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Jurassic World: Extinction Is An Upcoming American Science Fiction/Thriller Film Directed By Colin Trevorow. It Is The Sixth And Final Installment Of The Jurassic Park Franchise, Set Up For A Release Date For June 11, 2021. 


In The Year 2026, Many Years After The Events Of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, A Deadly Genetically Created Disease Destroys Half Of Mankind, And The Dinosaurs Resurrected By Mankind Have Taken The Earth Back, Making It To A Apocalyptic War-Zone. Owen Grady And His Wife, Claire Dearing, Must Protect Their Daughter, Maisie Lockwood, From The Many Dangers Of The Wild And Beyond. Blue Now Has Established A Colony Of Raptors Just Outside Of New York City, In The Woods. Meanwhile, A Small Band Of Human Survivors Of The Apocalypse Emerges, Which Forces Blue And Many Other Dinosaurs To Grapple With The Daul Challenge Of Protecting Their Species. But Then, Blue And The Other Dinosaurs Are Forced Into A Deadly Conflict With The Rouge Humans And Their Army Lead By A Ruthless Colonel. After The Creatures Suffer Many Losses, Blue Wrestles With Her Darker Instinct And Begins To Go On A Perilous Quest To Avenge Her Kind, With Owen, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, And The Other Humans She Trusts. Along The Journey To The Facility, Many Days, Nights, And Weeks Of Danger, Chaos, And Death With Be On The Protagonists' Tails. As The Journey Finally Brings Good And Bad Face To Face, The Dinosaurs And Protagonists And The Rouge Army Are Pitted Against Each Other In A Epic War That Will Determine The Fate of the both Species and the future of the world.


The Soundtrack, Like The Other Previous 2 Films, Michael Giacchino Sits On The Composer's Chair, This Time, The Jurassic Park Theme Song Is Part Of The Soundtrack And The Rest Of The Soundtrack Has The Tone Of Two Other Giacchino Works, Dawn Or, And War For The Planet of the Apes. 


1. Prehistoric Plaguing Field

2. Look Who's On The Hunt

3. The Family That Strays Together

4. Past Their Dinos

5. Close Encounters Of The Scaly Kind

6. Roar To The City

7. The Lost City Of Dinosaurs

8. Along DX Lines

9. Blue And Owen

10. Malcolm's Theory/Prepare For Battle

11. Dinosaur Warfare

12. The Raptors Of Wrath

13. Dino Take

14. The Hunt

15. The Conflict 

16. Enough Horsing Around

17. Dinosaurs For Life!

18. The Journey Begins

19. The Assault Of Mankind

20. New Home, For Now

21. Camp

22. The Stygimoloch Bagatelle 

23. Raid

24. Scar Dependent

25. The Ecstasy Of The Scales

26. Life Finds A Way

27. A Tide In The Affairs Of Dinosaurs

28. Escape

29. The Hating Game

30. A Man Named Suicide

31. More Red Than Alive

32. Migration

33. Paradise Found/Jurassic Park Theme

34. End Credits


The Film Will Be Released On June 11, 2021, With The First Trailer Coming On December, 2020. Merchandising Will Likely Begin In April, With A Toyline By Playmates, A Video Game, A Junior Novelization, And More.

Creatures That Appear In The Film

• Tyrannosaurus Rex (Rexy, Rexy II, And Others)

• Velociraptor (Blue, Scar, Red, And Others)

• Mosasaurus 

• Allosaurus

• Stygimoloch (Stygi, And Others)

• Pachycephalosaurus

• Brachiosaurus 

• Spinosaurus

• Dilophosaurus

• Carnotaurus 

• Triceratops (Cera, And Others)

• Stegosaurus 

• Sinoceratops

• Apatosaurus

• Gallimimus 

• Compsognathus

• Baryonyx

• Pteranodon 

• Dimorphodon

• Parasaurolophus

• Corythosaurus

• Ceratosaurus

• Plesiosaurus 

• Memenchisaurus 

• Therizinosaurus

• Pachyrhinosaurus

• Suchomimus

• Protoceratops

• Deinosuchus

• Suchomimus


• The Plot Is Similar To The Sequels To Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Act 1 Is Dawn, While Act 2 Is War.

• Sam Neil, Laura Dern, And Jeff Goldblum Return In This Film

• The Dilophosaurus And Spinosaurus Return In This Film


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