her, June Moone gets a big surprise: Even without a heart, the witch was far from dead.

She had returned to inflict twice as much damage as she did before, for revenge against humanity and for her brothers death.......but she needs to seek out a mystical relic to harness the ability to do so. Of course this news doesn’t take long to reach Batman and rest of the League. But after learning how big of an adversary the Enchantress can be, they need to make sure that the host doesn’t bite the dust in the receiving end.

But what if there was no easy way out......and if there WAS any?


  • Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (Batman)
  • Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Cal-El (Superman)
  • Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/ Princess Diana Of Themyscira (Wonder Woman)
  • Ray Fisher as Victor “Vic” Stone (Cyborg)
  • Ezra Miller as Barry Allen (The Flash)
  • Jason Momoa as Aruther Curry (Aquaman)
  • Cara Delevingne as June Moone (Enchantress)
  • Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
  • Zac Efron as Richard “Dick” Grayson (Nightwing)
  • Steven R. McQueen as Tim Drake (Robin)
  • Will Smith as Floyd Lawton (Deadshot)
  • Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
  • Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Victoria Justice as Zatanna
  • Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
  • Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane
  • J.K Simmons as Commissioner Jim Gordon
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius Fox
  • Ike Barinholtz as Alpha Officer Griggs
  • Diane Lane as Martha Kent

  • Cailee Spaeny as RAVEN
  • ??? as ???





......measures of air blowing past the confines of what appears to be the inside of a 10-to-12 year old retro apartment complex, located in metropolitan Midway City, Michigan. Very old-fashioned from the outside, it seemed as if not much would appear to be happening inside of there.

In one room in the complex, there’s rugby sheets lying down on the floor away from the bed 🛏 while the sheets are only halfway pulled off. Revolving and moving up towards the head of the bed, a groaning, mumbling June Moone (Cara Delevingne) was not in a particularly happy place in her head.

Twisting and turning and shuddering at the core, it was unsure whether she was on the receiving end of a seizure or a very captivating nightmare based on what happened years previous.

What happened exactly?

Well.....heh.....let’s just say she doesn’t like to remember it.

She grips her side of the bed, unknowingly burying them through the sheets and into the mattress and as each second turns into minutes, the mental pain only increases......

......until she finally bolts out from her static position, rolling of the bed and gripping her hair in frustration while yelling......


After finally gaining her composure and slowing her breathing down to a comfortable level, she basically looks around her to see nothing, at least, in her mind and eyes, has seemingly changed. But deep down in her heart, the pain and that urging feeling of what just transpired was too big of an issue to pass up.

She peeled up from her side of the bed and luckily one Rick Flag wasn’t there. Thank God for that. At that point, she knew what she had to do.

June: *breathing heavily* T-th—this can’t go on much longer.

Having looked at her watch, it was only 8:53 in the morning. 7 minutes to 9 a.m. Moving quickly but as cautiously as she could, she rushed towards her bathroom and quickly put on a pair of denim jeans and shoes before.....

.....turning back towards the bathtub.....

.....and flashing back to when it was HER in there with the water reduced to a black substance around the time Rick had found her.

Help me.....

At this point, just thinking back to anything that involved her past.....activities, if you will, was enough to make her head erupt in guilt and anger. She couldn’t afford it now.

About 24 minutes afterwards, there’s the streets......the real mean, gritty streets of Midway City. Similar to that of Chicago (which is also in Illinois), the city has received a.....nasty least in terms of what happened here a year previous.

A possible global catastrophe had occurred here which almost resulted in utter chaos......

......and it was all because of June’s.......

......former half.

Seeing no comfort in having to witness the destruction she had caused first hand to every street, every avenue, every block, every single scrap of remembrance that USED to be there was tugging on her heartstrings one too many times......

.......especially when she came by subway station, of which used to be flooded around that same time period. Once again, she keeps on power-walking and moving faster in the process.....

.....until she stops at a cab.

She used the cab to take a trip towards the Atlantic City Airport, which just so happened to be the closest one near her and hours later, via airplane, she had arrived..... Gotham City.

June didn’t bother trying to take the long methodical walk to her attended destination, for she too knew how much of an infested cesspool of drought, fortune, fame, crime and villainy this so called “fair city” was. Her intentions were simply hot to cause any trouble, even by accident.

So once again.....

.....the cab was the only option.

Needless to say the entire ride experience was......let’s be charitable and say......surreal.

But it wasn’t long for after a 23 minute drive, the cab drops her off near the she finally gets to where and what she was looking for.


The manor was structured and manufactured in a way that would probably make even the most utmost sane person want to steer clear of it. Everything about it’s mere appeal spoke the type of uneasy unappealing tone like this entire manor came off the set of a Scooby-Doo flick.

Seems foolhardy, but when was the last time anybody saw something like this?

Apparently undeterred by this, June slowly urges herself further towards the Manor, with this aching feeling of anxiety slowly crawling and inching up her spine the closer she approached.

Finally reaching the door.....she simply pressed forward.....and knocks.

Knock knock knock knock

Only one set of knocks was needed apparently because after about 30 seconds, the door creaks opens by itself (although it doesn’t open up entirely). On the other side of the opening door, opposite of June, was a woman, early to mid 20’s, wearing a white dress shirt with bow tie nicely contrasted with a yellow cummerbund, a blazer with long coattails, top hat and......fishnets.

This......this was Zatanna (Victoria Justice)

Zatanna: June?

June: I-I’ve done everything I—nothing. NOTHING is working. I—it’s like first there’s the pain, the seizures, the flashbacks, it’s—I—oh my god, I—

After a few brief moments of awkward Silence, the air became rather humid for the both of them. It felt REALLY uneven even on Zatanna’s standards. But that’s when June finally looked back up at her, with this petrified look in her eyes as she says......

June: I think SHE’S still alive.

At this moment, hearing an announcement like this, knowing what this young woman had been through......there was no reason to disregard what she said.

All Zatanna did was just further open the door and signal June to come in......

.....and she did.

Slowly edging further inside as Zatanna led the way further into said manor past bookcases, cabinets and a very retro resembled creepy-like manor structure, was nothing that June had already been in or seen before.

.....for she had had been in far, far worse.

June: Looks nice.

Zatanna: Thanks, I really do take all my work rather seriously.....or not, depends if I feel squirrelly. There is a reason why I had this set near the coast of Gotham, however. *sighs* A girl needs to catch a break every once in a while.

June: Wish I could say the same. But it doesn’t appear that easy for me.

It is at THAT moment Zatanna brought herself back to what she knew June was here to discuss about. There was no escaping the topic, despite how much it was already discussed. She flips her top hat off her head and reaches down inside, deeper then any hat will ALLOW you to go......and pulls out a wand.

Swishing and flicking the wand in more less a complicated matter......

Zatanna: In that case, why don’t you.....tis nwod?

.....she finally flicks it down after muttering that one line and two red chairs appear out of thin air and takes June off guard as it trips her back, making her sit down.

She was there and it was apparent from the nervous feet, the facial muscle contortions, the rapid movement.....your typical signs of anxiety and nervousness.....that she was going to get this out one way or another. And she planned to. So.....

......she finally spoke up.

June: I never believed in the supernatural, nor did I feel like I needed to. But that didn’t stop me from making small little jigs at it every once in a while.....and....

She chuckles very mildly before the facts been back to her and the smile quickly fades away.

June:.....I guess I bit off more then I could’ve chewed.

Right then, Zatanna finally sits down in front of her, placing her top hat aside.

Zatanna: How exactly come across it? You never really told me the whole story.

June: The story sometimes isn’t worth telling, ok? All I can say is when I ran across her in that cave, the rest is history. Trust me when I tell you: the things that I've seen and done while SHE was in control would crack you.

Zatanna: I’ve heard a lot of sob stories in my time......and I don’t know if I can afford that anymore. Seen and done too much to afford anymore trouble.

June: One thing we have in common.

Zatanna: Heh. Well.....on that note, how did you get rid of it?

June: It had a heart of its own. Literally. Had someone tear it out and destroy it. From that moment onwards......I thought it was gone. After years of that hag torturing me.....corrupting me......feeding off of me......I thought I was free. I was able to at least build myself back up to a.....respectable stance.....piece by piece. But.....


Zatanna: The pain, though. When it came back. Didn’t feel good, did it?

June: More or less like someone ripped half of my body off me and fed it to the Wolfpack. It’s next to impossible for me to describe it any more then that.

Zatanna: Have you tried focusing—?

June: One too many times. The visions won’t leave me. I just—I really wish things were different.

Zatanna: Yeah.....I bet we all do.

They both chuckle mildly.

June: Hey. Glad we can underst—

Right before she could finish the sentence, a huge vibrant pulsating force strikes June in her brain and past the cerebrum, resulting in a very, very, VERY SHARP headache that literally knocked her backwards off of her seat.

Alarming Zatanna, this propped her to get her wand out in defense and stand her ground with her distance as far from June as possible for she knew that at this point, it was only a matter of time.

Zatanna: No.....

June: No! Argh, god—get out! Get out of my head! AHHHHHHHH!!!

The pain continues to increase second by second and it brings June further and further down onto the floor as she drop down to both of her knees, groaning more and more excessively with more pain and anguish showing.

Zatanna, once again, has her wand in her hand prepped and ready to launch something but before she could.....

......every light in the manor goes out in one clean swoop along with the candles, and it endorses everything in a pitch shade of darkness.

At that moment, Zatanna was worried. It wasn’t pitch black to the point where she and June couldn’t, at least, catch the sight of one another but this was by far the most uncomfortable she had felt in a long time. But it got even worse when this booming voice overcame both her and June.

June, June, June.......

June: No......

That familiar voice was utter nightmare fuel for both of them to have to hear especially Zatanna, for this layer of black magic was one that even she herself had not encountered least not of this kind.

June: Wh-why can't you leave me alone?

I have a better question:........did you REALLY think you could dispose of me so easily?

June: You’re’re supposed to be—They took your heart.....I thought you were gone!

Hehehehe......I'm NEVER far away from you, June. You've been so good to me when I needed it that I couldn't stay away forever. But in the few years I've been exiled, a thought......had came to mind.....and it was quite the revelation. You.....and I......have been thinking far too small.

June: N-no-No......shut up.

Why only take over ONE Earth......

June: STOP!!!!

......when we can bewitch ALL 52?

June: No, I won't do it!!!!

You don't have much of a choice in the matter, June. Have you forgotten that I'M behind the reins here? I’ve make you unleash me before against your will. Don’t make me do it again. Just say the magic word......

June: No chance.

The response to that was short, swift, and effective but brutally painful. The headache once again resonates again with even twice as much pain exerted to her then last time and once again, June blurts out and screams in agony as the traumatic force behind it actually shows a very visible shade of green resonating from her forehead.

June: I can’ it.....back.....any longer!

Zatanna: There has to be a cure for this level of Witchcraft. I'm positive!

There's no cure for what I got, homo magi.

June: Sadly, she's right! You have to finish me for real! Do it!

Zatanna: But you—


Uh, uh, uhhhhh........Don't you dare underestimate me, young Zatara.

Zatanna wasn't one to comply with someone or something like her. Once she got herself into something there was no guarantee that she'd get herself out. So......she had to do something.

Zatanna: I'm sorry, June.......

At that moment, she flips her hat right side up, aims it right at her and against her own better judgement, she yells out a spell backwards and this huge blast of energy flashes out of the hat and curdling towards June, with the blast effect knocking any and all nearby belongings down.

June wasn't very fond of dying at the hands of anyone but with the one thing she spent years to avoid back from a deep slumber, it was apparent that death might as well be option number one now.

She quickly scurries up to her feet and gets IN the path of the blasts trajectory with her arms held out boldly. It seemed adamant that she was MORE then JUST OK with dying at this point; she was desperate for it now.

Apparently, she would get her wish.......

......but that wouldn't be fulfilled so quickly.......

......for the blast out of Zatannas top hat literally stopped and held itself in place just milliseconds before even making he slightest bit of contact with June's skin.

Both of them were in complete and utter shock at this result and even more at the realization that it, in fact, wasn't June.

Zatanna: June.....

June: Help me.....


As soon as that dreaded word was ushered again in her head, a chain reaction had imploded. An utter mass of dark black.......well......mass quickly resonated from seemingly thin air, oozing all over the floor and even more-so, oozing out of June's body to the point where it suddenly surrounds her in this soundproof bubble the size of a small kiddie pool.

Seeing how catastrophic this could result in time, Zatanna, with no other option blurred out......

Zatanna: Etaerc a elbbub fo elbisivni ruomalg!

At that moment, a bubble of her own out of invisible glamor resonates around her, rendering her invisible to June let alone the witch that came back to re-consume her. But soon enough......

......the bubble explodes......

......and all of these dark magic waves wave around the manor at top speeds, representing those Deathly Hallows, as this dark shadow filled the room in utter blackness.

Zatanna fell back a few feet from the blast, almost hitting her head along yet another bookcase, but catching her balance just in time to see the entire mansion once again endorsed in pitch black.

Only THIS time, it’d be tricky to see......

Zatanna was lucky to have her invisible bubble have some shades of light because even if she couldn’t be able to see the Enchantress......

it was clear that there was a good chance that the Enchantress could see HER.

Zatanna: Father......protect me........

You will make no such effort to overcome my might. I've spent millenniums being Cast out and betrayed by the feeble minded people that used to cower at MY feet. Your kind, if there's any left, will not prevent me from giving birth to a new age......of dark magic.

Zatanna: It'll never fly for me.....then again, I figured that coming from the new "It" girl.

New? I'm ancient, Zatanna. And of all witches.....I'M THE MOST WICKED.

Zatanna: Someone like you; I should've expected that too......*sighs* that case, I won't feel bad sending you back to where you came from.

She held her wand as tightly in her grip as much as she could despite how much potential fear was already building up in her, even more so when the black smoke originating from June's corner of the room kept creeping more and more towards Zatanna's bubble.......

......and right then and there......

......the face of the Enchantress resonates and Pops out from the dark shadows, screaming directly at her as her black magic lunges forward and then......


About a week later or so, everything in Metropolis so far is moving along the way things normally go. With all the people around doing their daily routines, anything and everything involved seemed to like it always is.....

......or was it, really?

At this one cafe downtown, there's barely any business operating there. The clerk was halfway asleep due to the lethal lack of business booming and not many people not showing up.

So it was clear that he decided to take a chill pill and take the few precious hours off by DOZING off.

Little did he know, the door had immediately swung open with the outlines of two people......

specifically one Clark Kent (Henry Cavill)......

......and Diana Prince (Gal Gadot)......

.......dressed like civilians, walking in with coffees in hand.

With no intention to wake the clerk, they slowly crept towards the nearest table near the window as they both sat down.

As soon as they did, however, there was already a glaring distraction coming through to Diana in terms of Clark's appearance. She hasn't actually seen the public side of him before when he's not out doing his thing so it was unusual, needless to say, uncomfortable having to look at him.....

......with his glasses on..... CLARK KENT.

Diana: Umm.....

A slight pause there.

Diana: Y-your glasses......

Clark: Oh. Heh, yeah I—I, um, need them to conceal myself. At that instance, a good fraction of the people here won't really know and at least I get off scot-free without anyone exposing me......

This made Diana look at him in a funny way.

Clark:......besides you and the others.

Diana: Kind of a poor choice, don't you think?

Clark: Yeah, I know. But I couldn't really think ahead to other options.

Diana: Well, mind if I—

Clark: Sure.

She reaches forward and slowly removes his glasses (lenses) away from his face and almost immediately as she did, she noticed an immediate difference between the complexity of his face with them on.....

......and without them on.

Diana: I must say, having those glasses you wear everyday and having them taken off of you; It must make a huge difference, huh?

Clark: Honestly......

He takes the glasses back and takes a brief look at the lenses to see how dirty they've gotten. And looked all fairness, I think I need new lenses.

They both mildly chuckle before Diana changes the topic.

Diana:'s Lois?

It took a few brief seconds for Clark to acknowledge what Diana just said, not because he wanted to avoid having to bring up something (although it's debatable) but because that thought had been......on his mind more than just for a few days now. She was his star-crossed soulmate through it all and......well, let's just say that it got to the point where he couldn't really hide it much longer.

So he just held out his hand out to her......and that's when she saw.....

.....a ring.

Clark: Yep. We're due. 

Diana: When?

Clark: Next week. I can tell that she's excited. But at the same time.....

He lets his coffee down for a brief second and stares out at the window and out into the sky 🌌. 

Clark:......she's concerned, as she should. Every time and every day, I worry if each other day I see her will be the last. 

Diana: You've lost enough already, have you?

Clark: Sometimes I had wished that maybe staying dead would keep her and everyone else safe. Depends on whether or not I actually do become too dangerous for my own good. 

Diana: Your own good? That choice is only up to you who you decide to be. People will often have their doubts about you but as long as you stick to what you believe in......I have faith that you will always do what you feel is right.

Clark: Not with Lex out.

And speaking of that matter.......

.....who knew that Luthor was making deals in weaponry in Gotham?

Clark: Best guess: he ain't making another Doomsday.

Diana: I, for one, was expecting a war zone.

Clark: If that's how you view it, then you might get lucky.

You guys know I can make it vanish at an instant. I AM known as the fastest man alive.....well, at least I think I am.

Diana: You're only the fastest MAN alive, Barry.

Across from Clark and Diana's table just so happened to be another really close friend of theirs made in a relatively short period of time after the events of Steffenwolf.

If it wasn't young Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) himself dressed in his occasional red hoodie.....also sipping down some coffee.

Barry: And don't you forget it.

We all heard that already a million times, Barry.

Barry: Says Robocop.

Nah, man. Last I recall, he still whooped you last time. Can't really say you THAT fast.

Barry: Hey, that was a dead tie, and you know it. Plus, calling me FAST is an over-complication. I'd like to think I'm..... versatile now.

Clark: Hey, man. Care to put that money where you're mouth is after we wrap this up? You and me go Round 2.

He snickers.

Barry: Didn't know this was a popularity contest.

Eyes on target, people.

This much darker voice booming over each individual earpiece resonated not from inside of the cafe but more or less from the outside of it.......and more specifically spectating out towards a WayneTech tower booming up at over 100 ft tall. Up on a perch point near the very sheer top, there is this massive outline of a man dressed in all black and grey.

Only thing that stood out on that, however......

......was the symbol engraved on its chest.

That only meant ONE thing: the Batman (Ben Affleck) was upon us.

Batman: This is our only lead in weeks. I don't want to lose this one.

Batman kneeled back down upon the perch of one of his own buildings, staring all the way across to the cafe both Clark and Barry were centered at.

Clark takes a sneak peek back at Batman and winks. As he nods back, he hears screeching noises from the side of him and sees two vans total screeching their tires alongside the pavement and and making a hard left alongside the road.

At that quick instant, Batman whips out what appears to be a less-bulky modified sniper rifle and aims it ever so gracefully as both vans rage across other cars in the road.

Luckily, one of them had a minor crash with two cars, giving Bats the chance to fire and the "bullet" hit the back of the van as it made this obvious blinking sound effect that was faint enough that it couldn't detect the goons in the van.

In other words......that sniper rifle was a basically a disruptor.

Batman: Vic. Can you track where they're going?

Uhh, god. Can't get it through. Something's blocking my connection through.

Batman: Alfred, anything?

Not in the slightest manner, sir. They appear to have their comm links tapped crystal clear.

Batman: No worries......I have someone for that.

He stands directly up on the perch point as he continues to look below, just watching and scouting the vans FINALLY making it through the traffic and continuing their intended path towards their intended destination.......

......unaware that the tracker bullet left by the disrupter was still attached.

Right then and there......Batman simply looks up above him to where another outlying shadow stood directly over it.....

.....and nods.

Quickly, it leaps up and off the perch point as it then proceeds to soar through the air with the wind giving its wings enough stability to keep its gliding in check so it could tail behind both of those vans.

It wasn't long 'till the Caped Crusader tailed behind it.....

......but not before informing the others.

We're tailing them now and getting close. Get ready.

The other members took that to heart as Clark, Diana and Barry all nodded to each other and quickly exited the diner one at a time......just before the clerk finally bolted his head up, thanks to the slamming of the door..... rather unconventional high speeds.

By the time those vans FINALLY came to a stop at a nearby subway entrance, the figure that was taking them from above was already one step ahead of them....

.....for.....Robin (Tim Drake)......simply stood up on another perch point while holding a disruptor of his own behind his back.

As he presses down on it, the other disruptor bullet still stuck on the back of the truck started to blink and drone over in noise as the intensity of the bullet increased within pitch tone. It finally caught one of the smugglers attention and as he yelled out in Russian.....

......that one truck exploded, alerting the rest of the smugglers and giving away their location, which also shut down whatever security protocols they had.


Robin shot his grapple gun, quickly zooming down to the confused smugglers and immediately glide kicks one of them down the subway stairs...... he whips out a staff and then proceeded to fend off the thugs while beating all of them into medically induced comas. 

Well.....not all of them. 

When the thugs of the thugs were taken care of, Robin proceeded to scout around him until the other van next to the blown up van caught his eye. Once he decided to look into it, the first line of action that came to mind was to look in the back. 

He tries to rip the doors open manually, and while it moves slightly in the right direction, it wouldn't budge. 

So, basically he kicks it open.......

.......revealing the smuggling weaponry.

Robin: I think we got a winner here.

Then there's scuffling.

From behind him, the noise just gets closer and as he turns back around, he sees......

......Only ONE of the thugs refused to stay down after suffering a very short yet brutal beat-down by the Boy Wonder. Despite holding his abdomen very tightly to try and block out the pain, this didn't stop him from launching yet ANOTHER barrage of attacks.....

......all of which Robin dodges easily.

After foolishly letting his guard down and leaving himself wide open, Robin knees him in the face before grabbing him with HIS grapple gun, pulls him towards him.....

.....throws him OVER him....

.....and that's when Batman comes from out of nowhere and lands smack dab on him....

......bringing him back down to solid earth.......

.....making him squeal in agony.

As Batman gets off of him.....

Robin: How was that?

Batman: Good. Still need work in progress.

Robin: Figures you'd say that. 

He hears groaning from the exact same guy he knocked out and just when he was about to lift him up, this yellow lasso immediately wraps around him and then it starts pulling the barely unconscious thug up off his feet.....

......only for him to be face to face with Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) herself.

Wonder Woman: You cannot resist the Lasso. It compels you to tell me the Truth. Tell me.....

She points up to the stairs leading down into the Gotham subway.

Wonder HE down there?

The thug obviously tried to resist but considering the fact that he was trapped in a rope called the LASSO OF TRUTH, it seemed inevitable that he would confess......

......and sure enough, he spilled the beans.

Thug: No. He's waiting for us miles away. He'll be pissed if the rest of the shipment doesn't make it through, however......which is why our boys are dealing with that little situation currently. Either're out of luck.

At that moment, pressure gets exerted on his arm and he immediately looks away in pain....knowing it was Batman holding it with that iron tight grip of his.

Batman: Tell me what you KNOW about HIM. And don't bother lying......I'll know.

Thug: Ok! Ok! He's a former military solider turned mercenary. Once he showed his face here, he's been a staple for dangerous men ever since. People are starting to get—ARGH!

Batman: WHATS HIS NAME?!?!

Thug: Wilson!! Slade Wilson!

That name just STOPPED him dead in his tracks right then and there. Batman has heard that name before one too many times......

.....but that didn't stop him from making an example.

Batman: If you're lying......I'll break the other one.

Thug: The other wh--

Just then, Batman completely twisted his arm, braking it in more then one additional area. As he yelled in pain and just held whatever was left.......

Wonder Woman: I applaud you, good sir.

.....she takes the lasso off of him as Batman just walked away from the scene, towards the direction of the Batmobile. But not before, he makes a call.

Batman: Alfred. Did you catch that name: Slade Wilson?

More than just a mercenary. He's also a highly assassin, Bruce. Some of the best of his kind.

At the batcave.......

Alfred: Rather ironic how he turned out now, however. He was once a test subject deemed as a failed experiment after failing to meet expectations......Curtesy of one . His greed for money and power hit an all time high as he took on a number of assassinations. You know the hit on William Morris?

Batman: The senator of London?

Alfred: Precisely. That was his.....and now his militia squad. He likes to inform himself as........Deathstroke.

Batman: Send me any info from the records on him. I'm on my way back.

He hopped in the batmobile but Superman suddenly startled him, crash-landing directly in front of him just as he was about to drive up.

Superman: Bailing again?

Batman: Something's come up in Gotham. I have to go.

Superman: What about the weaponry?

Batman: Take care of it and send me everything about it IF I'm not busy. And make sure Tim doesn't hurt himself.

Superman: Why? Boy Wonders holding up fine.

Batman: He strains a lot.

The hatch then closed up and locked itself as the afterburner for the Batmobile fires up and propelled the vehicle only about a foot or two forward. It's at that moment it drifts itself around in a full circle and drove off as Superman watched him go.....

......nodding with his arms folded.

Luckily, he had some comfort.

Superman: I think he still hates me.

Wonder Woman: His paranoia does not surprise me much......but he missed you dearly when you were gone.

Superman: Is that how he demonstrates his love? Cause if that's the case, I definitely feel it.

Wonder Woman: In more ways then one, Clark. You'll learn to see it through. Come on, let's stop this deal.

She quickly turned back around towards the subway entrance before taking the rope off of the fallen thug with the broken arm. As for Sups, he couldn't help but to look back up towards the melancholy and mild appearance of the sky.....

......for it soothes him lightly.

He then takes a brief look down to his right hand, around his middle finger to take a look at his ring.

In other words, since he had already proposed to one Lois Lane, it was only a matter of time before the two of them were officially able to tie the knot. It'd definitely be worth it all in the end.

But now.....wasn't the time to think about it.



The sound of re-occurring silencer and automatic gun-fire rocked the entire transaction center of the train station as a few thugs wearing some degree of mercenary army kept firing back at the other thugs in front of them, who appear to be nothing more but just regular old  gun dealers

After nearly two minutes, the merc thugs were the ones left standing as they quickly began scurrying through all the random assessment of packages and crates that contained weapons ranging from short range and barely harmful to long range ones that spell out hell.

Only HALF of their weapons were stashed in a crate of their own and it was made clear that they were moving incredibly fast and to the point.

Thug: When will they ever learn?

Thug 3: They never do.

Thug 2: Hurry up, hurry up. The boss needs these weapons back soon.

I wouldn't be so confident about that.

All of Deathstrokes apparent thugs immediately turned around behind them with automatic guns cocked and loaded at whoever just so happened to be there.

And the sight didn't really soothe them either.

Both Superman and Wonder Woman standing side by side of one another, standing their ground and once again, seeing these two seemingly invincible god-like beings in front of them downright injected as much as fear into the gun-toting thugs as Scarecrows fear toxin would.

Then again, Robin was right by them as well wasn't THAT scary for them.

Thug: Y-you? You shouldn't have scurried back, Sups.

Superman: Since when do I ever do that?

Thug 2: Didn't stop you with Luthor.

Superman: And look how he turned out......baldness.....and BALL-LESS.

Thinking alike, they foolishly pointed all their guns towards the Man Of Steel and proceeded to shoot at him.


But every bullet, one by one, just bounced off of his S symbol......

.....and in some cases, ricocheted back towards the thugs as they immediately duck for cover.

But that's when Flash, in speed lightning, knocked all the weapons out of their hands as Robin jumped down and engaged in a fairly one sided brawl with ONLY HALF of the men. As one of them tried to kick him, he simply grabbed it before twisting him around and breaking it. Luckily, he caught another thug on the offensive as he just swatted him up and down with his staff. He then popped his staff outwards and knocks all the men with one fell swoop......

Wonder Woman: Behind you.

.....but that's when Wonder Woman gets involved as she sweeps the last one's leg from underneath him.

The other half, after making dubious eye contact with Robin and Wonder Woman, just made a run for the exit.....

......only for one Cyborg to immediate crash land directly in front of them, blocking their way out.

Cyborg: Think again, suckers.

He holds his arm out towards them as he converts it into his Sonic Ray blaster, aimed directly at them: Petrified and scared shitless, they made a poor decision to turn back around the other way.......only for Wonder Woman to block THEIR path now.

Wonder Woman: No escape.

Sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place, that half had no idea what to do next. One of them was stupid enough to literally lunge right at Diana, but she immediately headbutts him down and knocks him out immediately.

The other two just cowered up and turned in the OPPOSITE direction, allowing Cyborg to work his magic and tase the both of them.

At that instance, every single mercenary thug was taken down.

Each thug was bound up with backs against one another next to the wall and to make sure no one was going to escape, Cyborg brought out his own pair of cyber-electronic handcuffs to make sure no one got out.

Needless to say, none of them were actually conscious to notice that.

Cyborg: Now you fellas stay here and think about why y'all did.

Again....they could not hear or see that.

At that same instance.....

Robin: Uh, Guys! Think you might wanna have a look at this.

All three other members of the league trudged over to his location as every single one of their faces turned from confusion to utter astonishment and what they saw......

.....was made crystal clear.

They saw this black oozed covered six-sided diamond star like symbol oozing it's color structure over the wall as some of it leaks down from the side.

This was nothing the others had possibly even seen before (then again, maybe Robin is the only exception) but on its own...... was just unusual.

Flash: Argh......this better not be what I think it leads to.

Robin: At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

At that point, Wonder Woman just looks back at Sups.

Wonder Woman: Thinking what I'm thinking?

He nods.

Down on the road this time with next to no traffic disruptions to muster, the Batmobile tears down onto the streets of Gotham until he gets to the hatch of the hidden Batcave.

He cranks up the afterburner as he drives into the opening hatch through the river bank and into the water until finally.....

.....he re-enters his Batcave.

By the time Batman got into his comfort zone, he promptly jumped out of the Batmobile and immediately pulled off his mask.....

.....revealing him to be the famous (or infamous) genius, billionaire playboy and Bruce Wayne.

Living two lives in the public eye would seem stressful to someone of his caliber but it has become clear that for the last 20 plus years, that he has sense gotten used to it.

As he walked into that small office pub placing his mask down on the table near the entrance, he sees Alfred tirelessly pulling up info after info on the Batcomputer that pertained anything to Deathstroke.

Bruce: Anything come up, Al?

Alfred: Just a rather.....dubious documented procedure, Bruce. The legends are, in fact, true however.

Bruce: How many enemies have I made?

Alfred: *chuckles*  No such thing as too many. You've had your fair share of encounters before. This should be no different type of quarry.

At this moment, a faint audible voice began to intercept their transmission lines which turned both of their attentions away from the Batcomputer. It was clear whatever was about to be determined about the potential whereabouts of Deathstroke had to be reserved for yet another time.

Alfred: It's Kent on line 1.

Bruce: Patch him through.

Alfred flipped a switch on the nearby panel which flipped over to Superman's voice over the other side.

Bruce. You need to get back down here. We found something rather.....disturbing. I don't know how to describe it, but it's urgent.

Bruce: I'm busy.

You been saying that a lot recently. I know you're a very complicated individual but we're working on something rather important down here in the subway.

He sighs heavily. He clearly was at a certain point in his life in which he had to be a little more versatile with a lot of situations. As of 20 plus years of non-stop crime fighting didn't do that to him already.

He was just about to answer back......

.....that is, until he saw the bat-signal just on the outside of the window, shining brightly through the sky.


Turns out versatility would have to wait.

Bruce: I'll get back to you later. Something come up.

Hold up, Bruce. Bruce? Don't you hang up

He does as he cuts off the transmission and immediately walks out of said office room.....


....... as the actual Bat-signal itself shines brighter through the night sky while its point of origin was made clear upon the roof of the Gotham City Police Department .

A specially modified searchlight with a stylized emblem of a bat affixed to the light  was shining through the clouds as a means of a distress signal to call out the one and only Caped Crusader himself.

Of course......who else could've done that......besides Commissioner Jim Gordon himself......

.....and it appears that he wasn't alone, as he waited with another man.

Man: Is he always this late?

Gordon: He'll be here. I'm counting on it.

Make it snappy.

The sudden noise pushed them all back towards the edge of the roof out of pure shock which made them snap their heads back toward that area..... Batman stepped out of the shadows.

Man: I see he likes to make an entrance.

Gordon: All the time.....argh......I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time.

Batman: I have to be somewhere soon. Make it quick.

Gordon: Batman, this......

The man steps out from most of the shadowy area. Rick Flag. He—

Batman: Colonel Rick Flag?

Flag: Yep, that's me.

He approaches him, rather cautiously.

Batman: You lead Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad three years ago.

Flag: I'll be damned. You are as smart as they say......and that's why I need your help Batman. You and your.....own squad. My wife.....June Moon......she's been missing for weeks.

Batman: Dr. Moon?

Flag: She's not a doctor anymore. After the events with the Squad, she decided tone it down a level. She used to have a job at some art studio she told me about. Either way, she went back there.

Gordon: Very handy, I must say.

Batman: Did she say anything about her activities leading up to her disappearance?

Flag: Y-yeah. Last time I saw her, she told me that she's been seeing a therapist. That actually confused me.

Gordon: She normally doesn't go most of the time?

Flag: More like she doesn't believe in it. But based on what I've seen from her, she must've decided it was needed. I've seen her twisting and turning, getting up early, vomiting, most of the symptoms are there. Even more strangely......


Flag:......recently.....every morning......right before she bolts out of bed, there's endless screaming.....clawing......shaking uncontrollably.......sighs......this sounds all too familiar to me......

Something about what Flag was saying made Bruce twitch just a little. For some reason, this conversation was more or less the very starting mark for an apparent missing persons case.....

.....unaware that downtown, THAT event and THIS one were directly related in ways he and the rest of the League wouldn't discover just yet.

For now, he stayed focused on the task at hand.

Batman: You said she was seeing a therapist. Did she ever give out a name?

Flag: Not that I remember. Only thing I do is her initial starts with a "Z". Again......odd.

A "Z". This caused the gears inside of the Dark Knights mind to grind forward a little bit. Batman only knew ONE potential person whose FIRST name begins with a Z. It wouldn't take long to track her down, but keeping up with her......

......that's a different story.

Batman: So far, I can work with that.

Flag: You and your Squad?

He nods.

Gordon: Hold on, what makes you sure That this isn't common for Ms. moon?

Flag: I've been around her long enough to know the difference between normal, dangerous deluded and just bat-s__t crazy. When she wasn't herself, she was the furthest thing from normal.

Gordon: Well, at this moment, I can't really separate the facts from fiction, Flag. That's up to the professionals.

Flag: We're all professionals here, Commissioner. But so far, it's this one tha—

He was about to point towards Batman to prove his point but as usual......

......he was gone.

Take a few minutes to talk to him about the situation and he'll go off just like that. Vanished.

Flag: Uhh, d-does he always do that?

Gordon: Every damn time.


Back at that dreaded subway where that gun deal was originally being taken place, it was.....still empty.

The rest of the guns that were supposed to be sold but never were were taken by the cops and other detectives for any other potential leads to the mercenary known as Slade Wilson.

All but two things remained in the subway transaction center......and that was Robin......

.....and Cyborg......

.....and he was still staring at that weird cryptic symbol oozed and plastered on that wall.

He couldn't tell what it was or why it was there but he felt it necessary to keep this particular calling card stored for further research. So he once again separated his hands apart for a brief second as electronic gizmos sparked from his fingertips.

For a moment, he stopped.

Robin: Anything?

Cyborg: Hold your horses, ok? I'm still learning the ropes, same as you.

Again, he was still learning his way around to him being.....a cyborg.

But he finally brings himself it to him to open up his database to every computer and network level down in the subway as he opens his arms out all the way as this telegraphic keyboard and homing computer system appears in front of him.

He quickly begins to work his way with it as he decrypts most info concerning the symbol and gets halfway through downloading and saving the image in his database.

.....until he felt a certain eerie presence overtake him, which forced him to pause the download.


But then again, he already knew.

Cyborg: You're late, man.

Batman: Traffic.

Robin: *scoffs* You call that traffic?

Batman: That's for another time. Anything down here?

Robin: Apart from this thing, I haven't got a damn clue. Although, the ooze is rather interesting. If anything.....

He picks the ooze from the symbol off of the wall and takes a closer examination.'s a rare substance.

Cyborg: Trust me, I'm trying to get a reading on it and so's blank.

Batman: All Of it?

Cyborg: All of it.

Batman: Wait a minute.

Something about the way this symbol was originated and how it's put together made Batman have some sort of a flashback to a previous event. He reaches out forward with his own built in orbital scanner as it skimmed up and down the symbol and captured it to save in its database.....

......somehow doing what Cyborg couldn't manage to get done.

Batman: I know the symbol.

Robin: You do?

Batman: These were on Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad file readings......not only that but, based on what I've seen, this more than likely isn't the only symbol plastered over town. Dr. Moon going missing......Oozing symbol.

Putting two and two together wasn't difficult at that point.

Batman: Yes.....we're definitely dealing with the Enchantress again.

Cyborg: The who? Slow down Bats, I'm all about brains and science but who the heck is she?

Batman: An ancient sorceress who ruled over mankind during the 15th century......that is until we.....our premature ancestors turned on her and her brother. Fearing what how much power they had and what they were capable of, they sealed them off in different locations......far away from one another......


Batman:......until Dr. Moon entered the wrong cave.....and woke her from her deep slumber. She's been possessed by her ever since.

Robin: But how can it be here? Didn't you say Deadshot, Harley and those other goons wiped her out?

Batman: Supposedly, so. But this form of dark magic is far more advanced and powerful than it was originally formatted as. Heart or no heart, the witch continues to harvest off human souls. So as long as Dr. Moon is exposed to the curse, the Enchantress........will keep coming back.

Cyborg: So how will we find her?

Batman: She was last seen to see her therapist. And if I can put two and two together......

He does.

Batman: ......I know an old friend who has more answers.

Robin: Who?


Translating back to the outstretches near the coast of Gotham City itself, laid the remains of the Shadowcrest Manor. Turns out the lasting effects of the Enchantress's return left the entire household in complete and utter shambles.

Even more so, with all the debris and ligaments of the manor lying around, there seemed to be absolutely no signs of Zatanna anywhere.

Or so it seemed.....


A faint noise was heard underneath the carnage as a small thumb bumped up to the surface. But nothing appeared to be moving.

Then again, that didn't seem to stop the noise.


It kept crashing up underneath the rubble as the voice kept getting louder.......


.......and louder.......


.........and louder.........


......until finally, the rubble broke off as Zatanna broke through the remains of her destroyed manor and levitated high up into the air and out towards the road before lowering herself down with her magic.

Once her magic wore out, she went down to both of her knees and tried to recuperate and catch her breath after being exhausted and tired thanks to the onslaught from the return of that dreaded witch.

Zatanna: The Enchantress.......How.....was THAT possible?

Cutting over to Metropolis.......

Clark: That's impossible.

That's what I thought. But since Flag reported his wife missing and with the symbol I found in the subway, it wasn't hard to piece the puzzle together.

Clark: You could be making a mistake here. You can't just force the pieces to fit even IF it makes sense. I thought she retired after settling down.

She did......but apparently, the witch wasn't ready to let go. As far as I'm concerned, these are the forces of dark magic we're going up against, so we HAVE to tread softly.

Clark: Alright, So what'd you have in mind?

Inside sources lead me to an old acquaintance of mine. She's our best lead on finding Dr. Moon. If I can get any more info on the Witch.....and maybe some extra hands, we might have a chance.

Clark: If that's the case, I'll—


Clark: Let me out you on hold, Bruce.

He cuts off the transmission for that brief moment as he walks out of the bedroom into the living room in that hotel room. His fiancé Lois Lane was lying down on the couch, but she was still up near the arm of the couch with her eyes firmly glued to the TV screen.

Walking up behind her, wrapping his arms around her, she smiled lightly.

Superman: Honey?

Lois: Clark, this never stops, does it?

Clark: I'm afraid not. Channel 7?

She nods.

Clark: News. It's urgent?

Lois: VERY.

She wasn't really kidding. The news channel at this point in time was revealing a rather disturbing news report that would surely earn the top pick at being the front page on the Metropolis Gazette (newspaper). And if not......'d still be hard to UNwatch.

Female Reporter: I'm standing here in front of the Metropolis Museum where earlier the place had filled in blackness. Local forces had managed to recover a number of survivors but only a handful are still trapped inside.


While all of that went down in much quicker fashion then first anticipated, our beloved Caped Crusader was STILL out and about in the city and now that he had ALREADY gotten the mystery disappearance of June Moon down on pat, he could've been able to track her down just like that.

Unfortunately, he doesn't know where she is and it's already getting near that dangerous hour of any day in Gotham: Night.

But that wasn't going to stop the Dark Knight.

Thanks to an additional man made tracker GPS system installed into his Batmobile as well as the rest of his tech, simply titled WayneTech, he was able to locate where Zatanna normally resides during her spare time.

Roaring past the city and into the coast barely exiting Gotham, Batman exited his vehicle and firmly just stared down at the sight of Shadowcrest from the road just in the outside of it.

Too bad the sight he saw once he saw it was really bittersweet.

Counting all the debris, ligaments and other displays of carnage displayed at the utter destruction of it all, nothing about this was something Batman hadn't already seen.....

.....but this didn't mean he was emotionally torn at the sight of it......and that didn't stop him from making an actual effort in trying.

In a quick attempt to get any confirmation of what happened, he flipped on a pair of shades (the ones from Justice League) and pressed a button on the side.....

.....entering Detective Mode.....

.....and for over 24 minutes straight, he canvassed through the entire discarded structure of the Shadowcrest manor, searching every room, top to bottom, corner to corner, pixel by pixel over a dozen times searching for Zatanna.......

.....but even on Detective mode, nothing came back to him with a positive match.

There was.....absolutely nothing.

Any hopes of him finding Zatanna at this point was very, VERY slim.

Batman: Zatanna......


As soon as the voice even resonated behind him, he immediately bolted around to his behind to see.....

.....Richard "Dick" Grayson.

Batman: Dick, you shouldn't—

Dick: You can do away with the hero act for one damn second, ok? I know this is pulling more heartstrings on you then it should be. But what we're dealing with here is......well, let's just say at this point, you're dealing with something more than what you realize.

Considering how long Grayson had been around him for a lot of the later years of his life, it was impossible not to keep anymore secrets away from this man, the first Robin. There's a reason why he kept him around for as long as he had, so what the hell was the point?

Finally, Bruce manually removed his mask, giving him more of an actual breathing room this time after spending more then half the day in his suit.

Bruce: She old friend of my childhood.

Dick: Which makes her a good enough ally to me as well.

Bruce: What's your play here, Dick?

He sighs heavily.

Dick: Look Bruce, I won't slow you down on this......Alfred called me in to help you. But now I'm contemplating asking you to just give me a chance on this.

Bruce: Not that you're incompetent or you've lost your touch or anything.....but I just—

Before he could even finish......

......Tim and Cyborg stepped in from behind, thanks to......instantaneous transmission.......

.....which startled Dick, as he turned back towards them both.

Dick: Tim?

Tim: Hey, man.

Dick: did—

Tim: Can't explain it. Bludhavin growing out of you?

Dick: Never. Just needed to check on the old sourpuss here. How's the Robin suit treating you?

Robin: Fine and dandy, if you ask me. I don't get why and how you gave this up.

Dick: It's called growing up, Tim. If you're stuck in the deep end of the pool, you wouldn't want to stay there forever until you drown?

Tim: Just saying. You could've learned a few more shreds of valuable wisdom.

This made him glare back at Bruce.

Dick: Honestly, the old man taught me everything I needed and more. For that, I'm already grateful.

Turning his attention towards Cyborg, his curiosity just grew at the sight of him. Luckily, he couldn't see his entire body for he was dressed all causally.

But his robotic eye popping out of his hoodie gave him away.

Dick: Well......who's the terminator there?

Cyborg: Names Victor Stone.

Dick: Thanks for the pseudonym, Cyborg. You know......y'all two should come by to Bludhavin some day. I'm building up my......OWN team of heroes if his grows out of ya....

(Teen Titans)

Tim: Hmm......

Dick: So.....

He just turns back towards Bruce.

Dick:.....any valuable info to exert, Bruce?

Again, before he could answer......


Cyborg: The hell?

More or less the exception the "man" was expecting considering that he was now connected to every internal and external input and every network device that was within a foot all the way to the other side of the globe.

He once again clasps his hands together and quickly spreads them apart, bringing up the virtual screen as well as some other doohickeys that came along with his mother box database.

Dick: That's spiffy new tech.

Cyborg: That's my father for you. I get caught up in an explosion, he replaces my discarded remains with this hunk of metal monstrosity and this is all I have left of.

Dick: That all comes from a motherbox.

Cyborg: Yep. Strongest battery in the universe.

Bruce: So it's been said.

Tim: So what exactly is it? I'm picking up signatures right here.

Bruce: It's only increasing in size. Readings are high.

He points to his virtual screen as it displays one heat signature nearby.....

.....on the outside of the wreaked manor.

But then...... multiplies.

This pure confusion prompted Dick to look over Cyborg as he glimpsed to over out near the entranceway of the wreaked manor soon became apparent that it probably wasn't the right choice of action to consider.

Dick: Oh bloody hell.

As soon as everyone else looks over in his direction as well to where he was looking, they were able to quickly re-address what all of the fuss about: Out of the soils of solid ground, hands shot up to the surface simultaneously and proceeded to....roll over one another? Well, that's the thing. More of these hands resembled and surfaced from out of the confines of the earth as the numbers increased into what appeared to be into the hundreds.....and it only got more nauseating and awkward as the hands stood up on their middle fingers......

....with this dark array of energy flowing out of each and every single one of them, each one taking the form of a demon completely different towards the other.

Bruce: Damn......

At that same instance while that was going down......

.....the Metropolis Museum was under brief surveillance.

......Superman flew high above the museum, not attracting any of the police below, for most of them were focused on getting inside. The only downside to that was the vast majority of those who entered were yet to exit.

Fearing the worst, his eyes glowed a different ray of color as he swiftly sweeper the entire corridor of the building with his X-Ray vision.....

......and although he caught sight of the remaining hostages (which also included the stranded cops who went inside), it was also hard to ignore the fact that the place was completely covered and surrounded by endless clouds of black smoke.

He already had a good idea on what went down here as he taps near his ear to contact the others.

Superman: Barry, gather as many hostages as you can. Diana, wait for my signal and we'll find the source.

On it.

Will do.

He went in from the roof, crashing straight through and as he landed firmly down, lifting his knees up. Firmly standing through this Deathly Hallows mass of chaos as if he'd been thrown through the deep end of the abyss, the Man Of Steel looked confused. He hadn't seen much like this before. But that didn't mean he was worried.

Unfortunately, the next thing he heard admist all of that was......


As soon as he hears the echoing Doppler effect spread evenly throughout the room, he inhales quickly and than executes super breath as it clears out the black smoke not fully but mostly......

.....but even at that expense, as soon as he turned around.....

.....he gets slashed in the face, which blinds him momentarily. Unable to look and scout no less than 3 feet away due to the lethal lack of vision, he blindly Pops short bursts of his X-ray vision in a desperate attempt to flesh out what was hiding beneath the smoke. But not only was the realization that he still couldn't see at this moment quite daunting, the smoke had only resonated and grown back in numbers.

At this rate, this actually hurt him.

He continues to hold his eyes and his cheek  to cover up the scratch marks. But at that instant, he gets stretched out right there on the marble floor and then split open like a cross against his own will......while floating up in the air.

All of this made the horrifying sight of what was in front of him all the more daunting.

The blanket effect of the smoke suddenly faded away towards two separate directions  as this green aura resonated from the very end of the room and only approached further. This woman sporting a cursed tunic in forest green spiking out with leggings and boots covered by a skirt and fortified arm-sleeves sporting the same color along with the veil covering her hair up in the back.

And on her forehead......was a metal talisman.

This was......the Enchantress.

Her appearance was far different than what others had seen her as before. But that didn't change the fact that this woman, if you can call her that, remained as big as a worthy adversary as ever......

...even as she stared down the Man Of Steel himself. The man was lucky that his vision cleared up again in time to see her.

The first thing she noticed......was the S breastplate in his chest.

Enchantress: Ahh......*chuckles*.......the Man Of Steel.

Superman: Dr—Dr. Moon?

Enchantress: June Moon is no more. There is only......the Enchantress.

Supes was quick to launch his freeze breath directly at her again but to his unfortunate displeasure, none of this affected her. She then commences forward and slashes him again, as he squirms in more pain.

Superman: Argh......

Enchantress: Quite the reception I expected from the last son of Krypton.

Superman: Wha—how do you—?

Enchantress: Knowledge is rather impulsive than educational. if that wasn't already explained to me earlier. Funny thing is I heard you coming a mile away.

Enchantress: Then you should have scurried off, Superman.

Superman: That's unlikely to happen.

This makes her chuckle.

Enchantress: You'll want to scram in a few.....unless you're gluten for punishment for interfering.

She levitates a little bit higher in the air as she keeps yapping on to him.

Enchantress: Your kind has no quarrel with me......neither do I have any with yours. So I suggest you surrender to me while you can or else, you'll be SUBMITTED to power AND magic far beyond your comprehension.

Unable to be intimidated, Supes just squirms around, still stuck in this telepathic state, desperate to put his defensive up. 

But apparently he didn't have to as just as she was about to make another move, a certain lasso was suddenly tied up around her waist very tightly. She didn't even have to inch her head around to discover it was one princess of Thymescria (Wonder Woman) who had her tied against her will.

Wonder Woman: No chance. The God's won't allow it.

This sight, standing in-between two people who might as well be considered Gods, was unable to intimidate the witch in the slightest fraction of an inch. It seems like, she dealt with these situations before.

Enchantress: The God's be damned, then.

As this sadistic smirk refused to leave her face, she started mumbling underneath her breath as discreetly as possible.....while moving her hand slowly towards her lasso, as her powers seemed to cast a spell on the lasso......

......shocking Diana in the process until the kinetic feedback finally pushed her back towards a statute near the entranceway of one of the exhibits. As she struggled to regain her balance, Superman after what felt like a hour, shrugged himself out of the Enchantress' magic grip and quickly launched her back....

.....only for her talons to skid amongst the marble floor, holding her in place. Almost immediately, she fires back with beams of her own and although Supes tries to block it, it knocks him upside down and flips him over in end until he lands flat on his back.

Needless to say, this sight surprised Diana to the extent where her eyes bulged wide open.

Enchantress: At this rate....I've already found what I'm after.

At that instant she muttered what appeared to be a spell of her own under her breath and then instantaneously vanished into what appeared to be a green orb of magic energy and just zipped off towards the archeological exhibit of the museum.....

.....but not before paint-brushing Sups and Diana with a pinball like motion that left both of them on their knees

Superman: Old timers still pack a wallop

Wonder Woman: Argh. She's nothing short of extraordinary.

Superman: Nothing we can't handle

He immediately zips off in the direction of the green orb while Diana once again tapped into her earplugs and called out.....

Wonder Woman: Barry! The hostages?

All outside safe and sound. Barely even shocked myself cause of it

Wonder Woman: Well that's only one of the operation. We've just had a--

No worries. I'm already on it's trail.

Wonder Woman: Wait, what?

The fastest man alive wasn't really kidding. As soon as he got the hostages out of harms way he got the hostages out of harms way he had already immediately dashed back inside to check on the others.....

.....only to see the Enchantress in her green orb form zipping last the halls of the archeological exhibit to get to where she was going

Flash didn't like where it was going so he just....shrugged his shoulders and immediately chased after her.

And the chase was pretty even.

It wasn't even long till Superman caught up at similar speeds alongside him however

Superman: See you already beat me to it.

Flash: Trust me, I don't even know why I'm going after this. What kind of energy is that?

Superman: That's pure magic, Barry. But something tells me I should stop her first....

Flash:.....or you'll slow down from exhorting to much macho.

Superman: Well how about it then? Race against me to her?

Flash: You're on, Flag boy! Eat my dust!

That's when Superman and Flash raced in speed

Cutting back to Gotham Batman Dick in Nightwing suit reached Zantina's torn up mansion where Robin Batman and Cyborg took an hour of searching till.....

Cyborg: Hold up....I'm getting a heat signature. It's readings are high.

Batman: Is it Zantina?


Everyone looked up to see Nightwing jump down from the opened sealing

Batman: You're late.

Nightwing: Busy schedule. Plus.....Titan's program remember?

Robin: Uh....Batman?

He looked back and saw themselves surrounded by rock men controlled by Enchantress

And Bats started doing what he does best fighting off the rock men with the other three joined in

Though they fought well but their numbers kept increasing there were soon too many to fight

Nightwing: I don't suppose you have a plan B or something?

Batman: I'm working on it.

Suddenly a HUGE flood flows all over the mansion washing away the rockmen Batman Nightwing grappled up as Cyborg rocket flied up and as soon as the water stopped flowing.....

Aquman (Jason Momona) rosed out of it

Aquman: Arge.....pudgy little bastards.


Batman: Arthur.

Aquaman: The Bat.

Besides from him all of the others despite getting severely wet in response to not getting completely out of the way in time had very little to say or react to his presence or to him helping them out in this time of need

Well.....all except for Robin

Robin: Heh. My man.

Almost immediately everyone just looks at him with that look that he did something wrong.

Cutting back to the museum that "chase" Between Superman Flash and Enchantress in her orb form would've gone on a little longer then what was normally expected.....

......if the Enchantress hadn't technically took a short cut to get where she was going a lot faster: simply by glowing brightly in her orb form both heroes in the process.....

.....allowing her to just teleport away

Once the light finally cleared the other twos vision cleared up only to realize that at their rate and speed they were moving up only to realize that at their rate and speed they were moving WAY TOO FAST to actually have a chance at slowing down I before they crashed into some glass exhibit sections

So unfortunately.....

.....they both crash into the same section with one toppling over the other

As for the Enchantress herself she re-emerges in her own body and form as she slowly and methodically enters this one empty room filled with other exploits and antiques from ancient history until approaches what appears to be.....

.....a candle

The only thing was once she approached the candle and got in close enough proximity towards it her eyes glow a bright green fire emerging from deep in her pupils......

.....and pretty soon the candle lights on fire too with some of the wax IMMEDIATELY burning away

Except the flames were green

This was no ordinary candle from your typical moments of ancient history

This.....was the Hearn Ramsgate Cauldron


Just as she's about to make contact with the huge coating and sheet of glass surrounding the Cauldron a sharp sudden urge suddenly strikes her in the back of her head in no physical type of manner but more or less like any human gut reaction would tell you. The impulses the uneasiness.....

It was clear someone was about to attack her

Without even having to turn back around she pops her eyes open again reigniting that green flame in her pupils and almost immediately Wonder Woman who was about to use her lasso of truth on her.....

.....gets frozen in place....

.....preventing her from moving any further and stopping her lasso from reaching the Cauldron

This was one of the worst positions that Diana had been in a while and having the Enchantress look back at her giving her this demented evil smirk was already a indication that she was in trouble

Enchantress: You simple child....I pity you.....

Wonder Woman: Dr---drop the Cauldron or I'll take your head.

Enchantress: Don't threaten me.....Daughter of Zeus.

Not much intrigues with the fact that she knows she's the daughter of O mighty Zeus him himself but intrigued over how she froze her in place Wonder Woman continues to struggle in her position

Wonder Woman: Let--let the record show you asked for it.

Enchantress: Check it twice, Princess

She immediately dashed forward and strikes Dianna....

.....clean through.....

(Don't worry she doesn't die)

....and she screams at the top of her lungs at such high velocity that the knocked out Flash and Superman were able to hear that from where they were in their crashed postion

Enchantress kept her hand purged straight through Wonder Woman's chest while she looks back behind her twitches her hands..... the Hearn Ramsgate Cauldron shakes a little and then flies straight into her hands

Enchantress: You've failed, Amazon.

The Enchantress vanished in black smoke as Diana fell but Flash caught her in speed

Flash: Easy I gotcha.

Superman soon landed seeing her wound made his heart race in speed

Superman: Please God no.....

He took her from Flash's hands and looked up to him

Superman: We got to get her back to the hall.

Cutting straight to the hall of Justice at the medic center Diana lied in a coma with her body contained and an oxygen mask on her lower face

Batman and the other four rushed back in like rats on the run from a cat

Superman: Where you have you been?

Batman: Busy. How is she?

Flash: That Samaria Thomson looking witch punched a hole in her chest. Oddly the scanner says the heart rate looks normal but....she lost enough blood to die severely. We're just lucky we got here in a matter of seconds

Superman: Now that witch made this *Punches palm* Personal.

He walked out but Batman cut him off

Batman: Where do you think you're going?

Superman: Where do you think? I'm gonna punch a hole in HER chest!

He just walked passed him but Bats grabbed his shoulder

Batman: Dr. Moon is still taken over by her. You kill the Enchantress you'll kill her.

Superman: Dr. Moon is already dead. She was since that thing consumed her! She was a nice woman but she was gone.

Batman: That's not true. I may synthesize an antidote that will drive the Enchantress out of her.

Superman: It's too late for that!

Batman: We're not suppose to kill people.

Superman: You did when you and I fought.

Batman: So did you when you fought Zod.

Superman: I don't have time for this.

He walked passed him again till....

Batman: It's not what Johnathan would want.

Supes stopped dead in his tracks hearing that name

Hearing it made Clark slowly turn back towards him with a bit of resentment building up in response to that

But as Batman slowly pulls off his mask yet again Superman's expression quickly changed from irritated to merely being somewhat remorseful and he finally took his anger down a level.

Bruce: Friends or no friends, there's no excuse for violence that breeds violence as a result As far as I'm concerned we're dealing with an ancient being with abilities far greater than we could possibly anticipate. If a Kryptonian......

He looks back at the healing Diana

Bruce:.....and an Amazon warriors combined light can stop her we'll need a lot more to compensate for that

Victor: Not only that but based on what I just looked up in his database....

He once again pulls up the files on her as endless strings of info keep pouring in

Victor:....her heart wasn't the main source of her weakness as it should be. So if that was the case then all of this is just a small reminder of what she's actually really cable of. The heart WAS the bulging red flag to stop the entire sure BUT......

Barry: Black magic is infamous around here for a reason Clark.

Arthur: Long story short: There's more than one way to care of somebody this hilariously overpowered and how it was done before.....can't be attempted again.

Bruce: Until we learn more about her or until we find Zantanna.....all we have is each other.

This went through in more ways in one he had not only his friends to worry about but also worried for Lois and the rest of Metropolis considering IF he went through with his plan He wasn't the person to just go off on a rampage.

His origin taught him better than that.

Superman: Alright then sorry about that. *Sighs*.....Anyone have any ideas?

Tim: I got something.

Everyone turned towards him

Victor: Is it doable?

Tim: It wouldn't be if I'd sit say anything?

Superman: Can we trust you.....on this Tim?

As everyone just pipes down and waits for him to respond back all he does is simply....

The very next day..... the morning..... BELLE REVE....

Floyd Layton AKA Deadshot (Will Smith) was hitting a punching bag as he always does

But that was until....

(Batman v Superman reference)

Guard: Layton! Put your hands back and head on the wall

Floyd: If this is another contract from Waller tell her to stick it up her ass.

Guard: Do it!

Floyd went for it anyway as he faced the wall hands behind


.....the lights blacked out and came on red as Batman appeared like a ghost behind him and Floyd slowly turned around facing his arch rival but also rival but the man who saved his daughter

Floyd: Batman.....

Batman: Deadshot. I need information on Dr. Moon.

Floyd: Hadn't seen her since Waller's stunt. You should ask her boyfriend Flag.

Batman: He's the one who asked me to find her. She's the Enchantress again.

Floyd: Sounds like sh** hit the fan huh?

Batman: Floyd you must tell me what you know about her. You owe me that.

Remembering he saved Zoe from Zsasz he did owe him

Floyd: *Sighs*All I know....from the legend of the Enchantress....there's a relic that she used to transfer her spirit into after her betrayal by the people who worshiped her I guess the doc found it during her expedition. I think if that fairy tale is true it can force that witch out of her and she be trapped in it

Batman: Flag.

Floyd looked up to him and Batman vanished as he appeared as the lights came back on

But at the last minute when the cells were closing Floyd made a run for it and he jumped out just as the doors closed and the one who noticed he was out was.....

.....from HER cell....


The former doctor turned psychopathic nut who is now also the FORMER love interest of the Joker was confused as to why Floyd was making his escape when he still had a nano bomb still STUCK IN HIS HEAD

He could somehow tell from the look on her face that she was also itching to get out of his this rot infested hell-hole herself

How exactly could he tell from that?

This sad innocent puppy dog look plastered over Harley's face made it all the more obvious But didn't seem to be really.....


Floyd: You kidding me with those eyes right?

Harley: Mm hmm.

It wasn't so much of a tactic she supposedly didn't want to escape as she slowly backed up spinning around like a ballerina

But at that moment Floyd.....

......reached in his prison pants....

......pulls out two handguns....

.....and proceeds to shoot away at all of the security cameras in that hallway while taking out any guard that came through

Now with the cameras down he could've taken this time to get the hell outta Dodge. But considering the blond he's grown with Harley (Let alone the others) he decided to owe them a favor

Floyd: Don't move.

Harley just nods innocently at him But Floyd knew better than to take her word for it cause...

.....what the hell do you expect? She's Harley

Within only a few minutes SOMEHOW managed to track down the main control room that not only operated the system from the outside of the prison but also manual controls every single cell in the confinement

Floyd had manually remember Harley's cell number and once he locked it down and typed it in he was good as golden.... first

(Amazing Spider-man game reference)

Floyd: Saved me a hell of a trouble either this new tech fellas. But....we caught a break here. Ok....this seems to be the right one. Doll-face getting time off for....acceptable behavior?

Griggs(Ike Barinholtz): HEY!!!!

Having heard that familiar annoying voice Flyod just chuckled silently to himself.....

....and held both of his handguns back behind him..... Alpha Officer Griggs Who was holding an assault rifle aimed at him as well

Floyd: 10 years off is still too damn many. I'm gettin' out here Scot free and I'm taking a certain someone with me.

Griggs: *Chuckles* Son of a---Come on. If you can't do the time don't do the crime man

Floyd: Boy better stop talking to me like you're my father.

Griggs: At least one of us needs to. Cause blood money won't save you out there

Floyd: Ain't that the cold-blooded truth. Sure makes living easy though.....

Griggs:....If you live long enough to enjoy it.

As soon as he says that Floyd just cocks the hammer on both guns still having them pointed directly at him

In response Griggs just readied his rifle

Griggs: Don't wanna do this Lawton. Remember all I did for you?

Floyd: Take you shot. Make it count.

After a few seconds staring each other down as the gravitational pull separated them (distance wise) apart they both shoot each other multiple times... the bullets crash into one another and spin towards the other

Even as they ducked for cover it was clear only one of them were getting their shot off

Griggs was suddenly braised in one of his arms by a ricochet and it makes him drop the rifle. But undeterred he whips out a taser and fires

But as Floyd rolls out of the way the taser hits the control panel and causes a system malfunction which in turns effectively sparks all over the control room and then blows out the glass from the windows

Griggs: S__T!

He immediately scuffles over and tries to work on overriding the broken controls with his non-working arm but it was clearly too little too late

And as an added bonus the doors holding all of the inmates held against their will for who knows how many years all opened manually which now meant they including Harley could get the hell out of dodge

When chaos ensued boy did it make Floyd chuckle a little

Griggs: D'ooh! The emergency unlock! I can't override it! *to Floyd*Now the inmates can leave their rooms and it's your fault! You gotta help me!

Floyd: Oh for God's sake!

He pushed him out of the way and Floyd tried every possible code he knew from hacking into their past assonating jobs

Most of it didn't do squat till one accrued and shutted down the emergency protocol

Floyd: Now that's what I'm talking about

(Famous Will Smith lines)

Later cutting outside Floyd and Griggs managed to make it out they killed a few guards along the way

But it was a narrow escape

Griggs: Nice job back there but tell me why we're going to find this Flag guy?

Floyd: The Bat said the Witch is back and we're gonna save the world again.

Griggs: Why? I thought you don't like being the hero.

Floyd: I don't. But I don't like people trying to destroy it more. My daughter lives in it and I'll do anything to make sure she grows up to the woman she deserves to be. Now what'd we waiting for.

They just were about to leave till.....

Hey boys.

They turned and saw cutting to the camera rotating up to a female figure till revealing Harly Quinn popping bubble gun

Harley: Don't leave me out in the open

Cutting back to the Hall of Justice Supes paced around the medic wing as the others sat around the medic wing as the others sat around Diana still out

But Superman's beeper broke the silence and he went out of the room and answered

Superman: Bruce?

I may have found a way to stop the Enchantress. I'm heading back to Gotham to track down Connell Flag.

Superman: Dr. Moon's husband? Why?

Batman in batwing: I got in tale from Deadshot that Dr. Moon has a relic that could contain the Enchantress. Flag may know where it is.

Superman: I hope you're right...for once...

Batman: Funny. How's Diana?

Superman: The same. She's progressing.....but no movement

Batman: Have someone watch and meet me back in Gotham. And bring Robin with you. *Cuts to another line*Alfred I'm heading back to Gotham to track down Connell Flag. He's our best chance of stopping the Enchantress.

As you wish sir. Also I took your request and download the Wayne tech satellites into every phoneline. If he should speak in any line in close range you should track him there.

Batman: Thanks, Alfred.

As the Batwing suddenly made a U-turn and turned itself around through the clear afternoon sky's of Gotham it quickly zipped past the clouds.....

.....unaware that down below something was just mere minutes away from going down

In another subway station not far from the previous one there was a lot of busy people moving about this time around They haven't heard any sort of supernatural catastrophe or event occur in the past few days so that's a load off the minds off the people who have better things to do than to cower behind the leadership of some legendary mythical being hell-bent on agendas for world domination.

Unfortunately that situation was bound to happen SOON

In that same subway perched up against the wall wearing a blanket over her head trying to remain as opaque and out of sight as possible.....

......was June Moon herself

After suffering from that nightmare transformation curtesy of the hag herself last week and yesterday she tried her damnedest to not make herself visible to absolutely ANYONE.....

....hell she's gone so far as to disguise herself as a hobo laying amongst all the trash and waste laying down in the subway hoping no one would notice.

Luckily no one would notice

But one thing that'd be hard NOT to notice....

....was her holding the Hearn Ramsgate Cauldron in her hands again

(Which is really the relic that was mention)

June: Why....why'd you make me take this?

Admit it you loved it with me back in control.

June: No! You kill people!

WE killed people!

June: No, that's all you!

Who's the brains dearie? The Justice League have hardly had any way to stop us.

June: Those criminals stopped u---you!

Believe what you may sweet Moon. But know I am in CONTROL.

June felt nauseous and fell to the flour and a man happen to notice

Man: Maim? Maim are you alright?

Soon as he was about to grab her head turn with face of the Enchantress shrieking and attacked the screen blacking out

Cutting to Gotham Superman was already flying talking on his communicator with Robin riding on his bike the Red Bird

Robin: Tell me again why Bruce wants us in Gotham?

Superman: He didn't make sense of it. All he said that a relic can stop the Enchantress and....Connell Flag knows where it is.

Robin: What's he plan to do? Trap her in like a genie in a lamp like in Aladdin.

Superman: Idk. I'm more worried about Diana. I hope she makes it.

Flying on Supes hardly noticed a storm was brewing

This type of weather was not uncommon to Superman but as far as he was concerned he didn't really all the more comfortable about it.

Some weird sensation and chill crawling up the back of his spine told him this was not mother nature's doing. If there was one thing that could've past his mind..... was Weather manipulation

This actually made him take a dead stop in midair allowing all the wind blowing back against his face to breeze directly past him. If anything..... was an indication of something bound to go wrong

As he closes his eyes and then clears out his mind.....

....there's screaming.....bloodcurdling relentless endless rounds of screaming echoing and vibrating through his ear drums.....

.....all of which originate back to one place the same in which was already made his official destination

If that was the case there was no time to waste

Superman: Hey.

Robin looks up at him

Superman: Hope you put that thing on overdrive

Robin: Why would I ne--

Before he can finish a massive gust of wind blows back directly at him and it blows him off bike so much so that his cape flipped over his head and blinded him for a few whopping seconds

Once he finally flips the cape back and his eyesight immediately clears up.....

....Supes was gone.

The guy took an early head start and zoomed to get to Gotham the only way he could: fast and furious

Robin: *Chuckles* Like to see you blinded by your own behalf.

While he gets back to his feet.....

......the people of Gotham need no time getting on THEIRS so they can run around like hellish chickens an entire crowd of civilians a good half of them emerging from the subway were as usual sprinting and running for their holy lives it appeared they have been threaten yet again by.....

....the latest topic interested hell-bent on destruction: the hag herself

Speaking of the hag three Deathly Hallow strands of black magic burts from out the subway and spiraled around each other until they all intertwined into a 630 spin motion....

....and it sparkles green

Once all three strand ball up it crash lands to solid ground.....and the Enchatress herself resonates from her own source of power in all her profound glory

Watching all the civilians just cower off and run away from her brought nothing but smiles to her face. Missing out on all the fun? This witch surely has NOT

Enchantress: What'd I say June? I am everything with you....and I'm nothing WITHOUT you. These sniviling worms don't deserve our forgiveness...only internal torment and damnation await them.

She once again holds out the Ramsgate Cauldron in the palm of her hand and just smirks wickedly

In an instant flash of speed and time she depicts an image of herself across the huge crowd of terrified civilian and like a shadow.... a they're in the night....

.....three separate alternate clones of Enchantress appeared out more black magic and packed up around the entire crowd of fleeing civilians as they desperately tried to find at cracks of small chances to escape from the witch's magic

(Yes she can clone herself too)

But alas it was no use

Now they were completely surrounded.

(Avengers reference)

Enchantress: Kneel before me.

The civilians still panicked till.....

Enchantress: I said...KNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tone of that shout made everyone stop in their tracks and all kneeled as she said

Enchantress: For so long humans have worshiped the most meaningless things! Machines. Auto mobiles. Technology. And even.....the Justice League. So long ago you once worshiped me and my brother in earliest times....till you buried us. But now....that has come to an end. I will take back rightful things of mine. And all of you will always kneel.

Old man: *Stands* We never kneel before people like you.

Enchantress: There are no people like me old fool.

Old man: There are always people like you.

Enchantress: Look to your elder humans. And let him be an example. To all who defy me.

She blasted but busting through ceiling of the subway and blocking the spell beam with his own "S" symbol of hope was....


The crowd cheered at his appearance as the Enchantress looked dissatisfied at him

Superman: You know each time someone demands to be kneeled before always gets their just treats

Enchantress: The Kryptonian.

Superman: It's over Dr. Moon. Come along quietly.

Enchantress: Never!

She blasted him back forcing him to fly back crashing through a wall as the Enchantress shrieked flying at him

Sups was quick to move out of the way just as Enchantress buries her claws into concrete wall as soon as she turns to her side she gets knocked back but she recovers almost immediately as she just levitates a few feet off the ground

Superman follows

Superman: How do I know who's REALLY behind the reins here?

Enchantress: Simpleton. It as been me and it will always be me Kal-El of Krypton. Trust me it won't take much longer. I'll silence June's conscious soon enough.

Superman: Intimidation doesn't work on me. For what it's worth if she's just a vassal to you there's no other reason for you to be here.

Enchantress: Don't you dare suck up to June. She's neurotic.

Superman: Because of YOU might I add. She knew that you'll hurt innocent people

This made the Witch chuckle

Enchantress: And since when was that a problem for YOU?

(Whoa referring to his fight with Zod)

Hearing then mention of his first kill almost rocked the Man of Steel off as he clenched up his fists and launched his heat vision directly at her.....

......but she keeps dodging out of the way and it became clear that Sups wouldn't be getting a direct hit on her.

But once he finally gets a clear visual on her....

Enchantress: Can't you see you have no chance?!

He fires yet again only this time....

.....Enchantress catches the beam in her hands

(Uh oh)

She clamps both of her hands down upon the beam at the same time giving off the impression that the heat vision doesn't do anything against her and it's at that moment....

.....his heat vision turns green.....

.....and once she crushes it completely it immediately blows him back through a retro old construction building covering him with dust debris and a few pipes

First Wonder Woman and now Superman? It seemed hard to wrap ones head over the possibility of someone other than Batman dethroning the Man Of Steel are

As he stumbles back to his feet or TRIES to for that matter he feels this agonizing pressure squeezing against every angle on and around his neck despite the fact that no one was actually applying pressure on him

But of course it was the work of the Enchantress......

......with the Cauldron in her grasp

But this time.....she decides to put it to use with the intent of making the Man of Steel her first victim

She closes her eyes and starts mumbling a very faint indescribable language that he couldn't detect until......

....the candles burning on the Cauldron starts sparkling and burning at a higher velocity until it opens up like a wormhole....

....with the intentions of sucking him inside

But of course Sups didn't make it easy.

But at the Hall of Justice Diana could feel what was happening at the subway her eyes POPPED open and raised up so fast in the medic rag and....her wound was completely healed??

(Sometimes I forget she's a dimi goddess)

Dina: Clark!

Arthur: Settle down. He's alright. He and Bruce are tracking the witch as we speak.

Diana: No. He's in trouble I can feel it. Gather up who can find we got to move as possible

Cutting back to the subway Sups tried to hold on as much as he could but the warm hole got so strong it began sucking things in fast

The Enchantress laughed

But that laugh was soon silenced when some quick and flashing GREEN light caught her in it she tried to brake free but couldn't

In brightest day. In blackest night No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might beware my power! GREEN LANTERNS LIGHT!

As the light grows brighter and brighter with each passing second it blinds both Superman and Enchantress


....the light bursts....

.....knocking both Superman back....

....and the Enchantress back out and off the building as she began falling in free-fall

Luckily she catches herself just in time and zips back up to the source of the disruption and her unfortunate displeasure two things surprised her

One: Her Cauldron had burned out due to the disruption of energy that separated her from Superman

And two....the person that literally standing a few in front of her....

....the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (Ryan Reynolds) (I know he's not so popular since Deadpool but he's the only version we have.) (If none of you seen Deadpool 2 Spoiler Alert: WAIT! Deadpool don't kill him just yet not till after the Injustice 3 Unless he dies in one of them)

He then charges and tackles her while in the air as they tangle and punch each other while they both go plumbing into freefall.

Luckily Superman finally brought himself back to consciousness as he realized that the witch wasn't there. He didn't know what happened or even how it happened.....

....but once he laid his eyes on the Cauldron....

....he had a clear indication on the previous events

As he grabbed it as tightly as possible.....

....Green Lantern and the witch kept fumbling around each other in mid-air as the two appeared to be eventually matched despite one of them not magic.....

....only pure willpower.

As the Enchantress blasts him further back up Lantern simply propelled himself further down towards her with jet engines (Of course) and it keeps accelerating until he gets into close proximity of Enchantress.....

.....but just as he tries grabbing her....

....she vanished

Confused and distracted he made the foolish decision of letting his guard down....

....allowing the witch to capitalize manipulating energy to use Green Lanterns own willpower against him.....

.....slicing him back with 10 foot long sword

It sends him pummeling down to the concrete but luckily he catches himself by blasting the ground with his ring propelling him back up in the air

It's at this moment that the two of them take long moment to stare directly at one another

Green Lantern: Hope you've had your shots

Enchantress: There's no cure what I got Lantern.

Green Lantern: The feelings mutual.

The Lantern fired his ring as Enchantress blasted black magic which the beams hit one another creating a blast duel

Superman trying to climb out of the cauldron saw the whole thing

Superman: My god....

On a jet called the javelin 7 (Flight jet from the comics) Wonder Woman was piloting it as Aquaman sat in shotgun and Flash in back

Flash: Even if you are strong as you say I still don't think you should be up Diana.

Wonder Woman: My health isn't a matter now. We have to find Superman. Any word from Bruce and Tim Arthur?

Aquaman: Last we heard Bruce called in Clark and Tim on a lead on the Enchantress.

Wonder Woman: Here help us all.

Cutting to Flag's apartment he sat on his bed silently looking at his wedding picture with June

and turned to see.....

......Batman steps out of the shadows with his eyes glowing white

Flagg jumped and fell on the flour standing up

Flagg: Ever use a door?

Batman: They're over rated.

Flag: At least tell me you found June.

Batman: Not yet but I may know how to save her. Tell me about a soul relic

Flagg looked up with a familiar thought knowing where Batman was going

Cutting back to the blast duel

Lantern and the Enchantress's beams were even till....

Green Lantern's power ring increased pushing the dark magic back forcing the Enchantress back exploding

Soon the dust cleared he approached her not showing her face till he turned her over revealing.....

.....She changed back into June

That question remains to be seen

Within that moment of victory at least for now Green Lantern just visibly removes his mask on his own revealing him to Hal Jordan

The sight of June lying there hyperventilating like her heart was about to give out was not pleasing to say the least. If anything it was nauseating

Hal: Y-you ok?

She hears his voice....but doesn't respond back

Instead she slowly looks back at him with this obvious glare plastered over her face giving the impression "What do you think?"

He wasn't the only one to think better of that response Wonder Woman Flash and Aquaman finally makes their presence known only to realize that the battle at least for this moment was over

More coming soon......

Mid-Credit Scenes

1: In the sister city to Gotham City, Blüdhaven, the seemingly peaceful and calm tranquility that came over the city isn’t to be mistaken. The official residing place of the vigilante Nightwing was far from a......reasonable place to stay.

But that didn’t seem as much of a concern to everyone else.

Speaking of Nightwing, there he comes walking through the door to his very own apartment. Moving his hand slightly behind him, he closes the door.....yet it doesn’t look itself in place. It leaves just a slight glimmer of a crack in the entranceway.

He’s still donning the signature Nightwing gear which is covered in demon blood and his own buckets of sweat. He takes off his mask before throwing it in his desk near the window.

As he rips his gloves off his hands and proceeded to remove the rest of his suit, one step at a time no less, the crack in the door creaks further open until the fluorescent reflective light of a robot eye beams in through the crack.

It’s not long ‘til Victor walks through...... causal civilian attire, with the typical jeans and hoodie.

Victor: Hiding again?

Dick: Not much worth hiding.

Victor: So this is where you hang out from time to time?

Dick: Got that right, Metal Gear.


Victor couldn’t help but to chuckle slightly.

Victor: You know....

He briefly looks out the window upon seeing this glaring shadow of the city overtake him. really think I’ll be cool here?

Dick: Probably should’ve stayed in Gotham, then. If you feel that way, I mean.

Victor: I’m feeling more, what’s the word, comfortable whenever I’m around people who can understand me and what I’ve been through. Out of all the others, you’re the one who I really get, man. And here I thought you were all that Bruce.

Dick: Hey, you learn from the best, this is what I get for going through with it. This is my life I’m living right now and to say the least, it’s remarkable. I can set my own hours, make my own rules and most importantly, I have no boss looking over my shoulder.

He manages to stuff his entire arsenal of equipment and his suit underneath the floorboard but shoved it down further to keep it hidden. Placing another board on top said equipment to keep it as opaque as possible, Dick finally turns his attention back towards Victor.

Dick: Besides, like I said a while back, I’m thinking of putting up a team of my own. People with abilities unrivaled by the boundaries of reality who want to make a difference for once.

Victor: If that’s how you wanna put it, I’m down.

It’s right then and there Dick sticks his hand out towards him. The birth and the start of a new friendship, it appears.



Victor: Damn it.

Dick: Threats nearby?

Victor: Sure as hell hope not.

He flips off his hoodie, dispersing his augmentative, virtual tracker and just spins it around the entire apartment clockwise.....

....until a heat signature pops up.

Victor: Gotcha.

He follows the signature around some more and that’s when he noticed something unusual. Every time he moved further to the right, the heat signature kept increasing in intensity and the beeping only intensified as a result.

Victor: Oh shit.

Dick: How close is it?

Victor: Closer, closer,’s right on top of us!

No, it wasn’t.

Suddenly, the beeping just came to a complete, grinding halt as fork out of the corner of the living room, this demonic black hole formulated out of the corner, causing both Duck and Victor to stand in defense.

From that wall, a pair of hands just slid straight through the surface and texture of said wall without having to touch it. A lethal lack of fear followed by an entire body fading through the wall as well. The pale skin displayed on said individual was unusual as the stunt it just pulled off, but this extraordinary discovery......

.......revealed the tele-empathetic, Azarathian being known as.......

......RAVEN (Cailee Spaeny).

Dick: Wh-who are you?

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