Jurassic World: Chaos Effect Is A American Science Fiction/Thriller Film Directed By Colin Trevorow. It Is The Sixth And Final Instalment Of The Jurassic Park Franchise, Being Released On June 11, 2021.


With All Of The Dinosaurs In The Mainland All Over The World, Humans Must Survive Or Die. Ian Malcolm Warns That The Human Population Will Decrease In A Alarming Rate In The Next 10 Years. Owen, And Calrie, Under The Care Of Maisie Lockwood Must Accept The Faith Of The Dinosaurs In Every Single Part Of The World. Then When Alan Grant And Ellie Sattler Show The Family That The World, Even Though It Is Now In Constant Chaos, That Life Has Found It's Way To Eat, Reproduce, Thrive, And Evolve. But One Day, Maisie, Along With Blue The Velociraptor And Many Other Dinosaurs And Prehistoric Creatures Are Kidnapped By Poachers Part Of A Group Of Anti-Dinosaur Activists Known As "Extinction Now!", Owen And Claire Now Must Join The Dinosaur Protection Group To Go On A Worldwide Skirmish To Save The Dinosaurs, Blue, And The Child Who Is A Clone. Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, And Ian Malcolm Get Involved. The Team Encounter New And Old Breeds Of Dinosaurs And Prehistoric Creatures, As Well As New And Old Friends And Enemies. But Little Does The Team Know That A New Threat Is On It's Way To Make The Chaos Worse.








Video Games

A Video Game Adaptation Of The Film Was Released, It Is A Similar Game To The King Kong Video Game Adaptation In 2005, Where You Can Play As Man And Beast. A VR Game Based On The Franchise Was Also Released, Along With A Sequel To Jurassic World: Evolution And Jurassic World: Alive. 




• The Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Corythosaurus, Dimorphodon, And Memenchisaurus Return To The Franchise In The Film.

• The Title Strikingly Resembles The Name Of The Short Lived Jurassic Park Toyline, Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect, However, It Has Nothing To Do With The Toyline.

• Dinosaurs Interact With Modern Animals


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