Julia and the Famous Stars The Movie Title Card
Julia and the Famous Stars
Directed by Michael Hill
Produced by Barry Charles
Michael Hill
David Clutterbuck
Written by Tom S. Parker
Peter Michaelson
Mark Bishop
Screenplay by Elisa Bell
Story by Bob Ducsay
Based on Julia and the Famous Stars by Ernest Nelson and Doug DeGuard
Starring Cameron Diaz
Brad Pitt
Billy Crystal
Julia Roberts
Kelsey Grammer
Billy West
Jim Cummings
John Cleese
Music by Hummie Mann
Spencer Nilsen
Cinematography William A. Fraker
Michael Chapman
Editing by Seth Flaum
Sheldon Kahn
Production company(s) Michael Shires Pictures (USA)
Ocean Pictures
The Children's Channel
Charles Hill Films
Distributor Pentagon Pictures (USA)
Montague Pictures (UK and Ireland)
Release date(s) August 8, 1997 (UK and Ireland)
August 29, 1997 (United States)
Running time 109 Minutes
Language English
Gross revenue
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Julia and the Famous Stars is a 1997 American live-action/puppet family comedy adventure musical film, the film is loosely based upon the Angel comic of the same name, as well as the Charles Hill cartoon.





  • Julia and the Famous Stars was released theatrically on August 29, 1997 in the United States and Canada.


  • Although this movie was rated PG in the United States, it was rated U in the United Kingdom.

Home video releases


  • Julia and the Famous Stars


  • Julia and the Famous Stars


  • Julia and the Famous Stars


  • The Children's Channel's second live-action/puppet theatrical release.
  • Second The Children's Channel rated PG.
  • This is second Ocean Pictures film to begin with the opening credits.
  • This is the second movie to use the 1994 Charles Hill Films logo at the end.
  • The second Ocean Pictures film to have a post-credit scene.
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