Joseph van Steiben (born. 1958-died. 2005) was an American-Dutch journalist and later editor and founder of the metal magazine Metalix.

Early life

van Steiben was born in the Netherlands on May 5th 1958, but moved to America in 1963. He grow up in New Jersey, and entered the journalism industry at barely 22, in 1980. He worked minorly on several New Jersey newspapers before he took time off with his wife Emily, and his sons Luke and Francis.

Launch of Metalix

In 1999, with nineteen years in the buisness, van Steiben launched Metalix magazine, designed on reviewing metal bands and giving news, concerts and et cetera. He became editor, alongside good friend music producer Jacob Vindic, who acted as musical supervisor, with his own segment "Live From Vindic".

Launch of Metalix Metal Music Awards

In 2002 van Steiben launched the Metalix Metal Music Awards, and hosted its first show. It has aired eversince, hosted by some of metal's biggest names including James Hetfield and Frank Littlemore of Stagnant.


On January 25th 2005 Joseph van Steiben checked into a local hospital complaining complications with breathing. The next day, the 26th, van Steiben suffered a massive stroke and died at around 4:30 pm, age 47. He was a chronic asmatic. Metalix was determined to go on without him, and Luke van Steiben seized the mantle. Joseph van Steiben was buried in New Jersey.

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