Opening scene

  • Lewis:Candy sister  i love you and we said your name back in 2001
  • Fuller:Candy back in 2001 we said your name to rusty nails
  • Candy:You guys what i was born in 1983 i fucking dont believe this
  • Fuller:Candy We;re Sorry i love you
  • Candy:It ok you guys no matter what you two are still my brothers
  • Venna:Candy  

Rusty and Candy Rape Scene

  • Candy-Cane Thomas:Ohh ohhh I-I- R-Rusty N-Nails
  • Rusty Nail:Candy
  • (Rusty Nail Tighting Candy's Vagina)
  • Rusty Nail:Nice Vagina and it lovley nice
  • Candy-Cane Thomas:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Rusty Nail:Candy your Pretty nice tits
  • Candy-Cane Thomas:Lewis Fuller help Me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lewis and Fuller and venna and Sean  Rescue their younger Sister whose pregnant  

  • Lewis:candy
  • Sean My wife you bastard you are rusty Nails fuck you bastard you stay the fuck away form my unborn child
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