José da Silva Rodríguez (born April 9, 1997), commonly known as José Rodríguez, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a winger for English Premier League club Manchester City and the Spanish national team. Prior to his move to Manchester City, he played for La Liga side Real Madrid, Bundesliga side Bayern Munich and MLS Western Conference side LA Galaxy.

Often considered as one of Spanish football's best strikers, Rodríguez began his successful career at LA Galaxy, aged 18, where he scored many goals and attracted attention to some of Europe's top clubs. Eventually, after wages were disagreed between the two sides, at the beginning of the summer transfer window in July 2016, he moved to Bayern Munich for £11,500,000, making him the most expensive Spanish teenager in the history of the beautiful game. After a successful stint in his debut season leading to Bayern receiving the Bundesliga title, Rodríguez scored the two winning goals in a 2-0 victory over FC Barcelona to secure a Champions Cup for Bayern as well as the league title once again. His second season at Bayern Munich was plauged by the club's new signings giving less playtime to the valuable player. Understandably distraught, Rodríguez sent an email to Pep Guardiola, the manager of Bayern at the time, requesting playtime or that the player would request a transfer, or refuse a new contract. Guardiola ignored this, and with another month of no games, Rodríguez handed in a transfer request: this was denied by Pep, claiming Rodríguez was "out of his mind that he deserved first team football so early on in his life." Rodríguez was so infuriated, that his agent immediately began talks with Real Madrid, as the club showed interest and his contract was due to expire on January 1, 2018.  Rodríguez eventually got his transfer wish and a contract extension of a year so Bayern could profit from him. Real Madrid put in an offer of £34m for the striker, which was accepted by Bayern Munich. However, Guardiola regretted this choice and attempted to stop Rodríguez from signing the deal with RM. However, that failed and on January 31, he signed for Real Madrid.

Rodríguez's first season at Real Madrid was a rather successful one. Rodríguez secured the golden boot on the final day with an astonishing 32 goals, beating second place and also Real Madrid team mate Gareth Bale, who had formed a strong partnership and alliance with Rodríguez when the second season at Real Madrid rolled around, after Cristiano Ronaldo was sold to PSG and Neymar was brought in from PSG. Bale saw a former rival taking a close friend's spot in the team as outrageous, but found comfort in Rodríguez as the two became the most prolific goalscorers in La Liga and were strong partners. The third season at Real Madrid was marked by a treble: the securement of Real's 35th La Liga title, 5th Champions League title and another Copa del Rey. Bale successfully secured the golden boot in La Liga thanks to the support of Rodríguez, the Champions League golden boot winner was Lionel Messi, who had a good friendship with Rodríguez on and off the pitch, and he secured the golden boot for the Copa del Rey. He and Bale were voted as La Liga and Champions League Player of the Season respectively.

The fourth season at RM was marked by the change of management. Zinedine Zidane left the club to become manager of Arsenal F.C., hampering the relations of both Bale and Rodríguez with the board. Rodríguez subsequently handed in a transfer request after being benched until the January transfer window. Bale did the same. Both looked to join the same club to further their relationship and to stay very close friends, and they both successfully left Real Madrid to join Premier League club Manchester City F.C., under Pep Guardiola, the ex manager of Bayern Munich, a team which Rodríguez played for. Initially, Rodríguez was worried that Bale and him could not play the same games and that Guardiola and him would fail to get along like they failed to at Bayern Munich. However, no problem was faced after Pep both confirmed to the duo that they would be in the starting 11 for most matches, Bale as RW and Rodríguez as the LW, with Aguero as ST and Sterling as CAM in an attacking 4-3-3 formation. Guardiola also spoke privately to Rodríguez regarding their relationship, and according to both, the conversation was highly positive and Rodríguez has a very close relationship with his boss. Rodríguez and Bale also befriended fellow forward Sergio Aguero, and the duo became a treble as the three secured the highest assists, highest goals and three of the available silverware + the Premier League for Manchester City in the first season. Rodríguez, Bale and Aguero all skyrocketed in value, prompting FC Barcelona to submit a bid for all three of them. Manchester City laughed it off but agreed to see if the treble would stay. Of course, the three pledged their commitment to City, and Rodríguez stated that: "All three of us have played for one of the Madrid's. Garry and I have played for Real and our friend Sergio has played for Atletico, so clearly we don't like Barca!"

Rodríguez has scored over 300 goals over his career, including 112 at Manchester City and 153 at Real Madrid and has given over 50 assists to both Gareth Bale and Sergio Aguero. Every time there is an international match such as Argentina vs Spain, Argentina vs Wales or Spain vs Wales, the treble constantly meet up on the pitch, share jokes and congratulate each other on their goals scored. In fact, Rodríguez was fouled once by Argentina's Angel Di Maria, and it was very violent. Aguero immediately rushed over and slid and sat next to Rodríguez, as he helped carry him off the pitch and stayed off to ensure he was alright.

The Aguero-Bale-Rodríguez treble has been stated by Pep Guardiola as "the most prolific, fantastic, amazing, bromantic and overall most badass treble in the history of the beautiful game."

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