Jungle Boys is a 1997 American Psychadelic Drama movie written and directed by Terrence Malik starring Elijah Wood, Chris Evans, Hayden Christensen, Colin O'Donaghue, Stanley Tucci, Tilda Swinton, James Spader, Hugo Weaving, Jude Law and Melissa Leo.

The film received two Oscar Nominations 1. For Best Picture and 2. Best Supporting Actor: Stanley Tucci.

The film garnered a cult following and was phenomenally well received by film critics and audiences for it's raw power, characters, filming, editing, overall affect and atmosphere.

It was filmed in Tillamook, Oregon and Southeast Washington and was released first on February 9th, 1995 at the Cannes Film Festival then in select theatres on February 25th, 1995.

Actor Chris Evans who portrays the character Luke who meets the tragic demise had to wear fake glasses through the film which are a replica of actor Ted Raimi's actual glasses.

The film is set in 1978 and was originally scheduled for shooting in certain rainforests in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.


Six friends friends Alex Azkan (Elijah Wood), his bestfriend Luke Bentworth (Chris Evans), Jonah Villis (Michael Pitt), Adarn Venezuelo (Kunal Nayyar), Josh Britton (Jonathen Taylor Thomas) and Toby Simmerick (Colin O'Donaghue) plan a woods getaway to bid farewell to Luke as he has been accepted into an expensive art school for young gifted kids.

Things go awry however as Jonah who comes from the drunken abusive ruffian family gets hold of a spear they find by their wood campsite whilest Luke is bird watching and capturing them in photographs.

Jonah decides to frighten Luke with the spear and throws it, expecting it to miss him and land near his foot.

It instead hits him in the chest and Luke comes to bleed to death in his bestfriend Alex's arms who along with Toby knew of Toby's plan and did not stop it.

The boys minds then fracture and they deteoriate into hallucinations and madness.

Toby turns on Alex despite the two discussing them finding the trail out of the woods and telling of the accident.

Toby instead comes to side with Jonah out of fear as Jonah approaches him telling him he overheard him and Alex's little conversation.

That morning when the whole group awakens including Alex he tells them they are never to return home and the accident that did take place will put them all in juvi.

The group then stay and that night Adarn (Kunal Nayyar) panics and flees whilest the others are asleep trying to find a road.

Jonah awakens however and then awakens Toby.

The two chase him and corner him at the lake where Luke was killed.

Jonah tells Adarn that no one is going back and they all agreed on this, that they all can be held accountable for Luke's death.

Adarn begins to swear at Jonah making references to dropkick family and chaining all the group down here for his mistake.

Jonah becomes enraged and lashes out in a flare of anger at Adarn.

A petrified Toby is told by Jonah to help hold Adarn.

Toby does out of gear as Jonah begins to yell at him.

Jonah then proceeds to violently strike Adarn in the face multiple times and then has Toby dunk his head in and out of the water until Jonah takes over and holds it under asking wether he has anything more to say and asking if he's going to co-operate now.

Toby yells out to Jonah and Jonah then realize no more bubbles are breaking the surface and upon letting Adarn go he has drowned.

Toby shuts down and becomes mute.

Jonah becomes shocked at what he has done and looks down at this trembling hands.

He then looks over at Toby and shaking says his not to tell anyone, especially Alex.

The following morning Alex and Josh (Jonathen Taylor Thomas) begin to ask where Adarn is.

Josh discovers Adarn's body at the lake shore buried beneath a pile of leaves and branches.

He signals Alex to the site and Toby witnesses the signal but does not report to Jonah.

Alex upon seeing the whole body himself comforts a broken down Josh telling him the same won't happen to him and that they are going to get out and leave Jonah and Josh behind.

Josh tells how he promised Adarn's parents that nothing bad would happen to him on their trip and Adarn himself following Luke's accident that nothing bad would happen to him.

They come back and a sharpening his knife Jonah tells them they are setting camp up on a rock cliff just ahead up North.

They come to the cliff and there Alex and Josh whisper back and forth the actions they will take.

Alex tells that come nightfall they will flee and run further North till they come to the trail and leave.

They however going to rest and awakening at nightfall discover that Jonah is still awake roasting a wild ram he killed.

He offers the two water which is drugged and puts them out till the next day late afternoon.

Josh asks what happened and Alex informs they were drugged.

Josh panics saying they know and Jonah arriving with Toby and another dead Wild Ram states they do.

He tells he overheard their whole conversation and an argument breaks out as Josh asks a mute Toby how he could kill Adarn and Jonah tells that all Toby did was hold out the hands of the traitor Adarn and that he drowned him.

Jonah tells that Toby is a true friend one who would do anything for him and Alex states Toby isn't his friend but rather a slave who is scared of him and his madness.

Jonah breaks down and Alex tries to comfort hyim but Jonah's sadness switches to anger and he slices Alex's hand with his knife as he approaches.

Josh pleads with Adarn to let them go and Toby just looks at him blank.

Jonah tells Josh he isn't going anywhere and Alex yells at him to run and as Jonah steps forward at Josh Alex steps in his way and Jonah tells for Toby to catch him.

Toby at first isn't compliant but after Jonah yells a second time he runs after him him and Jonah and Alex duel it out on the cliff top.

Toby eventually comes to catch Josh in the woods as he is running North and at the cliff top Alex renders Jonah unconsious by smashing a lantern across his head.

Toby despite having tripped Josh to the ground and possessing his father's swiss army knife cannot bring himself to kill Josh and instead breaks down apologizing for everything he has done.

Josh comforts him and Alex reaches them and from the angle he is situated believes Toby is stabbing Josh.

He rushes down with the gun he confiscated from the unconsious Jonah and shoots Toby across the forehead.

Josh foresaw the coming shot and yelled out for him to stop but failed in stopping in the shooting and instead is left holding Toby's lifeless body.

He yells at Alex why but is unheard as Alex breaks down the way Toby did and begins to hear only static out shock and drops the gun.

He stumbles off into the woods in shock despite Josh yelling at him to come back.

Josh bids farewell to Toby placing his body upon the ground and then seizes the gun rushing after Alex.

Jonah meanwhile regains consiousness on the rock cliff and with his knife begins to head off.

Alex comes to fall down a small hill and under a rock crevace and begins to suffer from vivid hallucinations.

He sees a rushing sky of light and dark, the weapons used the killings of his friends against a black backdrop, Luke smiling at him, The blank look of Toby, Evil glare of a bloody Jonah,a rushing Adarn going for a swim in the lake and Josh hugging him.

Josh comes to find Alex and attempts to snap him out of his trance and attempts to hoist him but Alex's restraint weighs them down.

Josh then hears an overhead Jonah calling out and begins to cover Alex in leaves and branches to conceal him before rushing off to hide behind three rusty barrels.

He watches as Jonah comes to the rock crevace and discovers Alex.

He throws him onto the ground and sits by him talking.

He asks wether he is a bad person, if he's mad and tells he can't end up in Juvi and that he doesn't know how to go back only go forward.

He apologizes and then goes to bring the knife down upon him but Josh rushes and attempts to shoot at him.

The gun however contains no bullets and he instead lunges at a distracted Jonah and the two wrestle on the ground.

As the two get to their feet Josh is killed as Jonah punches his fist through his chest.

Josh in his final moments as blood courses out his mouth looks over at Alex with tears coming down his face.

We then flash back to Alex at the time of Josh's killing snapping out of his trance jumping up and yelling for Jonah to stop.

After letting Josh collapse to the ground dead Jonah falls down and sitting with his knife looks at the ground pleading for Alex to kill him.

He yells at Alex to kill him before breaking down crying.

Alex walks forward and confiscates his knife.

He pulls it up and then drops it upon the ground and walks away.

Jonah looks up at the walking away Jonah and cires.

We then see Alex's trek North and him eventually coming to the dirt trail and finding a group of hikers who call 911 and the film ends with the parents informing and Alex visiting Jonah at the Juvenile Detention centre he checked himself into instead of taking his life with the knife he had.


  • Elijah Wood as Alex Azkan
  • Chris Evans as Luke Bentworth
  • Hayden Christensen as Jonah Villis
  • Colin O' Donaghue as Toby Simmerick
  • Jonathen Taylor Thomas as Josh Britton
  • Kunal Nayyar as Adarn Venezuelo
  • Stanley Tucci as James Azkan
  • Tilda Swinton as Penelope Azkan
  • James Spader as Officer Banes
  • Hugo Weaving as Nixon Villis
  • Kelly LeBrock as Matilda Villis
  • Karl Urban as Ronnie Villis
  • Jude Law as Harry Villis
  • Melissa Leo as Samantha Simmerick
  • Leslie Mann as Anna Azkan
  • John Schneider as Peter Bentworth
  • Amanda Wyss as Stephanie Bentworth
  • Jenette Goldstein as Officer Opal


  1. You've Really Got A Hold On Me- The Miracles
  2. The Court Of The Crimson King- King Crimson
  3. Montague Terrace- Scott Walker
  4. The Thrill's Gone- B.B King
  5. Psycho- The Sonics
  6. The Click Song- Miriam Makeba
  7. Walk On By- Dionne Warwick
  8. Will You Still? Love Me Tomorrow- The Shirelles
  9. White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane
  10. Eleanor Rigby- The Beatles
  11. God Only Knows- The Beach Boys
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