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Josh 10 Games Series
Josh 10 Games Series Logo
Developer Ben 10 Fan Fiction Ineractive
Publisher Sega
Ratings ESRB: J

PEGI: All+


Defunct Name Josh 10 Video Games
First Release Evil Josh!: June 4, 2004
Last Release Josh 10 Power Transformations: February 6, 2011
Upcoming Game Josh 10: Power Transformations 2

Josh 10 Games Series (Logo Named As The Josh 10 Games Series) is a action and fantasy and crossover video game franchise. It's defunct name was Josh 10 Video Games. It is released by Ben 10 Fan Fiction starring Sega's 14th Character, Josh Mccoy, Ben 10 Fan Fiction Ineractive's Mascot.

Other Video Game Franchises

  • Mario (Series)
  • Sonic The HedgeHog (Series)
  • Legend Of Zelda
  • Crash!


  • It Is Also A Video Game Series.
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