Judgement Day is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Hunters (TV series). It is the third and final part of the season one finale, preceeded by The Touch of Death. This episode as well as its following episode features the song "Closer" by Kings of Leon.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with X'arn inhabiting the body of a middle aged man, with Jess as his prisoner. Dan, with the help of the Tuurngait in the astral plane, returns to life to find that the Tuurngait has possessed the shaman and plans to help them destroy X'arn. The hunters and the shaman then proceed to where X'arn and Jess are, and the Tuurngait confronts the demon. But even he is not strong enough, and X'arn manages to banish him. Then his servants capture the other three and lock them in the basement. Tara escapes and frees Will and Dan, who confront X'arn while Tara searches for help. When she returns Will and Dan are both unconscious, but she has brought the help of seven more Tuurngaits and a local hunter Ed Weedner. As the Tuurngaits pin down X'arn Ed is able to exorcise the demon from his host and destroy his plans, temporarily at least. The hunters then thank Ed and the Tuurngaits, and then Dan, Will, Tara and Jess leave for Toledo.

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