Meanie Jim is at his house planning on killing Junie B. Jones, her family, her friends, and other people Junie B. Jones has a relationship with. Jim's mom told Meanie Jim to get ready for school. Meanie Jim does not want to and kills his mother with a gun. Jim's father came in and said "Jim, why did you kill your mother? i'm calling the cops." Meanie Jim kills his father as well, then he gets ready for school, and runs to school. " Hi Junie B., I'll kill everyone after school including you." he said. Junie B. looked surprised and she said "Don't you dare do that!" Meanie Jim said " I can if I want to!" Junie B. then went to her best friends Lucille and Grace and she told them that Meanie Jim is going to kill everyone after school including her. Lucille and Grace were shocked they couldn't believe what they just heard. Meanie Jim has a smirk on his face behind them. After school he said "Okay Room 9 line up to get shot." Mrs told him not to do it. "I don't care!" said Meanie Jim "Don't make me go on the school phone and call the cops." said Lucille. "Oh really?" smirked Meanie Jim. Soon Meanie Jim shot Mrs., Junie B., Lucille, Grace, Charlotte, Jamal, Paulie Allen Puffer, William, Lynnie, Roger, and Ricardo. Meanie Jim laughed as he skipped down the hall. Meanie Jim "I need to kill the school nurse, the principal, the janitor, the other teachers, and the other students by blowing up the school. Meanie Jim places a bomb in the school and runs out the door. The whole school explodes and kills everyone in the school. Meanie Jim said that he will kill Junie B. Jone's parents, her baby brother, grandma, and grandpa by exploding their house. Meanie Jim puts a bomb under Junie B. Jone's house and the house explodes killing everyone inside the house. A policeman shows and says "Young man you are under arrest for 1st degree murder and exploding stuff." Meanie Jim puts his hands behind his back and the policeman puts handcuffs around his wrists and is taken to jail for life. But what about the people who got killed by Meanie Jim? A woman revived them. Junie B. said "Good thing that Meanie Jim was taken to jail for life." "Yes!" said Grace. "I don't want Jim to hurt you again Junie B." said her mother. "That's right." added her father. Then Junie B., her family, her friends, her teacher, and all the other students and staff at Junie B.'s school had a big party.


  • When Jim mentioned he was going to kill all the other students May, Sheldon, New Thelma, Strong Frankie, and The Pink Fluffy Girl we're mentioned.
  • Mr. Scary and The Room Eight teacher we're mentioned when Jim said he was going to kill all the other teachers.
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