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Josephdapro08 Television network is a former tv channel made by whoever the heck created the YT Channel Josephdapro08 and it's 2 old channels.

Remote Numbers

  • 400 (Italy)
  • 178 (West USA)
  • 91 (East USA)
  • 146 (Central USA)
  • 641 (Italian-speaking minority regions of Slovenia and Croatia)
  • 811 (Albania)
  • 700 (Tunisia)


The day after JDP08 founded it's 1st YT Channel, he decided for something else, making a TV channel of itself! The thing was a success and the TV Channel went good!

The Money Crisis

The Money Crisis went in the middle of 2016, as a bankruptcy was close, but the channel survived the crisis and improved to a new design in the beginning of 2017!


The 2017 and 2018 channel gained more money and rarely more improved! But the only thing that mattered is annoying and lazy stuff, by February 2018 the thing was solved!

By June or July 2018 following the shutdown of JDP08's 2nd YT channel. The channel renamed itself to Josephdapro08 Television Network. As of July 8, 2018 or the release of 3rd and current channel of JDP08, the TV rebranded itself to

July 8, 2018-February 7, 2020

The channel well remade and strongly defended against porn content! The channel also moved to Koper, Istria and Dalmatia regions of 2 balkan nations, Albania and Tunisia!

The company well transmitted good on other nations, but, the number were over 400 beacuse the TV channel not comes from the countries.

In USA, as a far away country from Italy (the country where it originated from), the numbers are lower 400, in different states, different number!

The TV channel in 2019 had a normal status, but in October 14, 2019 a crisis between the owner's gf started and almost caused a shut down of the channel! But the thing was solved and moved on. At January, 2020 up to Early February 2020 the channel was fine, and explained every stuff he likes, the only things no one liked was Share My Story videos!

But at February 7, 2020, was going well, but something TOOK A TURN FOR THE WORST!

One day his class went to see a film with 2 other classes, which one of them, was HIS GF'S CLASS!!!!!

The film was about a child who got bullied beacuse of his face, he was so excited for that untill, that thing....

He wanted to say hi to her gf, but his (female) teacher... DENIED!!!! And went berserk and did not follow the 1 hour and 45 minute long film, it was not the 1st time her gf did not say hi to him. It was 13 other times, he claims that she does execuses, not promises that she would never do again, his parents believe him too!

He cried for 40 mins and the teacher went into a state of HYPER MEGA ####### RAGE MODE and screamed things like THE FILM!!!, WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS OR I WILL CALL UR MOM!, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Basically, in italian (also in USA)

And the teacher punished him and so, beacuse of this, February 7, 2020 1:00 PM, instead of the lunchtime news, the channel shut down for good. But his YT Channel is going on....

The scene before shutdown was the Live demonstration of him watching the film, but in the middle of it the 2015-2017 monoscope remained from 12:35 PM-12:55 PM, with some of the sounds made of the demonstration of him watching the film, but 10 mins later at 12:45 PM the sounds stopped. and 10 mins later the current JDP08 Television Logo showed up with all black background and the text white, and then a text aka the last time the TV Showed his name at 12:58 PM Josephdapro08 Television Network. For only 10 seconds, then it disappeared, at 12:59 PM A a montage of many of the logos used by JDP08 Television Network over the years. The music under the logo montage was used by NBC Nightly News in the early 80's.

Then when the montage stop a black screen with the words GOODBYE, FOREVER! (in the italian one ADDIO, PER SEMPRE!). When it was 1:00 PM, just when the hour started, it blocked (the hours here are the Italian Time) so at USA it might be around midnight when that happened.


The channels on ITALY, SLOVENIA, CROATIA, ALBANIA and TUNISIA never had a channel anymore, but in USA, something happened, at February 8, 6:25 AM EST a 10 sec countdown suddendly appeared and the new TV channel called East Coast Sports which replaced the TV Remote number 91. After the 10 sec countdown a Stadium appeared and one of the monitor showed East Coast Sports Coming Today! Channel number same as former TV channel JDP08 Television Network in East USA! STAY TUNED That channel only broadcasted East USA, the rest is still planning to take over the 2 other rem. numbers! This channel can only be seen in Italy from SKY Italia at number 580 or somewhere between 9600 and 9888