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Jurassic World: Dominion Is An American Science Fiction Adventure Film And A Sequel To The 2018 Film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It Is The Sixth Film In The Jurassic Park Franchise And The Final Film In The Jurassic World Trilogy. The Film Will Be Directed By Colin Trevorow, Who Wrote The Screenplay With Emily Carmichael, based On A Story by Trevorow And His Writing Partner, Derek Connolly. As With It's Predecessor, Frank Marshall And Patrick Crowley Will Produce The Film, With Trevorow And Jurassic Park Director Steven Spielberg acting As executive Producers. It Stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Justice Smith, Daniella Pineda, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy, Isabella Sermon, Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins, Judy Greer, Lauren Lapkus, Andy Buckley, Alex Dower And BD Wong Reprising Their Roles from previous films in the franchise. And Being Joined By Various New Characters.


After The Events Of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Dinosaurs Are Now All Over The World. Mankind Must Survive Or Die. Owen, Claire And Maisie Must Accept The Faith Of The Creatures. But Alan Grant And His Team Of Survivors Show Him That Life Finds A Way. Then, Maisie, And Dinosaurs Including Blue Are Captured By Poachers That Are Part Of The Global Organization (Biosyn) With A Possibility Sinister Agenda, (Dodgson) And They Possibly Want To Use Dinosaurs For War, Especially The Raptors, So, A Worldwide Skirmish Occurs All Over The World To Save Maisie, Blue, And The Others From Being Used For The Military, But Little Do They Know That they have little time left before the world is completely dominated by dinosaurs.


• Chris Pratt As Owen Grady

• Bryce Dallas Howard As Claire Dearing

• Sam Neill As Alan Grant

• Laura Dern As Ellie Sattler

• Jeff Goldblum As Ian Malcolm

• Justice Smith As Franklin Webb

• Daniella Pineda As Zia Rodriguez

• Isabella Sermon As Maisie Lockwood

• BD Wong As Dr. Wu

• Omar Sy As Barry Sambene

• Jake Johnson As Lowery Cruthers

• Mamodou Athie As (TBA)

• Dewanda Wise As Kayla

• Dichen Lachman As (TBA)

• Scott Haze As (TBA)

• Bryan Cranston As (TBA)

• Idris Elba As (TBA)

• John Boyega As (TBA)

• Keri Russell As (TBA)

• John Goodman As (TBA)

• Dwayne Johnson As (TBA)

• Campbell Scott As Lewis Dodgson

• Nick Robinson As Zach Mitchell

• Ty Simpkins As Gray Mitchell

• Judy Greer As Karen Mitchell

• Andy Buckley As Scott Mitchell

• Belen Rueda As (TBA)

• Vera Farmiga As (TBA)

• Olivia d'Abo As (TBA)

• Mike Quinn As (TBA)

• Karl Urban As (TBA)

• Roger Cross As (TBA)

• Christian Isaiah As (TBA)

• Kristoffer Polaha As Wyatt Huntley

• Enzo Squillino Jr. As (TBA)

• John Flanagan As Currently Unnamed Scientist

• King Bach As (TBA)

• Lauren Lapkus As Vivian Krill

• Cillian Murphy As (TBA)

• Jessica Marie Garcia As (TBA)

• Antje Traue As (TBA)

• C.C.H. Pounder As (TBA)

• Thandie Newton As (TBA)

• Mark Strong As (TBA)

• Tom Sizemore As Martin Gutierrez

• Hugh Laurie As (TBA)

• Joe Alwyn As (TBA)

• Alicia Vikander As (TBA)

• Claire Foy As (TBA)

• Viggo Mortensen As (TBA)

• Alex Dower As Anton Orlov (He Appeared In Fallen Kingdom)

• Graham Vick As Cabot Finch (He Appeared In The Game Jurassic World: Evolution)

• Mark Addy As (TBA)

• Jeffrey Wright As (TBA)

• Ana De Armas As Rebecca Ryan (She Appeared In The Jurassic World Motion Comics)

• Michael Stuhlbarg As Edgar Prather (He Appeared In The Return To Jurassic Park Comics)

• Analeigh Tipton As Sonya Durant (She Appeared In The Return To Jurassic Park Comics)

• Brad Dourif As Raul Lopez (He Also Appeared In The Return To Jurassic Park Comics)

• Lex Elle As Dr. James Baxter 

• Bernardo Santos As Biosyn Scientist

• Luigi Boccanfuso As Chef

• Teresa Cendon-Garcia As Farmer

Dinosaurs And Other Creatures


• Tyrannosaurus Rex

• Velociraptor

• Stegosaurus

• Nasutoceratops

• Allosaurus

• Brachiosaurus

• Apatosaurus

• Dilophosaurus

• Triceratops

• Spinosaurus

• Stygimoloch

• Pachycephalosaurus

• Carnotaurus

• Baryonyx

• Sinoceratops

• Mamenchisaurus

• Parasaurolophus

• Compsognathus

• Gallimimus

• Therizinosaurus

• Pachyrhinosaurus

• Iguanodon

• Proceratosaurus

• Oviraptor

• Microceratus

• Coelophysis

• Pentaceratops

• Diplodocus

• Deinonychus

• Giganotosaurus

• Pyroraptor 

• Dracorex

• Carcharodontosaurus

• Dreadnoughtus

• Euoplocephalus

• Sauropelta

• Procompsognathus

• Herrerasaurus

Marine And Flying Reptiles

• Pteranodon

• Mosasaurus

• Dimorphodon

• Kronosaurus

• Geosternbergia

• Tylosaurus

• Plesiosaurus

• Quetzalcoatlus

• Attenborosaurus

• Cearadactylus

• Elasmosaurus

• Tapejara

• Attenborosaurus

• Maaradactylus

• Ichthyosaurus

• Dsungaripterus

Paleozoic Creatures

• Dimetrodon

• Lystrosaurus


Marketing For Jurassic World: Dominion Will Include Partnerships With Diet Dr. Pepper And Dairy Queen, Among others. Mattel, Funko, And Lego Will Create Toys Based On The Much Like What They Did With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. McDonald's Will Bring Back The "Dino-Sized Meals" That Where Previously Sold When The First Jurassic Park Was Released, But In The Theme Of Dominion. McDonald's Will Also Create Happy Meals Based On The Film, Jurassic World: Evolution II, Lego Jurassic World II, And Jurassic World Dominion: The Video Game Where Released. Jurassic World Dominion: The Video Game Has Similar Gameplay To The 2005 Game Adaptation Of Peter Jackson's King Kong. Jurassic World: Evolution II Is A More Updated Version Of The First Game, Allowing You Build This Time Build Parks On The Mainland, While Also Building Parks On The Islands. Lego Jurassic World II Will Feature The Stories Of Fallen Kingdom, Battle At Big Rock, And Dominion, As Well As The Animated Series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. 


Like Godzilla Vs. Kong, Jurassic World: Dominion Was Highly Anticipated And The Film Was Overwhelmingly Praised By Fans And Critics alike, Rotten Tomatoes Says That 98% Of Critics Gave The Film A Positive Review. The Film Has 10/10 On Metacritic. 


The Film Is Composed By Michael Giacchino, This Time, Incorporating Music From The Jurassic Park Franchise, But Also Bringing In Some Inspiration From His Other Work Like Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, (2014) War For The Planet Of The Apes, (2017) And Rouge One: A Star Wars Story. (2016)


• "Mankind Is Extinct..."

• "Dinosaurs Rule The Earth..."


• The Covid-19 Pandemic Does Not Happen In This Film, And Instead, Dinosaurs Would've Caused 20% Of The Deaths That The Pandemic Had Caused. 

• The Film Will Feature An Ensemble Cast Of Returning Characters.

• Campbell Scott Replaced Cameron Thor As Lewis Dodgson Due To Thor Being In Jail.

• The Film Will Feature Even More Animatronics Than All Of The Other Jurassic Park Films. 

• The Film Will Feature Feathered Dinosaurs. 

• The Film Will Feature The Most Prehistoric Creatures In Any Jurassic Park Film, As Well As Having The Biggest Cast In The History Of Jurassic Park. 

• The Film May Not Be The Final Chapter In The Franchise, And Coming After This Film Could Be A Live Action Spinoff Series And A Trilogy Of Prequels. 

• The Male Dilophosaurs In This Film Have Bioluminescent Frills That They Use As A Mating Ritual, Similar To The Fanfiction Titled "The Dark Continent: Jurassic World". 

• Jurassic World: Dominion Is The Longest Jurassic Park Film, At 203 Minutes. 

• Jurassic World: Dominion Will Feature The Return Of Isla Sorna Aka Site B. The Island Is Shown In A Flashback. 

• During Production, Stunt Doubles Where Sent To Malta Instead Of Chris, Bryce And Sam Neill, But Where Replaced By The Actual Actors Via Green Screen.